Kelly Ripa Shocked: Ryan Seacrest Calling The Shots On ‘Live With Kelly And Ryan’?

Kelly Ripa Shocked: Ryan Seacrest Calling The Shots On 'Live With Kelly And Ryan'?

It’s been a week since Kelly Ripa announced that Ryan Seacrest would be her new co-host. It’s taken her about a year to find a fill-in for Michael Strahan. Both Kelly and Ryan are headstrong people. Some viewers are predicting that it will be a few months until the two grow tired of each other. Ryan is getting comfortable with his new digs at ABC. He already has his radio show setup nearby, so he can do both jobs. He also made sure that American Idol would get revived.

Ryan Seacrest is a busy guy. He has many shows that he hosts and produces. Kelly Ripa’s life is on LIVE With Kelly And Ryan. While it’s only been a week, the two have a great rapport with one another. But, it’s still early and the honeymoon period will wear off very quickly. Kelly Ripa runs a tight ship on the show. She made a career being herself. Meanwhile, Ryan found fame when he became a regular on American Idol.

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are good friends. They have been for years. It’s one of the reasons why she chose him. Her other BFF, Andy Cohen, had some advice for her new LIVE co-host. He says that Ryan should not step on Kelly’s toes and try to run the show.

Kelly Ripa Shocked: Ryan Seacrest Calling The Shots On 'Live With Kelly And Ryan'?

“I think he should not underestimate how smart she is,” Andy said to PEOPLE. “I just don’t think he should underestimate her in any way. She’s smart. She’s been doing that show for a long time. She’s a businesswoman, a great mom, and just don’t underestimate her.”

It’s been reported that Kelly is not too happy with Ryan. Well, that was fast. According to reports, Ryan is already treating his new hosting gig as a part-time job. He still has his mind focused on his morning radio show and the American Idol revival. He’s already losing interest in his co-hosting gig.

“LIVE! is just another job on Ryan’s schedule,” an insider said. “Where Kelly lives and breathes the show. It is everything to her. Her entire identity.”

Seacrest has plenty of projects, most of which take place in Los Angeles. He may not even be able to commit to the show for a full week. Friday’s shows will be taped rather than live. That defeats the purpose of the show.

“He will fly in on Sunday nights, and leave Thursday after taping two shows,” the source added. “Kelly fears that he is treating LIVE! as a part time job.”

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Ryan intends to call L.A. his home. He doesn’t want to make a permanent move to NYC, and that has caused tension between to the two, says the insider. Ripa’s previous co-host of four years, former NFL star Michael Strahan, announced he was leaving the show to join Good Morning America. Ripa and the rest of the audience was caught off-guard. Hopefully, Seacrest won’t put himself out just yet.

What are your thoughts, CDL readers? Do you think Kelly Ripa will try to call the shots? Do you think she’ll butt heads with Ryan Seacrest over his hectic schedule? Share your thoughts below in the comments section and check back with CDL for more Kelly Ripa news and updates right here.

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