General Hospital Spoilers: Jake and Charlotte Are Chimera Twins – Helena’s Cassadine Island Secrets Unfold

General Hospital Spoilers: Jake and Charlotte Chimera Twins  - Cassadine Secrets Unfold

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal there are lots more secrets to come from Cassadine Island. The Chimera Project isn’t just the toxin in the tube but also some strange science thanks to Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers). GH fans know Helena was a fan of experimentation and it seems that two of her science projects are living in Port Charles disguised as innocent children.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Jake Webber (Hudson West) and Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) are also experiments and could be Chimera twins. ABC drama Grey’s Anatomy recently did a medical chimera plot and it seems that General Hospital might be doing the same thing. Remember when Jake was taken by Helena, he was at death’s door. Did Helena use some sketchy science to cure the kid?

The Cassadines are experts at manipulation, medical miracles, freezing and unfreezing people and brainwashing. Did Helena use the same sick science to manipulate Charlotte and Jake’s DNA? Did Helena use Stavros Cassadine’s (Robert Kelker Kelly) DNA in both children? Helena had Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) working in the Cassadine and Crichton Clark labs on saving and extending life.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jake and Charlotte Chimera Twins  - Cassadine Secrets Unfold

General Hospital spoilers say it’s totally possible that Helena had Robin use DNA from her beloved Stavros to help heal Jake after his near fatal hit and run at the hands of Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary). And although Valentin Cassadine’s (James Patrick Stuart) sperm was used to fertilize Lulu Spencer’s (Emme Rylan) egg, that doesn’t mean something else wasn’t implanted. Helena might have also used Stavros’ DNA and had it added into the mix.

Jake is the biological child of Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) – and Charlotte is the biological child of Lulu and Valentin. But if both Jake and Charlotte also have Stavros’ DNA in them, they could be medical chimera who share an additional parent. It would be Helena’s ultimate revenge on Jason – to have his son infected with the DNA of her favorite son Stavros.

And as for Valentin, Helena hates him so having Stavros be part of the child she bred using Lulu’s egg and Valentin’s sperm is definitely what she would want. That means that despite Jake and Charlotte coming from two different sets of parents, they could be twins of a sort that have the Cassadine genes running strong in them thanks to Helena’s scientific manipulation.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jake and Charlotte Chimera Twins  - Cassadine Secrets Unfold

This could all come out after the Nurse’s Ball. A leaked GH script for late May reveals that after the Ball, Jake is hospitalized at General Hospital and Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) is running tests on Jake. What will these tests reveal? Will they run a DNA test to find out more about what Helena did to Jake and discover he’s not quite a match for Liz and Jason? Will Helena’s final revenge be revealed from a GH lab report?

With Charlotte’s life also potentially at risk from the release of the Chimera toxin, both kids could wind up together at GH getting tested and that could trigger the dual reveal of both kids as Helena’s twisted experiments. Share your comments below on Helena’s ultimate revenge and tune into CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers and news.


  • pemaddin

    It’s not a sci-fi show, this is getting totally ridiculous.

    • Donna Tomesco

      Couldn’t agree more!!

    • Sylvia Newcomb Foster

      I totally agree!

    • Rebecca

      I love it! GH has always had a hint of the supernatural and fantastical running through it…which is what set it apart from the other soaps.

      • Pennyann Jones

        I totAlly agree! !!!! Love ity!

      • Victoria R Blacktongue

        Agree with you, I’m tired of folks whining about a soap that is actually staying true to original nature..I love the crazy twisted storylines especially with the Cassidines involved and maybe Mr Faison ?.. idk, it

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I hate to burst your bubble, but ALL the soaps has done this line of dead and alive again plot. Days of our lives are 1st rate for it.

    • angel

      I agree absurd nonesense

  • Donna Tomesco

    Most ridiculous thing I’ve heard of !!!! The whole Cassadine storyline is bazaar and always has been.

    • Anusha Sherigar

      Cassadines are creeppppppppppppp

  • lovethosedimples

    I figured that she toyed with Charlotte’s DNA…but I thought Helena might have added some of her own.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Yeah so her old wrinkle leather face can always stay alive.

    • Kathleen Walker Ritter

      I hope not. I don’t want those poor kids having not even a drop of her DNA.

      • lovethosedimples

        Oh, I agree, but doesn’t that sound like something she would do to spit in the face of those she detests?

  • Pat Mitchell Bryant

    Yes pretty ridiculous. .. So she programed children to take out Port Charles…and leave Dr. Finn alone. Come on. Let him and Hayden be happy. These writers act like they’re on drugs. Look at some of Shonda’s shows and get some clues…you don’t get rid of good people.

    • Victoria R Blacktongue

      Even if they get rid of him, he’ll come back as someone else… Lol
      I like Hayden and Finn together, you they have to throw obstacles at them, it’ll make them stronger you’ll see

  • Linda Williams

    Those kids look like children of the corn

  • Marie

    Not sci-fi show writers need stop crap now.

  • borg

    Guessing that those of you who are saying that GH is not a sci-fi show haven’t been watching very long. Lookup Mikkos Cassadine on YouTube to see him flipping switches to make the Ice Princess machine work. GH has had a sci-fi element for almost 40 years now. Can you also say, Casey the Alien? LMAO

    • LaChelle Clayton

      Lets not forget Sam and Finn back in the day as vampires and they did a ode to that in episodes on GH before they are always doing SCI FI things especially with the Cassadines

    • Rebecca

      Yes, borg! That’s what I wrote in reply to someone else above. I personally love it…GH has always had these threads of the fantastical weaving through tis fabric…I like it!

    • Victoria R Blacktongue


      I’ve watched GH on and off since the 70s, since I was old enough to look at a TV…

  • GH love

    RIP GH if you do this story line , you did some crazy ones in the past , nobody like it then and a lot stopped watching , don’t repeat Crazy , we get enough of that in real life ,don’t needed it in our soap .

    • Victoria R Blacktongue

      Lucky you, my life is completely boring compared to GH.. and I loved the crazy storylines, Everyone I knew thru the yrs who have watched the show loved the craziness “nobody liked it then”…oooohkay… Don’t know what you’re talking about

      • GH love

        Well mine is not boring , I have had a lot happen that I wish on no one , ( husband died , eight months later disable grandbaby, just to name 2 ) GH was my one hour a day that I could exscape reality ,believe it or not it really helped. I have a huge customer base and GH is our thing to talk about and I have no one I know likes it crazy , so good for you that have a boring life as you said , I hope god blesses you that and it stays that way ,with no troubles .

  • joanna

    I hate the idea of Helena doing something to those kids.please don’t do this awful thing.we are sick of the cassadines so don’t do this again.cant you write some good story lines with out going way back there again

    • Victoria R Blacktongue

      Oh they won’t be children for long..shoot next week they will all be in remember soap kids all have the S.O.R.A’s disease
      So go ahead with the fun twisted them!!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Yeah those kids are preschool and high school all in two years????????????

    • Laura Champlain

      I love the Cassadines,when Stefan & Laura’s son Nikolas arrived in Port Charles I fell in love with #GH all over again. I never get tired of them!:)

  • teresa Torres

    valentine is charrotte father and someone else is her mother but is the lulu is the age that doesnt make sence to but i dont care i stop watch general hospital is that i hate the spacer. ways getting they want lulu did alot bad things and never pay for her crimes and is just a wast of time the one hour were sit down is a time lose when we can put to other thing around the house well the kids are at school.

  • teresa Torres

    Valentine is charrotte father but someone is her mother and is not lulu

  • Amy Jean

    No surprise, just ridiculous

  • You Belong To Me You Are Mine

    Children of the corn looking ass-.-

  • Ruth Johnson

    This is too far out for day time soap fans keep simple and uncomplex storylines

  • PassionQueen77

    How is it possible that Jake and Charlotte would be Chimera twins. This is very ridicioulous. This is probably another make-up storyline. This show is not called General Hospital anymore. This show is called revealing secrets from the past.

    • Victoria R Blacktongue

      Every storyline is made up…and if altering the history is what you’re talking about, writers have always done that.. all the ABC soaps have always revealed past secrets… anyways..Imo it’s fun to watch

      • PassionQueen77

        Not every storyline is made up. Not every soap opera has revealed past secrets. The bold and the beautiful haven’t done it. The other three soap operas that has revealed past secrets is the young and the restless, days of our lives and general hospital.

  • Victoria R Blacktongue

    Um I’m thinking it’s two things.. 1)she hates her step daughter Natasha, aka Alexis, there for her step granddaughter. 2) you heard her say in flashbacks that she has been admiring his skill set for a very long time, she wants him to do his bidding.. or excuse me “wanted”… She is dead…(ya right, a Cassidine is never dead for ever, especially Helena)

  • Wilma Flintstone

    This Helena, Jake, Jason blahh blah blahh is really too much, LET HER STAY DEAD! It’s time to keep moving forward for goodness sakes. If the writers and producers don’t kill this storyline keeping Helena dead/alive by way of Jake, Jason, Charlotte and Valentin they’re going get less rating because there will be less viewers and they’ll ALL die! Its like this soap is solely based on the Cassidines. And who dies and come back so many times that you lose count? Let that old bird stay DEAD ALREADY! Its time to get to the bottom of Ava’s dirty deeds switching Morgans pills and the flash drive implicating her for the murder of Sonny’s ex. I’ve forgotten her name it’s been so long. Okay, I’ve voiced my anger on this GOOD BYE!

    • Jai

      I think her name is Kate/Connie.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Yeah that’s it Connie Fakaneri if I’m spelling it right???????????? thanks

  • GP

    Enough already. I have been fast forwarding a lot.

  • Sherrie

    So utterly ridiculous! The recent story lines are dragged out and stupid! Valentines obsession with ana is disgusting and makes him look weak and pathetic!