General Hospital Spoilers: Will Franco Leave During May Sweeps – Disastrous Contract Talks Force Roger Howarth’s GH Exit?


General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Roger Howarth (Franco) still hasn’t signed on the dotted line. Contract negotiations have stalled according to Daytime Confidential. Howarth could be on the verge of walking away from the ABC soap. If TPTB and Howarth can’t strike a deal, Franco will have to be written out of ongoing General Hospital storylines.

Of course, many General Hospital viewers love Howarth and his character. He’s become a real leading man on General Hospital. The show already lost Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) and Morgan (Bryan Craig). They obviously don’t want to lose Franco if they can help it. If there’s a way to keep Howarth, you can bet they’ll find it.


However, we should also prepare for the possibility of losing this GH fan favorite. It would be a tough blow, but sometimes it’s unavoidable when contract negotiations roll around. It’s not always easy for both sides to agree on acceptable terms.

If Howarth decides to bail, what will that mean for Franco? There would be several options for his exit from General Hospital. Jake (Hudson West) has some darkness in his past and we’re finally on the verge of uncovering the whole story. GH spoilers say Franco and Jason (Billy Miller) will work together on the last phase of their quest for answers.


It looks like their trip to Cassadine Island will lead to shocking revelations. General Hospital spoilers say that later, Jake’s story will reach a stunning conclusion at the Nurses’ Ball. We’ve been hearing that some danger is brewing for May sweeps. Will Franco run into big trouble thanks to his mission?

It’s possible that General Hospital will kill Franco off or at least give him a presumed death. A character’s demise is always reversible on a soap, so it wouldn’t be an issue if Howarth ever wanted to come back. GH could also come up with an excuse to send Howarth out of town.

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Another option is for Franco to be kidnapped or simply disappear. It would create some flexibility as General Hospital tries to deal with this difficult situation. Whatever the case, we can’t ignore the fact that no deal has been reached. That’s certainly not good news, but GH fans will hold out hope that they can make this happen!

How do you feel about the possibility of losing Franco and his portrayer? Would you hate to see Roger Howarth go? We’ll give you updates on Roger Howarth’s status as details are released. Stay tuned and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.