Kate Middleton Banned From Signing Autographs: Palace Fears Forgery and Terrorism

Kate Middleton Banned From Signing Autographs: Palace Fears Terrorism

Kate Middleton has been banned from signing autographs whenever she’s in public during all of her royal engagements and appearances. That’s because Buckingham Palace is not only worried about forged signatures but the possibility of terrorism as well.

According to reports, the Duchess of Cambridge along with the other members of the royal family are banned from signing autographs for royal fans. If Kate is asked for an autograph, she has no choice but to politely refuse. The long-standing rule is in place because the palace is worried that someone might possibly forge a member of the royal family’s signature and that would cause nothing but problems for them.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the royal family has never signed an autograph in the past. Prince Charles broke royal protocol back in 2010 by giving a young fan his autograph after the devastating Cornwall floods. The Prince surprised everyone by asking his handlers to look for a piece of paper so he can sign his name for the young boy. Prince Charles hasn’t signed any autographs since that moment, though.

Kate Middleton Banned From Signing Autographs: Palace Fears Terrorism

For Kate Middleton this is yet another rule of what she can and can’t do in public. And for the Duchess of Cambridge, this has to be frustrating. She can’t hold her husband Prince William’s hand in public, she can’t eat what she wants in public and she certainly can’t speak her mind, too. It’s no wonder that the only thing Kate Middleton does is smile and wave with all of the restrictions put on her.

Then again, Buckingham Palace doesn’t want to take any chances, either. If there’s one thing that Queen Elizabeth is very adamant about it, it’s making sure that the members of the British royal family are always protected. Sure, Kate would love to make a young fan’s day by signing a fan photo, but she knows that she can never do that.

Plus, Queen Elizabeth doesn’t want the royal family to act like they are big Hollywood stars or celebrities. Sure, they are public figures but at the same time they are also part of the monarchy. Kate Middleton along with Prince William and his brother Prince Harry must follow royal protocol at all times, whether they like it or not.

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Photo by Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images