Jay Z Spotted Partying In Jamaica: Did Beyoncé Give Birth Already?

Jay Z Spotted Partying In Jamaica: Did Beyoncé Give Birth Already?

Jay Z is far away from Beyoncé. Surely, the singer has a lot of help for when she goes into labor. But, it’s a little odd that he has placed his work and leisurely time ahead of his wife’s birth. Jay Z is currently having a good time in Jamaica. Some fans are wondering if Queen Bey has given birth already or if she’s waiting for him to return home to her.

According to TMZ, Jay Z was spotted in Kingston. Not only is he partying, but he’s also working. He’s currently recording new music with Damien Marley. The two were photographed inside the Tuff Gong Studio. But, fans are concerned that Jay Z won’t be home in time for Beyoncé’s twins. Mathew Knowles told TMZ three weeks ago that she was “more than two weeks” away from giving birth. Since Jay Z is only six hours away from private jet, it must mean that she’s not giving birth yet.

That hasn’t stopped fans from speculating though. They have been using Beyoncé’s Instagram account to decipher any clues. Some thought she already gave birth around Memorial Day weekend. Others think she has given birth long before then. Ever since Bey posted that photo of her pregnant belly back in February, fans have been speculating everything from the babies’ sex to what she will name her twins.

Jay Z Spotted Partying In Jamaica: Did Beyoncé Give Birth Already?

The latest round of theories that circulated on social media happened after the number 4:44 popped up all over New York City. It was a mysterious banner that was featured on major sites like Fader, Hypebeast, and Complex, reports PEOPLE. In addition, signs were also spotted in Los Angeles, Variety reports. Some think it teases an upcoming Jay Z album while others think it’s about Beyoncé’s pregnancy. They thought the numbers meant that she has given birth already.

According to a report via the Daily Mail, the couple is still planning for the big day. They are making sure that Beyoncé has a full maternity suite installed inside her home. That’s different from the previous reports that claimed she was going to give birth at Cedars-Sinai Hospital this time around. The British newspaper reported that the couple has as a “£100,000-a-month rented property.” How does the Daily Mail know? Well, they saw a van that featured a “high-tech kit” that was spotted outside the couple’s mansion in the past few days.

Beyoncé wants to give birth at home for “privacy and safety” reasons. She is aware of the hoopla surrounding the birth of her twins. She has already discussed this option with her doctors, and they are fine with the idea. There will also be an ambulance ready to take Beyoncé at Cedars-Sinai Hospital if either her or the twins will need emergency care.

Jay Z Spotted Partying In Jamaica: Did Beyoncé Give Birth Already?

Jay Z has been spotted out and around their home while his doting wife has been laying low. Beyoncé gave birth to daughter Blue Ivy at New York’s Lenox Hospital back in 2012.

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  1. d griffin says:

    She’s faking it again. Why else would you go to all the trouble and expense of building a maternity ward in your home? Oh my god, this couple is a pain in the ass!

  2. Lyndsey Harper says:

    Wow! but of course, the billion dollar couple can always get what they want, even a ward, without worrying about the price. Congratulations to them and their twins. I’m excited to get a glimpse of how they look like. Trying to get pregnant here, still waiting for a positive result on my free conceiveeasy pt. It’s interesting how they seem quiet now, has she given birth yet? A few weeks back, there’s not a day without new article about her and her pregnancy.