Kate Middleton Mumbles Through Heads Together Speech: Leaves Kensington Palace Embarrassed By Poor Public Speaking Skills

Kate Middleton Mumbles Through Heads Together Speech: Leaves Kensington Palace Embarrassed By Poor Public Speaking Skills

If there’s one thing that Kate Middleton has a hard time doing, it’s speaking in front of an audience. The Duchess of Cambridge has once again managed to embarrass the royal family with her poor speaking skills. Kate mumbled through her Heads Together Speech in London this week.

Even though Prince William and Prince Harry also delivered their short speech about mental health, it was Kate who had a difficult time speaking in front of the audience. Many eyewitnesses say that the Duchess sounded unprepared in her speech. Kate can be seen in a social media video looking down at her notes rather than at the audience. Could that be why Kensington Palace has not shared any videos of her speech? Did the audience have a hard time understanding Kate? That’s what royal fans want to know.

Kate Middleton Mumbles Through Heads Together Speech: Leaves Kensington Palace Embarrassed By Poor Public Speaking Skills

Of course, this isn’t the first time Kate Middleton has embarrassed herself in public. Kate Middleton has mumbled each and every time she has been forced to speak in public. Many royal fans remember her disastrous speech at St. Andrew’s School and when she forgot her lines at the National Portrait Gallery Gala in 2014.

Back in 2015, reports indicated that Queen Elizabeth wanted to keep Kate silent. It was mostly because of her dismal public speaking skills. Even though Kate sounds posh in her speech, many royal observers say that her lack of confidence makes her sound wooden. Back in 2012, Kate herself even admitted that she hates public speaking. She told local reporters at a Children’s Hospice that she can’t control her nerves whenever she is forced to speak in public.

Kate Middleton Mumbles Through Heads Together Speech: Leaves Kensington Palace Embarrassed By Poor Public Speaking Skills

Fast forward several years later and it looks like nothing has changed. Many royal observers are worried that Kate Middleton’s lack of confidence might be a big problem in the future. After all, she will one day be the Queen of England. Even her fans know that she is going to have to learn how to speak in public one way or another.

So far the palace has not made any comments about Kate’s speech. What do you think? Is Kensington Palace embarrassed of Kate Middleton and her poor public speaking skills? Could that be why Kate almost never makes any public statements or announcements? Drop us a line with your thoughts in our comment section below. Also, don’t forget to check back with CDL for all the latest news and updates on the royal family right here!

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87 responses to “Kate Middleton Mumbles Through Heads Together Speech: Leaves Kensington Palace Embarrassed By Poor Public Speaking Skills”

  1. Ladyhawke says:

    A small segment of the speech has been released on YouTube. She’s a very poor public speaker for one who has been in the job for five+ years and has had substantial media training. Agree – best she be seen and not heard.

    • Sigi says:

      She seemed to be speaking fake-posh gibberish to the podium.

      • Ladyhawke says:

        There is a list on YouTube of the speeches she has given thus far. I had a look at a few including her first public speech – exactly the same delivery and body language. If you have a look at a few, she is preoccupied with getting “the accent”. With the access she would have available to public speaking coaching, she should be able to deliver a written speech (would understand if she was required to deliver off-the-cuff speeches) much more confidently.
        Mentioned to “Bree” below, who trotted out the typical ridiculous “St Diana” jibe, that whilst no fan of Camilla (obviously), the woman can deliver a written speech reasonably effectively.

        • Sigi says:

          Kate is a special kind of stupid. I’ve never liked her. And this is another example. Just like you said – no indication she’s trying to get better at the job. Too dumb to make the effort and spare herself such public embarrassment. Possibly so dumb it actually doesn’t even embarrass her. You know ? Life as usual for someone who also thinks showing her reproductive stuff in public is OK.
          Just all-around f-ing stupid.

          Yes, well, if it could be said Camilla is a better speaker than Waity,{sounds as if Camilla is} then there’s another true insult Waity the Moron deserves.

          • Ladyhawke says:

            Definitely something amiss in the brain box. I watched the video a few times and it was interesting to watch Wills’ face whilst Kate is attempting to speak – it’s not a happy face.
            Yes, the fact that C can deliver a speech without turning into jelly is, perhaps, her only “positive”.
            Kate’s going to encounter problems once/if she becomes Princess of Wales – C is delivering speeches regularly. Man!! Clueless may end up in a straitjacket unless she gets it together.

          • Sigi says:

            She already belongs in a straitjacket !

            I’ll have to go back and pay attention to Wimpo’s reaction.

  2. Elizabeth Connell says:

    I agree too, Kate should be seen and not heard

  3. royalwatcher says:

    William’s speech is nothing to write home about either. For the University education, they did not seem to avail themselves of good speech lessons.

  4. Bubbly says:

    Yaykes! Will this woman get anything right ever? Gees! This was dreadful! She was throwing her head up and down so much she looked more like a deranged donkey asking for bag of oats than a human.

    • Sigi says:

      Right ? Like an automated rag doll with hair extensions. I was stunned, after that I had a good laugh. It was actually funny. No one could tell WTF she was trying to do or what she was saying.

    • Ladyhawke says:

      LOL!! Funny and pretty accurate description.

  5. Sigi says:

    The Flasher was pathetic. The video is on a current Daily Mail article. She seemed crazed and frantic, couldn’t tell WHAT the Hell she was saying but I heard enough to know her fake-posh accent was out of control because her nerves were,too. It was either “nerves” or just a stark example of how truly pathetic she is, aside from nerves. Bad posture…she’d sort of lurch from hanging or hovering right over the podium to sort of standing back up again only of course with bad posture.Nothing was memorized so she’d go back and forth.
    The hair [lots of extensions,lots and lots} made her look like an automated rag doll during all the lurching. It was like a Monty Python episode. Someone should have just dragged her outside and put an end to the nightmare.

    • Zardi123 says:

      You are so right Sigi it was a disgrace het mumbling faux pas posh over exaggerated accent is appalling … she will always be a paper doll empty headed coat hanger…The powers at be dont sort her out she is beyond help she is crazed and self obsessed.
      she does nothing of merit for our Country … A complete idiot …. should be kept indoors and not let out in public as she is a total embarrassment to everyone

      • Sigi says:

        It was like someone was doing a spoof, except it was real – ! Dang. A real Bimbo in action. Caught on tape too.

      • Ladyhawke says:

        It was cringeworthy, and the list of her speeches show she hasn’t improved since her first public speech. No idea how she will cope when she becomes Princess of Wales. Yikes!!

        • Sigi says:

          Might self implode because of extra duties. We can only hope.

          • Ladyhawke says:

            If the anxiety is so debilitating, then stick her on medication and let her get on with it. No sympathy here.
            Most people dread public speaking, but if their studies and employment require it, they simply have to suck it up or go elsewhere.

          • Sigi says:

            Right and why not, she’s hardly coping with real life is she. Expecting Waity to start being more serious wouldn’t be asking a lot, you’d think she’d want to be helpful and be inspired by that.

      • Sigi says:

        I so agree. I didn’t see this post before – wasn’t ignoring you. Not sure why but I don’t get alerted to all replies !

    • Ladyhawke says:

      I was embarrassed – for her. Diana was a poor public speaker when she started – visibly nervous and blushing. However, she hired a speaking coach, communications coach and enlisted the help of Sir Richard Attenborough. That’s the difference: Diana worked to improve her skills and during the last few years of her life, she was a very effective public speaker. The speech she gave whilst in New York in 1993/94 (?) when she was presented with a humanitarian award (I think by Kissinger), was exceptional – she even managed to rebuff a heckler in the audience. No comparison.

      • Sigi says:

        Yeah it was embarrassing but that freaking bimbo deserved the public embarrassment. She’s a bloody idiot.

        During the last few years of Diana’s life ??? Are you kidding ? Diana was a great public speaker and it wasn’t only in the “last few years”. In fact, when you said she had been a “poor speaker” I could not recall one time when she seemed so. So it must have been short lived. You’re off.
        And I wouldn’t say Diana had been a “poor” public speaker. “Poor is pretty severe. Shy yes, but Diana’s heart was in it and she was real with people. Can’t say that about the Duchess of Hair Extensions.

        • Ladyhawke says:

          Diana came into her own when she left Chuck; she wasn’t given the opportunity to deliver many speeches, presumably so as not to overshadow Chuck. Yes, she was nervous and appeared to lack confidence, but she didn’t give the impression of having to be dragged onstage kicking and screaming only to dissolve crumbling into a soggy mess once she hit the podium. Diana became an excellent public speaker, able to hold her own with the best of them.

          • Sigi says:

            I don’t know about that. Diana was working her ass off and giving speeches before breaking up with Chuck. I’ll have to check, maybe I’m not remembering this very well. But I think early on she was giving speeches.

          • Ladyhawke says:

            Oh well done!! (you were right/I was wrong -surprise!!)
            I haven’t seen this video. She spoke extremely well – articulate, appeared very confident and poised, knew what she was talking about – and she was only 25/26 (?). Terrific video. Well done you! (Bit sad though).
            Thanks for that; much appreciated.

            **The above link Sigi has posted is of Diana delivering a speech in 1986. Really worth a look.

          • Sigi says:

            Thanks I appreciate it. I really admired Diana and thought my memory was good. I knew she was active and giving speeches well before she and Chuck divorced but then I had to go check it out and see what I could find.

        • Ladyhawke says:

          Yes, amended the above; it sounded as though she only developed into a fine public speaker from ‘ 93 onward.

        • Ladyhawke says:

          Amended the above – it sounded as though she was on Kate’s level when she started. Agree that “last few years”, in the above context, gives the impression she was only an accomplished speaker from ’93 onwards.

  6. Sigi says:

    Oh ? Who said ?

  7. Sigi says:

    Ne need to mention Diana except you obviously know she set the bar as far as recent royal wives and speeches. Diana was great at speeches. That’s why you have to try to put her down,
    in order to make that mess, Waity, seem better than she is {that’s a tough job for you}.

    Waity was TOTALLY mumbling, her fake-posh accent was also way out of control {more than usual}, and she was grappling with even trying to stand up. She remembered nothing in her notes and so spent 99% of the time face-planted on the podium.

  8. Sigi says:

    That was WORST SHIT EVER,! Topped only by all of her prior ass/crotch/boob flashing. Ohhh that “speech” was real good laugh.
    The poor thing, all the flinching,face-planting and unintelligible blithering ! LMAO. Poor thingie. Poor little bimbo ! The RF ought to give Waity a break and let her stick to her coloring books.

  9. Ladyhawke says:

    Oh, sound problems – blah, blah, blah! It wasn’t only the fact that she was barely audible, it was primarily the delivery of the speech. No problem hearing William. Comparisons between Kate and (“St Diana” – how juvenile) Diana are are odious. Diana was a poor public speaker initially, but she got off her butt and worked at it until she became a fine public speaker.
    No, Kate most certainly isn’t the worst public speaker – possibly the second worst speaker, whose job is expected to comprise a significant amount of public speaking.
    Definitely no fan of Camilla, but she can at least deliver a written speech effectively.

  10. Sigi says:

    Diana was naturally intelligent too, innately intelligent. Kate isn’t.

  11. Sigi says:

    Yeah, that’s funny. Waity talks funny sort of like Don Corleone.
    Yes, good thing for old Waity she’s intersted in all that mental health !

  12. Sigi says:

    Here’s an “incoherent speech” Suck it up. Moron. Fairly early one too from 1989.

  13. Ladyhawke says:

    Hi PennieP! Sigi and I were wondering where you’d gone.
    Oh yes! The speech was tragic on so many levels.
    See Sigi’s link (below) showing Diana delivering a speech in 1986 – really great performance – she would have been 25 or so.
    Yes, she did acquire assistance to help her, but she was definitely no airhead.
    Well, now you know where we are, drop in!!

  14. Ladyhawke says:

    Well, I don’t wish to be rude, but…

    • PennieP says:

      Ha!! Good one..
      But, the only thing she has that is worth any value is her “new hair extensions “.
      Most of her natural body has been artistically rearranged in the past few years. ( Witness the nose and her anorexic body) who would want starving organs in their body???

      • Ladyhawke says:

        The hair extensions were very obvious – she has the big hair of a Southern gal! On YouTube, there is a photo of Kate preceding a video, “Before the Transformation”. I thought she’d only had a few nose jobs, but there’s also been a work done around the eyes.

  15. Aunt Porcus says:

    HERE’s where all the 50 year old has-beens are *still* spending their nights and days feverishly scribbling about Kate! Thank you for gathering together and sparing the rest of the world you mental illness.

  16. Sigi says:

    Waity = 100 kinds of dreadful, LOL.

    • Ladyhawke says:

      Ah, more than 50 Shades of Stupid then?

      • Sigi says:

        I nearly wrote that same thing. No kidding. ha ha !

        • Ladyhawke says:

          LOL!! It rolls off the tongue. I just realized one I the most boring public speakers on the planet (speaker, not person – I’m quite sure she’s a hoot in reality) is the Queen. For decades I’ve watched that woman read speeches, rarely lifting her eyes from the page, with all the animation of one reading the telephone directory. Very boring speaker.

  17. Ladyhawke says:

    Yes, same here – 40% of both degrees were based on oral presentations. If one didn’t present the requisite amount – no degree.

  18. Sigi says:

    LOL ! Yeah Waity has cause to be brain impaired alright. Auughh ha ha ha Waity needs her own mental health organization just to handle all her own shit, that’s right !

    Good point, Wimpo hasn’t been insulting George recently. What a wonder.

  19. Sigi says:

    Sounds like you and your pals are back in your basement again. You’re not mentioning anyone I know.
    Thanks for the update,dipshit.

  20. Juliette says:

    The speech the the “critics” watched is described above dumbass – but you already knew that. Get your eyes, ears and brain checked, baby doll.

  21. Pongo says:

    Good and take that disgusting smell of pig sh/t with you.

  22. Elizabeth Connell says:


  23. Gonzo88 says:

    No idea why she’s looking so happy; she made a complete balls up of the speech – as she’s done with everything else since she married into the royals.

  24. Ladyhawke says:

    In the midst of biffing trolls, the kindness of strangers is always welcome. Thanks. :)

  25. Ladyhawke says:

    Right – yucks!

  26. Ladyhawke says:


  27. Ladyhawke says:

    Well, good for you.

  28. Sigi says:

    You fucking liar. Good thing all anyone need do to check out Diana’s GREAT speeches is go on over to YouTube.

  29. Sigi says:

    It varied, the length of her speeches – and Diana was definitely and obviously far better than poor little bare-ass Waity.

  30. Ladyhawke says:

    Oh that’s bullsh*t. Check the video of her speeches on YouTube. You wouldn’t recognise a noteworthy speech if you sat on it and it bit your ass. If this website is SO ridiculous, then why are you here wasting your time commenting.

  31. Ladyhawke says:

    Goodness. The “volume” of my over-the-top commentary? Surprised that anyone can string more than a few sentences together. Stick to being a bimbo with exceptional hearing skills.

  32. Ladyhawke says:

    So you admit Kate is pathetic?

  33. Sigi says:

    Sorry I missed your reply I got no alerts as usual !
    No I hadn’t seen what Waity created at the children’s center. I’ll try to find it –

  34. Ladyhawke says:

    I absolutely agree that a degree in Art History is the tertiary education equivalent of flowering arranging. However, if you dare to state the bleeding obvious regarding Kate’s education, it’s likely you will be jumped on and attacked for daring to question the airhead’s intellectual capacity.