General Hospital Spoilers: Dirty Andre Scrambles to Save Patient Six Scheme, Motives Revealed – Will Andre Survive

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that a new player just entered the Patient Six (Steve Burton) drama and he’s sure to cause trouble. Monday’s episode brought a major revelation for GH fans. It turns out seemingly sweet Andre (Anthony Montgomery) is a rotten liar!

There was a reason Andre purchased Franco’s (Roger Howarth) painting and roped him into some therapy sessions. He’s got a special interest in the Jason (Billy Miller) twin story. Andre’s phone call to Dr. Klein (Gene Farber) let us know they’re connected. He suggested that someone could find out the truth about what they were up to.

General Hospital Spoilers: Dirty Andre Scrambles to Save Patient Six Scheme, Motives Revealed - Will Andre Survive

Of course, this shocker brings more questions than answers for viewers. Why is Andre involved? Is he the one behind Patient Six’s stay in the Russian clinic? It’s possible that Andre was coerced into doing this or maybe he’s just out to make a quick buck. Regardless, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s difficult to believe Andre’s the mastermind, so another schemer may emerge soon.

Still, Andre is definitely doing some dirty work. He’ll try to contain the situation, but it’s not going to be easy. General Hospital spoilers say Liz (Rebecca Herbst) will be surprised when Andre refuses to chat with Jake (Hudson West). He’ll seem cold and distant as he gets rid of them, so Liz will be pretty puzzled.

General Hospital Spoilers: Dirty Andre Scrambles to Save Patient Six Scheme, Motives Revealed - Will Andre Survive

If Liz mentions this incident to Franco, it could be a clue for him to remember later. Franco may consider why Andre didn’t want him spilling anything about Drew to Liz or Jason. He accepted what he wanted to hear, but deep down he must know that’s the wrong strategy.

General Hospital spoilers state that Franco will have a confrontation with Andre on November 1. Will he sense that Andre’s hiding something? Andre probably won’t blurt out his sinister plan, but Franco may walk away even more suspicious. If he makes a move that could expose Andre, Franco could end up in grave danger.

General Hospital Spoilers: Dirty Andre Scrambles to Save Patient Six Scheme, Motives Revealed - Will Andre Survive

Now that Andre’s turned to the dark side, does that mean his stay in Port Charles is ending? Sometimes evil-doers get to stick around, but usually they’re the characters who are already reviled around PC. Things don’t always turn out well for the baddies who pose as good guys!

Will Andre be written off after his sneaky schemes play out? Could this be Anthony Montgomery’s exit storyline? We’ll give you updates as other GH news comes in. Stay tuned to the ABC soap and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.

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17 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: Dirty Andre Scrambles to Save Patient Six Scheme, Motives Revealed – Will Andre Survive”

  1. Kevin Pham says:

    sucks, i can’t believe they are using the character Dr. Andre to take the blow and cushion what franco is doing.. Dr. Andre was it’s own ROLE for GH just like the way Dr. Andre functioned like Dr. KEVIN and other real Gh doctors it’s not right when the fall out comes to full front will lose dr. andre to save the character franco.. that’s not right….. how this character franco is causing the audience to lose characters off this show first NICHOLAS and now Dr. Andre who’s next…. dr. andre was just dating anna.. and they are best friends so how is right to turn that character into a antagonist to take the fall to excuse franco… smh….

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  3. Mynx1986 says:

    I hate to say it but I knew something was off with Andre fro a while now. I honestly think it was Franco’s choice to lie and to continue to lie.

    • Kevin Pham says:

      that’s exactly right if franco was a good humble person ?????? he would disregard Andre and tell the truth to liz anyways! But franco chose to give into the vices of his own deceits and continued to lie! Franco even told ANDRE that he feels much better to know someone else agrees with franco to continue this lie ?????? so this is all on FRANCO!! I just hope SB JASON MORGAN can see that for what it is!!

  4. PassionQueen77 says:

    I am very confused with what Andre is doing. For him to have Patient 6 in the hospital as hostage seems very strange. The guy came out talking to Andre about what happened. Why is Andre so desperate to find Patient 6 so fast. The thugs working for him seems very dangerous. Well if Andre is leaving the show someday then good luck on his future projects if he has been doing.

    • Kevin Pham says:

      i think they are selling the role of Dr. Andre short this role was used to help MORGAN recover from his illlness for as long as Dr. Andre could when Morgan was still alive, the character Dr. Andre’s purpose on this show ranked higher than to be just reduced to antagonist criminal! Dr. Andre helped Anna to move on and let go of Duke Lavery’s death! I can’t believe how far the writers will go just to destroy characters like Dr. Andre Maddox for the almighty franco character… that’s not right… ?????? ! i suspected something fishy when Andre bought that painting that franco made but i never imagined it would amount to turn Andre into an antagonist character oh well. i guess that’s just the way the writers have to once again ruin a good character for chaotic neutral antagonist character like franco. ?????? its like we are losing Sabrina all over again.
      bon voyage

      • PassionQueen77 says:

        Maybe so. But why would Andre hire his thugs to go after Patient 6. What does he want with Patient 6. There is more to the story.

        • rosey212516 says:

          Andre knows Scorpio,maybe he is undercover.

          But the main thing I want to is know if SB is Patient 6 ,with Andre somehow being involved ,who are Patients 1-5?

          • PassionQueen77 says:

            Andre knows Scorpio already. He wouldn’t work for Scorpio on a secret mission. I was talking about Andre hiring his thugs now of who Andre was working for. You need to read of what people are saying on here before jumping to conclusions.

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  6. Kabba says:

    I personally think they are making Dr. Andre a bad guy because of Jordan. Nobody liked how she treated him practically cheating on Dr. Andre with Curtis, but if you make him a bad guy, suddenly it’s ok. I’d rather keep Dr. Andre as a good guy on the show, because they can repair Jordan’s character some other way.

    • Kevin Pham says:

      nah it’s all about cushioning the blow ???? to the role of franco after franco lied to LIZ AGAIN on 10 19 2017 and then Dr. Andre is being used to soften the blow to FRANCO’S lies.. FRANCO will use Dr. Andre as an excuse to why FRANCO continued to lie to LIZ… when in truth if franco was a good character he should have disregarded Dr. Andre and told liz the truth in the first place.. but instead.. franco even told Dr. Andre, it feels so good for Dr. Andre to tell FRANCO to lie to LIZ ,????on 10 19 17 gh episode, i just hate that they turned Andre into a bad guy character now.. to scapegoat what the character franco just did ,????

  7. Kabba says:

    They almost made Andre the General Hospital serial killer last time and changed it to Paul at the last minute. Nobody wanted to loose Andre last time either. He is Too important on the show! So what if there is already Kevin Collins. Andre’ s character brings a lot more depth. He should be cast as a hero not a villain.