Kelly Ripa Concerned Ryan Seacrest Overwhelmed With ‘Live’ Hosting Duties?

Kelly Ripa Concerned Ryan Seacrest Overwhelmed With 'Live' Hosting Duties?

Kelly Ripa is concerned about Ryan Seacrest’s jam-packed schedule. That’s because she’s worried that he’ll end up leaving her and their morning talk show to focus on his other two gigs: his radio show in Los Angeles and his hosting duties for American Idol.

Earlier this month it was reported that Ryan reached a deal with American Idol. He’ll be back for the new season. And even though he won’t be making as much money as Katy Perry, he’s excited to be back on the show that helped make him the household name today.

The only problem with American Idol is that Ryan will have to tape his episodes at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. At the same time, he’ll be expected to manage taping with Kelly Ripa for their Live show in New York City while trying to make it back home to the West Coast every weekend.

Kelly Ripa Concerned Ryan Seacrest Overwhelmed With 'Live' Hosting Duties?

Ryan even said in an interview that he’s so pressed for time that he relies on e-mail hacks and other short cuts to help juggle his multiple jobs on both coasts. He doesn’t even have time to sleep right now because he’s trying to maximize every second he has for work. And with the 2017-2018 American Idol season coming up, Ryan will be the busiest he’s ever been in his life.

Of course, time will only tell if Ryan Seacrest will be able to juggle all three of his jobs at the same time. Yet, many fans believe that he’ll end up dropping one of his gigs sooner or later. There’s no way that he’ll be able to fly to three different states week after week. And unfortunately, that’s what Kelly Ripa is worried about the most.

Kelly knows that if Ryan ends up leaving the show, she’ll back at square one.  It took her one year to find a replacement for her ex co-host Michael Strahan and it might even take her much longer to find another replacement for Ryan Seacrest. And that’s the last thing that Kelly wants to do right now. She depends on Ryan to be there for every single taping. Her audience has had enough of all the rotating guest co-hosts from this past year.

So far neither Ryan Seacrest nor Kelly Ripa have made any comments about the future of their show. In the meantime, don’t forget to check back with CDL for all the latest news and updates on Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa right here!

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