Kim Kardashian Expecting Twins With Surrogate Mom?

Kim Kardashian Expecting Twins With Surrogate Mom?

Double trouble. Kim Kardashian is expecting twins, so grab your hats and eat them people! The reality television star already has two children with Kanye West – North West (aka Compass Child) and Saint West – but the couple decided to take it one step further and get a lovely surrogate to pass the baby time. This unnamed woman (surrogates don’t get titles) was recently spotted out and about in Los Angeles, sporting a baby bump the size of Texas.

Immediately, as if awoken by some denizen, people flocked to social media and revealed that the unnamed surrogate could be expecting a double set of babies. Kim Kardashian, who has been mum on the subject as is her right, was nowhere to be seen. I guess Kim Kardashian doesn’t mingle with the common folk; she just mingles with Ronald McDonald and his mates in La-La Land up high above the chimney top.

The Kardashians are expecting babies to arrive any second now. Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kim are all waiting for the proverbial stork to do a flyover. Kim’s surrogate pregnancy has been kept out of the news – until now. Kim further exacerbated the problem through a very subtle tweet: “Anyone know who makes the best double stroller? Not a tiny compact one but regular size.”

Now why would you go and create all this chaos only by backtracking soon thereafter? When fans congratulated Kim on the arrival of twins, she quickly tweeted that no, she wasn’t expecting twins; the tweet was about North and Saint.

Kim Kardashian Expecting Twins With Surrogate Mom?

Right. Milli Vanilli said the same. Just sayin’.

The surrogate is allegedly due in late January, which makes sense if you look at the baby bump. Or if you’re expecting twins and you don’t want anyone to find out about it. I once stashed two tubs of Nutella in the kitchen cupboard for midnight eating. I told people that there was only one… Oh, how they laughed and laughed and laughed when they found out that I ate two tubs of Nutella. You see? It’s like my Nutella tubs – you hide one underneath the other one and then you do this and then you do that and shazam, you have two tubs of Nutella without anyone noticing.

Whatever the case may be, the Kardashian household is about to be flooded by the screams of babes. Whether it’s twins, triplets, or just a single, lonely baby sitting alone on the floor asking “Why me? Why did I have to get saddled up with this lot?”

What do you think? Is the surrogate expecting twins? Or is it just a normal baby bump? Let us know your valuable thoughts in the comments below.

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Harper’s BAZAAR