General Hospital Spoilers: 3 Reasons Why Billy Miller Is Better Off as Drew – See the Imposter Advantages

General Hospital Spoilers: 3 Reasons Why Billy Miller Is Better Off as Drew – See the Imposter Advantages

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Jason (Billy Miller) will rev up his efforts to build a new life with Sam (Kelly Monaco) while Patient Six (Steve Burton) tries to get back his old one. The Jasons seem to have the same memories, but we’re already seeing differences in how those memories are depicted. It’s looking more and more like Burton’s character is the real Jason Morgan.

If that bombshell is indeed confirmed down the road, current Jason would be revealed as Drew. New “JaSam” fans are freaking out about that possibility, but perhaps this could actually be a good thing. There are certainly some advantages to taking this route. Here are three reasons why Billy Miller is better off as Drew.

General Hospital Spoilers: 3 Reasons Why Billy Miller Is Better Off as Drew – See the Imposter Advantages

1. Great acting opportunities

So far, the twin storyline has been pretty much all about Burton’s character. That’s understandable since Burton just returned to General Hospital. However, the story would continue to be all about Burton’s character if he turned out to be Jason’s twin. The next phase of this plot should focus on the identity crisis Drew will face.

In other words, the only way Miller’s going to get in on the action is if he’s poor Drew. Since this is a tale of two Jasons, both should be highlighted. Miller could get a stellar Emmy reel out of this. He would undoubtedly knock the Drew angle out of the park.

General Hospital Spoilers: 3 Reasons Why Billy Miller Is Better Off as Drew – See the Imposter Advantages

2. Sam’s love becomes more powerful

GH always portrays Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason as soul mates who found their way back to each other. Of course, a soul mate isn’t necessarily the same as the true love of your life. If Sam learns Miller’s Jason is actually Drew, it would give her a chance to choose him.

The decision wouldn’t be about history or even destiny. It would just be about two people who are hopelessly devoted to each other and can’t bear to be apart. The idea of Sam following her heart and picking Drew seems awfully romantic. Their bond could become even more powerful.

3. It explains a lot

There have obviously been differences in Burton’s Jason and Miller’s Jason. That’s to be expected with a recast. Bringing someone new in always results in a fresh spin on a character. Still, Jason’s loved ones have been mentioning those differences more often lately.

General Hospital Spoilers: 3 Reasons Why Billy Miller Is Better Off as Drew – See the Imposter Advantages

Revealing current Jason as Drew would explain a lot. General Hospital wants to make this as logical as possible. Why not let everything line up and make sense? It would make this GH storyline quite satisfying.

Do you agree that there are some advantages to Billy Miller being exposed as Drew? General Hospital spoilers hint that major drama’s brewing, so stay tuned. We’ll give you updates as other GH news comes in. Stick with the ABC soap and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.

18 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: 3 Reasons Why Billy Miller Is Better Off as Drew – See the Imposter Advantages”

  1. pam r says:

    Disgusting how BM is relegated 2 being a second. SB refused the role of Jason & basically “hand fed us” BM. For me, SB should be Drew. BM has matured & evolved Jason into a man. A family man. Before SB decided 2 come back BM Jason had memories of his life. Let’s not forget Jason had several head injuries. I remember a storyline with a dr who almost killed Jason in the hospital.
    This tale of 2 Jason’s is changing history by catering 2 SB. Prior 2 this, BM Jason had memories of being in bed with Sam, when he was ordered by Helena 2 kill Sam. BM knew instinctively that he had a connection with Sam & he took the Dragon & left the Phoenix statue.
    Also, BM Jason, ran straight 2 Sonnys after escaping with Robin. He knew he was followed by Helena’s men & while running during a rain storm was hit by the car, accidently, while Ava was driving. So how did he know 2 run 2 Sonny. How did he remember his wedding 2 Sam, after he suffered another head injury, while the pilice van turned over & BM saved Dante? He later told Sam he remembered their life together. So now history is changed because of SB returned. Bad writing.

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  3. Kabba says:

    How can Sam choose Drew when nobody knows if Drew is married? Drew probably also has Oscar too. Sam will probably loose one or both men until they can both figure out who they are.

    • @HawaiianTater says:

      That would be a great twist. Sam wants to stay with Drew but then it turns out Drew is already married and he doesn’t remember his former life due to Helena’s brainwashing.

      • Kevin Pham says:

        sometimes i think BM JASON is OSCAR’s FATHER and Dr. KIM is the wife! Then i think the father is FRANCO due to FRANCO who had ways to get around since his younger years and FRANCO mostly did ART SHOWS in CA, FRANCOPHERNIA wasn’t his first time in CALIFORNIA where OSCAR was conceived in San Diego, CA!

  4. PassionQueen77 says:

    I am very confused with this Drew storyline. It doesn’t seem like it would make any sense. Jason and Drew doesn’t need to be twins on the show. Billy Miller could be still as Jake. That is my own opinion. This Drew storyline is going to be very confusing. If the writers are worrying about little Jake then he is not on the show as much. When Billy Miller played as Jake Doe his storyline was much better. When he plays as Jason Morgan the character was ok. Making up another name for Billy Miller to play as makes no sense at all. Then next thing what is going to happen in November is where is the parents who was there for them as Jason and Drew was a kid. The writers would probably make up a storyline for that one too.

    • Kevin Pham says:

      i believe BETSY was lying about the parents who raised DREW i believe BETSY was blackmailed to give DREW up after HEATHER FOUND OUT that FRANCO hurt DREW and CAUSED DREW to go to the hospital! And once HEATHER checked the records she came to BETSY and threatened to get the quatermaines after BETSY if she didn’t cough up DREW to HEATHER! Then HEATHER sold DREW to HELENA CASSIDINE and HELENA kept drew in safe keeping all this time!

      • PassionQueen77 says:

        Oh so that is the story now. Franco was calling Betsy his mother. What about Franco then. How did Heather gave up Franco to Betsy. I am confused.

        • Kevin Pham says:

          franco only calls BETSY his mother because that is the only mother franco knew growing up as a child so out of respect that’s why franco still calls BETSY his mother!
          but then later franco and the audience all learned in 2013-2014
          that HEATHER WEBBER is the biological mother of franco
          (Heather Announces To Everyone That Franco Is NOT Related To Jason Or Any Of The Quartermains GH))))

          I believe taht HEATHER GAVE up franco to BETSY because she didn’t want franco as a child after she learned how FRANCO hurt DREW QUATERMAINE!

          • PassionQueen77 says:

            Wow what a long story. So Franco grew up of living with Betsy for the longest time then he learned that Heather Webber is his biological mother. I just watched the other video.

          • Kevin Pham says:

            yup that he did!! And instead of betsy of getting franco help she allowed franco to go wild and heather didn’t want him but when he became a murderous artist and had a cop like EX officer RONNIE DOMESTICO to cover for him, Heather gained resentment and just buried this secret until she couldn’t take it anymore ??????

          • PassionQueen77 says:

            Oh i see. Heather can show her face from prison and explain about her part of how she met Betsy. Wait a minute so that means that Franco real mother is Betsy. The writers can show Heather by now with this boring Franco storyline. All i could say is zzzzzz. Lol.

          • Kevin Pham says:

            lol no franco’s biological mother is only heather webber ??????
            while BETSY took franco !!
            Heather didn’t want franco just like heather didn’t want steven lars!

          • PassionQueen77 says:

            Oh ok Franco biological mother is Heather Webber. Heather didn’t want her own son. Betsy took Franco and raise him on his own. It would be cool to see Franco visit his mother in prison by November sweeps. Lol.

  5. Brenda Medeiros says:

    I don’t care what the story is as long as Steve is the real Jason….???

  6. @HawaiianTater says:

    The number 1 reason why Miller is better off being Drew is because he never wanted to be Jason Morgan the mob enforcer in the first place. He never went back to work for Sonny and has only tried to protect him because he’s a loyal guy. Once it comes out that Miller is Drew, he can go have the life of safety outside of the mob world that he’s clearly always wanted.

  7. Innocenttillprovenguilty says:

    Very Good I Like That

  8. Kevin Pham says:

    i said this a year ago the day i watch BM JASON allow LITTLE JAKE to breathe air around FRANCO! ??????
    that’s how i knew BM JASON was the fake jason
    because the real JASON MORGAN would never witness watching FRANCO breathe air around little jake!!
    I can’t wait for SB JASON MORGAN to get his son back! ??????