General Hospital Spoilers: 4 GH Characters Headed For Deadly Trouble – See Which Ones and Why

General Hospital Spoilers: 4 GH Characters Headed For Deadly Trouble – See Which Ones and Why

General Hospital (GH) tease that some Port Charles pandemonium is coming up. Some characters are digging deep holes for themselves and others have no idea that problems are looming. Regardless, major drama is brewing in PC. Here are four GH characters who are headed for trouble during November sweeps.

1. Nelle

First, let’s talk about the obvious one. Nelle’s (Chloe Lanier) lies are piling up and she’s looking guiltier by the second. The more Nelle deceives Michael (Chad Duell), the dumber he seems to become. Just how much is Michael going to take?

Of course, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is the bigger threat. He recently gave Nelle a stern warning, but she managed to score some dirt a little later. That photo of Valentin and Cassandra’s (Jessica Tuck) kiss could come in handy or it could seal a grim fate. Valentin is not a man you want to blackmail! If Nelle dares to use that picture against Valentin…well, we wouldn’t want to be in her shoes.

2. Valentin

That brings us to Valentin. We have to acknowledge that Nelle does have the goods. Even if Valentin retaliates, that won’t mean much if Nelle has already cost him his family. Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) mean everything to Valentin. If their life together gets torn apart again, he’ll end up in an extremely dark place.

In addition to the risks Nelle brings to the table, Valentin will face other concerns. Cassandra, Finn (Michael Easton) and Anna (Finola Hughes) could also play a role in Valentin’s potential downfall. General Hospital spoilers hint that Nina will have to make some tough decisions down the road. It sounds like Valentin’s future is in jeopardy.

3. Patient Six

Steve Burton’s (ex-Jason, Patient Six) Port Charles comeback will bring another round of chaos. The clinic could still be a problem since Dr. Klein (Gene Farber) will try to undo the damage soon. Patient Six will have to watch out for more thugs!

Of course, doubts about Patient Six will also complicate his life. Even those closest to him may refuse to believe his side of the story. It’s safe to say Patient Six will find himself in quite a jam.

4. Oscar

Oscar has been living a fairly quiet existence since he arrived in Port Charles. That should change once his parents turn his world upside down. Oscar’s mother will likely cause issues, but it’s his father that could spark drastic changes.

Once Oscar learns who his dad is, what’s next? Will this sweet teen turn into a dangerous rebel? General Hospital spoilers hint that Oscar may indeed act out over his abandonment issues. He’ll struggle to adjust to his new normal, so let’s hope Josslyn (Eden McCoy) can help.

There are other characters who will face trouble along the way, but these situations are certainly ones to highlight. We’ll give you updates as other GH news comes in. Stay tuned to the ABC soap and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.

8 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: 4 GH Characters Headed For Deadly Trouble – See Which Ones and Why”

  1. Elizabeth Healey says:

    Boy did they say that one right, the more Nelle lies the dumber Michael gets!

  2. IMissBrenda says:

    In all of my many years of watching I have not ever watched a character as dull as Nelle. I dont think she’s a murderer, but she’s definitely a hypnotist. Puts me to sleep everytime she’s on. CL was fine as a young Patricia Spencer in the flashbacks, but the character of Nelle has no personality whatsoever. Michael needs someone with spunk, and not Kiki.

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  4. @HawaiianTater says:

    Nelle’s in “deadly” trouble? One can only hope.

  5. GH_FAN says:

    Again I am only concerned with how little Jake will take seeing his dad’s old face or real dad I guess? That’s going to rock this kids world wondering if BM memories were planted or was that really Jason SB tied up on that island until he was transported to Russia? Let me add I am so excited about the return of SB! EEEKKKKK!!!!! He seems so heartbroken when he looked at the photos in Sonny’s home realizing how big everyone has gotten and changed. Remembering Danny and his bike. I’m going to hate to see him look at the photos on the mantle of Sam and BM and lil Scout.
    I think Nelle will be cleared at the end of the day. I just don’t trust this whole Sharon chick coming all the way to Nelle’s front door and boldly. What is going to be Nelle’s down fall is when she has to be pulled away from work/Nina one too many more times when Valentin needs her attention but she can’t bc where is Nelle?? won’t matter that she is tied up learning hopefully that Sharon sabotaged the raft or whatever that led to her brother’s unfortunate accident. That’s when Valentin is going to make good on his threats to her and she will mistakenly think that photo will save her but it won’t. However she is smart enough to go ahead do the damage first and deal with the fall out later. Poor Nina. Maybe her and Franco will reunite. He has been cleared of being crazy she has too he is a therapist now she is a power house magazine chief why not bc Liz going to be with one of them Jason’s we all know smh.
    Hurry up and get to who Oscar’s parents are. Like what’s the secret about? Can someone enlighten me on how Dante will come in on this? I kinda remember them trying to say that Dante was working and ended up sleeping with Brenda & I know they ain’t reaching talking about Oscar is their kid? What a bimbo! Its one thing to sleep with brothers but father and son where they do that at? I think his mom should be ex Carly Tamara chick and his dad should be the DR. from Russia maybe they are running from him which would be perfect bc he is after SB Jason and we all know Sonny will fix that in a heartbeat for 2 reasons. #1 for Joss and #2 for SB Jason! That will eliminate the threat both ways and that’s also who would be monitoring Sonny too!!

  6. PassionQueen77 says:

    There is lots of woman that Michael could date. The writers should start listening to there fans of what they want for the show. Nelle could easily leave town on some business. That way the writers don’t have to kill her off. Nelle is very boring on the show. She has no personality on the show. The writers could easily bring a new woman for Michael.

  7. PassionQueen77 says:

    As for Valentin i knew he would be on the show for a while. At one time i thought he was leaving the show last year. He decided to stay on. His chemistry with Nina had there ups and downs. Nina can get to know a guy who is not mysterious.