Joe Giudice Transferred to New Prison in Pennsylvania: Teresa Giudice Concerned?

Joe Giudice Transferred to New Prison in Pennsylvania: Teresa Giudice Concerned?

Teresa Giudice is concerned that she won’t be able to see her husband Joe Giudice very often anymore. New reports indicate that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star has just been transferred to a new prison in Pennsylvania. He is currently serving a 41-month sentence for multiple bankruptcy fraud charges. Teresa served her one-year term back in 2015.

Up until this point, Joe was at the Fort Dix Correctional Institution near the reality star’s home in New Jersey. According to Page Six, Joe was recently prohibited from attending an alcohol abuse treatment program because od his non-Us citizen status. The program would have allowed him to shave a few months from his sentence. Joe pleaded guilty to submitting false information on mortgage applications and not paying $200,000 in income taxes.

For Teresa, this is a huge problem because it means she has to travel to nearby Pennsylvania to visit her husband. She already has a busy schedule as it is with her four daughters at home and her taping schedule for The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The last thing she needs is to make a mini-road trip each time she wants to visit her husband behind bars. Yet, that will soon become her new reality.

Joe Guidice Transferred to New Prison in Pennsylvania: Teresa Guidice Concerned?

So far Teresa Giudice herself has not made any comments about her husband’s prison term or what their future plans are for that matter. Yet, there’s a strong possibility that things just won’t be the same the moment Joe gets out of jail. After all, Joe might end up getting deported to his native Italy once his sentence is over. For Teresa, that’s the last thing she wants to see happen.

That’s because she knows it will destroy her family as the couple’s four daughters won’t be able to see their father anymore. But then again, they’ve already gotten used to life without Joe at home for the last year and a half.

Whatever Teresa decides to do, it’s going to be a tough choice. She’ll have to learn how to give Joe the time and patience he needs to readjust to life back at home – that is, if he comes back. It won’t be easy and it definitely won’t feel like before, either. But Teresa knows that she has to make a decision one way or another.

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