Madam Secretary Winter Premiere Recap 1/8/17: Season 3 Episode 11 “Gift Horse”

Madam Secretary Winter Premiere Recap 1/8/17: Season 3 Episode 11 "Gift Horse"

Tonight on CBS Madam Secretary airs with an all new Sunday, January 8, 2017, season 3 episode 11 called, “Gift Horse” and we have your Madam Secretary recap below. On tonight’s Madam Secretary episode, as per the CBS synopsis, “Elizabeth (Tea Leoni) is unsure what to do with a literal gift horse given to her by Mongolia, which creates a controversy as she contemplates returning it so as not to upset other Asian countries. Meanwhile, Gov. Sam Evans (J.C. Mackenzie)  threatens to sue Ohio for putting President Dalton (Keith Carradine) on the election ballot; and Stevie (Wallis Currie-Wood) has an eventful first day as Russell’s (Željko Ivanek) new intern.

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Tonight’s episode of Madam Secretary kicks off one day before President Dalton’s inauguration. Governor Sam Evans has filed a lawsuit against the state of Ohio for allowing Dalton on the ballot, and he has to go before the Supreme Court.

Elizabeth is at work getting ready for work, she fills Henry in on the Supreme Court. Liz is upset, Sam named her in the lawsuit because she took some legislators out to Applebees and is accusing her of “influencing them.”

Henry reveals that he got a call from the CIA regarding Black Dog station, he has to go to a debriefing. Allison interrupts Elizabeth and Henry. She’s an aspiring fashion designer and she wants to help her mom pick out her outfit for the inauguration. They make plans to meet up at Elizabeth’s office later.

In the kitchen Stevie is getting ready for day one of her new job as Russell Jackson’s internship. He took a little cruise after his heart attack and he’s beading back to work.

Blake calls Elizabeth and he is panicking. Liz rushes to the office and it is filled with hundreds of gifts. Blake rants that she needs to sign off on them, then the gifts need to be archived and catalogued. Matt laughs that they are the spoils of victory, unless Sam Evans wins the court case, then they will have to send back all of the gifts.

Elizabeth meets with Russell and Dalton to discuss Sam Evans’ court case. They’re strategizing on ways to derail the lawsuit. Elizabeth thinks that if they offer Sam a position at the White House, it might deter him from going through with the lawsuit.

Henry arrives at CIA Headquarters, the CIA is tracking a connection between Hizbal Shahid and Isis. Henry is curious why they think that HS and CIA is involved with each other, but the CIA won’t give up any information.

Blake calls Elizabeth, he just signed for another gift … a horse from Mongolia. Liz tells him to send the horse back ASAP, they are trying to keep peace with China, and China wouldn’t be happy if they knew that the US accepted a horse from Mongolia.

Elizabeth videochats with the Prime Minister of Mongolia and regretfully tells him that she can’t accept the horse. The Prime Minister has bad news, once the horse made it to the states it became susceptible to disease. So, if Elizabeth sends the horse back, they will have to euthanize it.

At Russell’s office, Stevie gets her first assignment. Russell sends her to the airport to pick up a Diplomat named Hobbes who refused to take a limo because he is a “man of the people.” He’s been recruited to read a poem at the inauguration. Hobbes isn’t in a hurry to get back to his hotel, he has Stevie drive him around the city so that he can be inspired.

Henry pays Russell a visit, he tells him about his cryptic meeting at the CIA. Henry thinks that Isis may have recruited the remaining member of the HS. Russell admits that the Illinois bomber had connections in both groups.

Russell explains that a man named Warren Lee owns the telephone company and won’t let the CIA get the terrorist’s phone records, so they are questioning everyone that was on the case. Henry decides that he is going to talk to Warren Lee himself and get the phone records.

It doesn’t take long until word of the horse gets out, and the animal rights activists are protesting. Word on the internet is that Elizabeth is sending the horse to its death over a diplomatic dispute. They throw manure at Blake and write “Horse Killer” on his car.

Elizabeth gets a phone call from Prime Minister Chen from China – he heard about the horse, he wants to remind Elizabeth that the United States is not to get involved in China’s issues with Mongolia. Elizabeth reassures him she is not keeping the horse from Mongolia.

Dalton and Russell meet with Sam Evans, they point out how ridiculous his lawsuit is and the odds of him winning and Dalton being removed from the office is slim to none. Dalton invites Sam to come on board at the White House as the Secretary of Commerce. Evans laughs off their offer, he says the only way he will drop the lawsuit is if they make him Secretary of State.

It turns out Elizabeth’s new horse is way more problematic than she thought. Not only is China upset that she accepted the horse from Mongolia. Now, Russia is getting involved. Russia hacked the animal rights’ website and leaked the info that Elizabeth was a “horse killer” because they want her to defy China and keep the horse.

Stevie has a tough time completing her first task for Russell Jackson. It turns out that Hobbes is a huge fan of Scotch. He drags Stevie to a bar, and proceeds to get drunk. Stevie calls her boyfriend Jareth for help – Hobbes is passed out at the bar, the inauguration is in less than 24 hours, and Hobbes still hasn’t wrote the poem he is supposed to read.

Henry tracks down Warren Lee and talks to him man to man. It turns out that Warren is a huge fan of the 4th Amendment, and he isn’t interested in budging and letting the government access his clients phone records – even if they may be terrorists.

Elizabeth is having second thoughts about putting Allison in charge of her dress for the inaugural ball. It’s a clear gown with a few gaudy flowers on it. It looks like the inaugural ball is shaping up to be one interesting event. Meanwhile, Jareth and Stevie are trying to tuck drunk Hobbes in to bed.

Russell refuses to let Sam Evans ruin Dalton’s presidency. So, he has a secret meeting with Evans. He shows Evans the file they got about Sam’s future Alzheimer’s Disease, which he withheld during the election. Russell threatens to leak the file if Evans goes through with the lawsuit. The next day, Sam Evans announces in a life broadcast that he has decided to drop the lawsuit.

Everything seems to be back on track. Allison helps Elizabeth pick a much more appropriate dress for the inauguration. Elizabeth and Henry head to the inaugural ball, when they arrive they get more good news. Henry’s trip to see Warren Lee paid off, he agreed to let the government access the phone records.

And, Nadine and her team found a suitable home for the infamous horse in Cuba.
Everyone takes their seats and Hobbes delivers a beautiful poem.