Is Kelly Ripa About To Quit ‘Live’ – Being Replaced By Kim Kardashian An Insult?

Is Kelly Ripa About To Quit 'Live' - Being Replaced By Kim Kardashian An Insult?

According to a new report from Page Six, Kim Kardashian will be replacing Kelly Ripa as a co-host alongside Ryan Seacrest on ‘Live’ on Monday, August 28th, giving further credence to the rumors that Kelly Ripa is on her way to quitting the show permanently.

Recent reports had suggested that Kelly Ripa was incredibly unhappy about her position on ‘Live’, and felt that Ryan Seacrest was upstaging her and being treated with more deference than she was, despite the fact that it was originally her show. She’s been absent on the show more and more during the past few months, and the latest snub comes in the form of Kim Kardashian stepping into replace her on the August 28th episode.

It’s one thing to have a major celebrity step in for you, and it’s another to have someone like Kim Kardashian – a waning reality star – step in for you. Yes, Kim Kardashian co-hosted ‘Live’ with Kelly Ripa once in the past, way back in 2012, but things are different now. With all the drama occurring behind the scenes, and Kelly Ripa’s alleged frustration and professed unhappiness with the way the show is being run, it’s not a stretch to assume that she’s on the hunt for a new hosting gig.

Is Kelly Ripa About To Quit 'Live' - Being Replaced By Kim Kardashian An Insult?

Another recent report had also suggested that the producers of ‘Live’ had been requesting Kelly Ripa to move the show to Los Angeles to better fit her co-host Ryan Seacrest’s schedule, despite the fact that Ripa’s family is stationed in New York. Ripa allegedly viewed that request as yet another snub against her, especially after everything she had put up with through the Michael Strahan episode and all the drama that followed.

She reportedly viewed the incident as the nail in the coffin, and despite other sources claiming that it was Ripa’s diva behavior that was causing the issues, it comes down to one thing: will Kelly Ripa quit ‘Live’ once and for all, and will she do that now – or wait until she’s landed a higher-profile gig?

What do you guys think? Do you believe that Kelly Ripa is on the verge of quitting ‘Live’, especially after hearing that Kim Kardashian will be replacing her alongside Ryan Seacrest on an upcoming episode? Or is she slowly biding her time to land a better job (likely on a rival network) before publicly resigning? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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