General Hospital Spoilers: Wednesday, October 18 – Patient Six Tells Ava He’s Jason – Franco Grills Betsy About Drew’s Death

General Hospital Spoilers: Wednesday, October 18 – Patient Six Tells Ava He's Jason – Franco Grills Betsy About Drew's Death

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for Wednesday, October 18, tease that Franco (Roger Howarth) will meet back up with Betsy (Deborah Strang) to ask one crucial question. He’ll just want to know if Andrew is still alive. Betsy will look concerned by Franco’s curiosity. She might be worried that Franco’s going to drive himself crazy with this.

Of course, it’s also possible that Betsy’s hiding something. Drew’s death could’ve been faked without Betsy’s knowledge or she could’ve been threatened to keep quiet. GH has plenty of options here. While Franco interrogates Betsy, Patient Six (Steve Burton) will do the same over at Ava’s (Maura West) place. He’ll want to hear everything she can tell him about Jason Morgan’s (Billy Miller) life.

General Hospital Spoilers: Wednesday, October 18 – Patient Six Tells Ava He's Jason – Franco Grills Betsy About Drew's Death

General Hospital spoilers say Ava will eventually get suspicious. She’ll wonder why Patient Six is so interested in Jason, but he may not want to fill her in on his claims at first. Patient Six must realize that he’s going to seem insane.

Nevertheless, Ava will wear Patient Six down sooner or later. He’ll admit that he’s actually Jason – or at least he thinks he is. Burton’s Jason needs help to prove it, so Ava will agree to look into this for him.

General Hospital Spoilers: Wednesday, October 18 – Patient Six Tells Ava He's Jason – Franco Grills Betsy About Drew's Death

Across town, Carly (Laura Wright) will want to take action. She’ll bring up a problem to Sonny (Maurice Benard) and suggest that now she has to do something about it. Does this involve Nelle (Chloe Lanier) or possibly Oscar (Garren Stitt)? Carly still hasn’t met Oscar’s mom yet, so she may want to arrange a meeting soon.

Meanwhile, Josslyn (Eden McCoy) will have Oscar’s father on her mind instead. Her Internet search will hit a snag, but she won’t give up. Josslyn will promise Oscar that they can find info on his dad, but he’ll seem pretty nervous about all of this.

General Hospital Spoilers: Wednesday, October 18 – Patient Six Tells Ava He's Jason – Franco Grills Betsy About Drew's Death

Other General Hospital spoilers say Anna (Finola Hughes) will get on Finn’s (Michael Easton) last nerve. When Felicia (Kristen Wagner) assumes they’re dating, it looks like Anna will play along. Finn won’t approve, but Anna will want to keep up the charade for Cassandra’s (Jessica Tuck) sake.

Speaking of Cassandra, she’ll tell Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) that she wants to be partners – in business and in bed! Valentin probably is interested in either angle, but Cassandra might talk him into working with her on the business side of things. At Crimson, Nina (Michelle Stafford) will blow her top! She’ll shout that Jason would be a fool to fire her.

It sounds like Nina’s job is truly in jeopardy. Can they work out some sort of agreement? We’ll give you updates as other GH news comes in. Stay tuned to the ABC soap and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.

19 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: Wednesday, October 18 – Patient Six Tells Ava He’s Jason – Franco Grills Betsy About Drew’s Death”

  1. IMissBrenda says:

    Rumor has it that Tamara Braun is working on a deal to head back to GH, if so, she’s probably Oscar’s mother. Sam and Jason will most probably tell Nina she can keep her job only if she hires Maxie back since Sam and Maxie are supposed to be such good friends.

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  3. Delores321 says:

    Maxie put Crimson together for Nina and made it what it is and Nina fires her. I hope Sam hires Maxie and she goes in and kicks Nina’s butt or becomes her boss. I would love that.

  4. Cathy P. says:

    These GH episodes with the real Jason are making my eyes ? pop out! This is the kind of stuff makes GH and Steve Burton great! And THIS kind of storyline gives Burton the kind of meaty rolls he SHOULD be playing!
    U go GH!!

  5. @HawaiianTater says:

    Any relationship Jason may or may not have with Ava would be over the second he finds out her role in Morgan’s death. They met up in PC at Morgan’s grave, FFS. Jason Morgan is not the type of guy to let something like that slide.

    • Christina Ortiz says:

      True,But remember if it wasn’t for Ava Jason would still be in Russia or dead.

      • @HawaiianTater says:

        The only thing that’ll get Ava is Jason not killing her. It’s certainly not enough to forgive her for messing with Morgan’s meds.

      • Kevin Pham says:

        The one thing SB JASON MORGAN hates the most is how when PEOPLE PROTECT SB JASON MORGAN from THE TRUTH..?????.AVA LIED to SB JASON MORGAN on yesterdays GH episode about MORGAN CORINTHOS death at MORGAN’s GRAVE on how MORGAN CORINTHOS DIED!!
        KIKI tells the doctor that her mother switched MORGAN CORINTHOS
        LITHIUM PILLS so to hurt MORGAN and keep MORGAN away from KIKI!! So why didn’t AVA tell that same truth to SB JASON MORGAN.. because AVA knows SB JASON MORGAN would hate AVA too!!! But now AVA helping SB JASON MORGAN is AVA’s way to make SB JASON MORGAN owe her to… let alone SPARE AVA’s life….! As far as we real GENERAL HOSPITAL fan are concerned ????? .. SB JASON MORGAN doesn’t OWE AVA JEROME a DAMN thing but sparing AVA’s life!! SB JASON MORGAN needs to go see his mother MONICA QUATERMAINE and talk to her that’s where he needs to be!!
        bon voyage

        • Christina Ortiz says:

          Relax lol it’s not like I said he would love or marry the woman.I just pointed out that its because of Ava’s help he was able to escape and find his way back to PC.I know he doesn’t like being lied to but let’s not forget Liz lied to Jason about Danny,Sam also watched his son get kidnapped did/said nothing and he married her.Its a soap anything is possible.I like Ava and disagree that he owes her nothing her surgery wasn’t finished and she was almost killed because she helped him.

          • Kevin Pham says:

            i’m 5 by 5 and very fine,???? i’m just shocked that people believe SB JASON MORGAN is a naive peace maker the way BM DREW JASON QUATERMAINE always was!
            SB JASON MORGAN would have reached for the gun on sight to take FRANCO out on sight..! I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a scene of SB JASON reaching for the gun when he see’s FRANCO around his long lost son little jake! IN fact SB JASON MORGAN will likely put his gun back in his back pants in tears seeing LITTLE JAKE alive and well!!! And then SB JASON MORGAN will later consort his attention on FRANCO after he get’s his life back! Other than that SB JASON MORGAN was always the terminator! And if we don’t allow these writers to remember that, then we can risk seeing the character SB JASON MORGAN lose it’s actual source of it being and staying true to it’s content creation from time SB JASON MORGAN became JASON MORGAN!?????
            We all know SB JASON MORGAN is not going back to LIZ!!!
            And after SB JASON MORGAN learns that LIZ has been complicit to MICHAEL QUATERMAINE’S pain and suffering that FRANCO caused SAM and MICHAEL!! SB JASON MORGAN will be horrified to find out that LIZ WEBBER allows FRANCO to breathe air and break bread around SB JASON MORGAN’s long lost SON..(LITTLE JAKE))). SB JASON MORGAN will logically avoid LIZ and be upset with LIZ and probably not come near LIZ ever again but will fight to get his son BACK LITTLE JAKE!! ????
            Other than that the writers have made it OVERLY OBVIOUS that SB JASON MORGAN will always go back to SAM.. ???? that’s just how these writers can only sell this show to the privileged JASAM FANS!
            And ultimately if the character SB JASON MORGAN begins to undermine itself by forgiving AVA like that.. what if that becomes the factor that starts this chain in deciding to make SB JASON MORGAN leave GH again!!.. Because we true GH fans would hate to see SB JASON MORGAN end his time on GH if these writers completely destroy his character as much as they successfully destroyed NICHOLAS CASSIDINE and the role of LIZ webber to make TYLER CHRISTOPHER leave and turn LIZ into this COMPLICIT TO PROCURER RAPIST FRANCO who had michael raped in JAIL! ?????
            That’s my issue with this whole confusion.. AVA can be forgiven but what she did can never be CORDIAL enough to force SB JASON MORGAN to condone AVA..!
            We mean MORGAN CORINTHOS is named after Jason Morgan and Stone Cates that logically means SB JASON MORGAN could never condone MORGAN CORINTHOS killer by any means…! We have already seen the character LIZ complicit herself to be with FRANCO….. and now these writers have COMPLICIT DUKE LAVERY’s SON GRIFFIN to CONDONE AVA…! We really hope this next pattern of CONFUSION???? is not about to undermine the role of SB JASON MORGAN… other than that.. the only thing SB JASON MORGAN will owe… to AVA….is allowing AVA to LIVE! And SB JASON MORGAN allowing AVA to live will be giving AVA the GIFT of life being allowed to be ALIVE! ????? that’s all SB JASON MORGAN owes AVA! And let’s not forget on yesterday’s episode at MORGAN’s GRAVE when AVA approached SB JASON MORGAN.. and SB JASON MORGAN asked AVA how MORGAN died…
            Jason Scenes 10/17/17 (Part 4
            JASON: what happened to him how did he die!!!
            AVA: there was an accident….
            JASON: what kind?!
            AVA: the kind that never should have happened, it was quick… morgan didn’t feel any pain….
            JASON: what does that even mean!
            AVA: he was troubled, life did not come easy to him
            JASON: troubled how!!
            AVA: i don’t feel comfortable talking about this!!
            JASON: Okay… thanks again for your help!!
            AVA: where will you go!!! ——–>>>>
            because she wants to fix her self-esteem to people who were close to MORGAN CORINTHOS!!!
            To JASON he always views terminology and looks at the perspective of what the effect was derived through the cause! SB JASON MORGAN viewed the ZACHARRAS solemenly responsible for MICHAEL getting SHOT in the head!! SB JASON MORGAN finally learned it was CLAUDIA ????! And then SB JASON MORGAN went after her!! So by default the SB JASON MORGAN we all know and see that i’ve called to be the real SB JASON MORGAN since 2016 will view THE JEROMES OLIVIA and AVA responsbile for why MORGAN CORINTHOS is DEAD!! That’s how SB JASON MORGAN will acknowledge everything!!????
            Bon voyage

          • Christina Ortiz says:

            I see your point,I was just giving my opinion….As I said before I like Ava and think that there are others who are just as bad.I wouldn’t just tell someone about my role in Morgans death either if I didn’t know them and especially not if they pointed a gun at me JS

          • Kevin Pham says:

            that’s fair ?????

          • Christina Ortiz says:

            Ava will probably use helping him to her advantage with Sonny at some point,But she did not help him for that reason.She did not know who he was and still don’t know.Everyone is entitled to their opinion but facts are facts.As far as him going to family,everyone is forgetting there is already someone who is living his life and they believe he is Jason SO why would he just knock on their door….

          • Kevin Pham says:

            like i said that’s fair! ????? But at some point AVA should still tell the truth and not with hold the truth! Because that is what SB JASON MORGAN respects! ????? And other than that any person who is close to someone else that died, deserves to know the truth of how that person close to them died. Logically enough SB JASON MORGAN is bound to know the truth very soon ????? what AVA did to MORGAN CORINTHOS is public registered knowledge in PORT CHARLES. AVA has had 2 days to some thing to tell the truth if this goes on for a month it will be bad for AVA, hopefully by the time SB JASON MORGAN regains his memories he doesn’t learn this truth through someone else, while AVA could have said something all along. ?????
            bon voyage

        • Christina Ortiz says:

          I don’t know why they sent this again when I already replied but there’s no reason to say REAL GH fans…its really not that serious? the fact is Ava DOES NOT know who he is.

  6. Kevin Pham says:

    JASON would treat AVA like CLAUDIA!!! CLAUDIA did the same antics that AVA jut pulled yesterday! the moment SB JASON MORGAN found out that CLAUDIA had MICHAEL shot in the head through Dr. DEVLIN! SB JASON MORGAN turned his back on CLAUDIA.. the only thing that kept CLAUDIA alive is that SB JASON MORGAN saw taht CLAUDIA was pregnant with SONNY’s child.. and when CLAUDIA lost that baby she tried to get pregnant through DANTE because CLAUDIA learned that DANTE is SONNY’s child!!! Meanwhile AVA is also responsible for setting up SB JASON MORGAN’s brother AJ to be set up to take the fall for CONNIE FALCONERI’s DEATH.. and then SONNY mistakenly killed AJ QUATERMAINE! And and let’s not forget AVA KILLED CONNIE FALCONNERI to conceal JULIAN JEROME’s identity as DEREK WELLS….. AVA has no right to be doing anything for SB JASON MORGAN.. and yesterday she LIED to SB JASON MORGAN on how MORGAN CORINTHOS DIED! the one thing SB JASON MORGAN hates the most is how when PEOPLE PROTECT HIM FRMO THE TRUTH…. we are disgusted that these writers won’t let SB JASON MORGAN go to the quatermaine house hold to see his mother MONICA that’s who should be helping him.. not AVA.. so AVA can clean her concious and then as the same make SB ASON feel pressured to owe her let alone SPARE her life…. as far as we real GNERAL HOSPITLA fan are conscerned .. SB JASON MORGAN doesn’t OWE AVA JEROME a damn a thing!! RIP MORGAN CORINTHOS!!! He only died..because AVA kept antagonizing MORGAN CORINTHOS life since 2013! AVA even faked being a another person just o take morgan to bed!!! Morgan was carly’s little boy, and AVA destroyed him!!! Do you even understand that when MORGN had to write in a journal to LOG what his problems where when he was having problems with his lithium medication pills….! MORGAN CORINTHOS was suffering as a PATIENT and he was becoming SICK and he was DYING inside! MORGAN wrote, the medication isn’t working, i don’t feel better i can’t breathe, i don’t know what to do, i don’t feel like me!!! That and those are the signs of a PATIENT SUFFERING! So go ahead ignore MORGAN’s pain… and suffering because you want to see SB JASON MORGAN sleep with AVA….! You certainly have some interesting morals there!

  7. GH_FAN says:

    I am not here at all for a SB Jason and Ava relationship. Ava has Griffin and Scott hot after her! SB Jason left in 2012 & Ava came to town in 2013 I believe as is Griffin is new so I get why they are apart of this storyline because they didn’t know SB Jason only BM Jason. He could have met Nelle just as easily or Dr. Finn but Ana has him tied up. I don’t agree with Ava being apart of SB Jason storyline but they don’t know who he is. Literally. He could have met Curtis too. Nina maybe. Ava thinks she will redeem herself in the eyes of Carly and Sonny by bringing SB Jason to them. It’s far fetched because she killed so many close to the family SB Jason loves. He wouldn’t tolerate anybody disrespecting the Corinthos. Her kindness will keep her life thats about it. He could have met Valerie too started a romance there! Yes!!!! Nina is well suited for SB lifestyle. She is married to Valentin so. I think he should be reaching out to the people he tried to call back in Russia. He may be a Q. But he changed his name to Morgan and chose Sonny when he woke up from that accident with AJ. He will see the Q.’s in due time. Sonny was his ace. He should not be affraid to approach Sonny. But I kinda like the way they have him lurking around learning and catching up. Why don’t he remember what happened to him though? He remembers everything b4 that though? Crimson is the hottest thing why would Sam fire her? Sam can just create a job for Maxie that is even higher pay and possibly even higher up than Nina. She gets to keep Nelle and Maxie gets her own office! Everybody wins.

  8. Kevin Pham says:

    i was only making a LOGICAL REBUTTAL to you’re benighted opinion there’s no reason for you to take it so ((((PERSONALLY)))) ….??????
    other than that the message has been addressed and it’s response has raised (((MORAL CODE AWARENESS))), thus concludes the reminder, thus ends lesson!
    Bon voyage ?????