Mariah’s World Recap 1/8/17: Season 1 Episode 5 “Catching Feelings”


Tonight on Bravo and E! their new reality show Mariah’s World premieres with an all-new Sunday, January 8, 2017, episode and we have your Mariah’s World recap below! On tonight’s Mariah’s World Season 1 episode 5 episode as per the Bravo and E! synopsis, “Mariah gets to bond with her road family when she rents a big home for everyone to share in Lake Como in Italy. But it proves tricky for Tanaka to keep her feelings in check in such close quarters.”

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Mariah’s World begins tonight with 13 cities finished on the tour and another 14 to go. Mariah and the group take the kids to an indoor playground in Stockholm, Sweden. She admits that she understands people think of how great her lifestyle is but they have no clue about her life.

When she thinks of her career and life she looks at these close-knit families and a lot of family members where people just have each others back regardless; she thinks that is amazing and says its hard when you don’t necessarily have that.

Mariah is talking with her friend, Josefin talking about how they all lived on mattresses on a floor about a place called Rascals in New York and there were disgusting flies there, a lot of water damage that ruined her favorite teddy bear. Josefin would get Mariah waitress jobs but it wasn’t very good and she’d always get fired. Mariah admits that she doesn’t have the ideal relationships with her family, so she tries to create them with people she meets. She wants to make it very clear she isn’t talking about her mother.

Mariah is heard yelling, asking who wants to make Anthony feel bad for being late? The crew are drinking and taking shots talking about the second half of their tour. Mariah is holding Anthony’s hand saying she needs to get some sleep and he complains that she doesn’t spend any time with her dancers other than on stage. Anthony states that she is a superstar and she needs to make the crew around her feel comfortable and welcome; Mariah doesn’t understand that.

Mariah is sitting on the couch beside Bryan Tanaka, lip syncing to one of her songs and he is blushing. Tanaka says he loves Mariah, she is thoughtful and inspiring; there is something unique about her and she is a queen. Mariah says she has known Tanaka for a long time. He is just a real person she can relate to and they have the best time together.

Anthony tells Mariah that Tanaka had to get off the couch because he got scared. She tells him to shut up and not say that. She gets up too.

G. Madison and Tanaka are practicing together. Tanaka tells him he is catching some hard feelings about Miss Mariah. Madison says he is keeping his mouth shut as Tanaka feels their chemistry is not just professional and their connection is so much more than the professional one as her dancer for the past 10 years. He says he has never crossed the line before and wouldn’t now if it didn’t feel the way it does now.

Madison tells him when he sees them together, part of him wants to protect him and pull him away because he is flying high and has a great career and doesn’t want him to lose out on anything. He doesn’t want him to throw his career away because timing is everything. Mariah is in a tough position too, for her to even acknowledge what she feels for him could complicate everything. Tanaka says Mariah is engaged so maybe he is just tripping; Madison tells him that maybe he is spot on.

Mariah says she calls her fans “Lambs” because she feels so close to them. Her lyrics talk about true life things and when someone else applies it to their life, they share a bond. Her fans are kind of like her family. Fans share that Mariah’s songs are a soundtrack to their lives. She says that feels amazing.

Anthony shares that the dancers spend time together away from the stage because it gives them a chance to connect and vibe together. He says his team needs to be on the same page so there is no missing piece of the puzzle.

For Tanaka’s birthday they give him a bottle of alcohol in the shape of a penis. Mariah has decided to do something festive for him. When they are in Riga, Latvia Tanaka feels like him and Mariah are meant to be together. Mariah is admonishing her people because they didn’t tell her where they are. She tells the cameras that just because she didn’t pay attention in school, doesn’t mean people shouldn’t pay attention. She kept calling Latvia, Lithuania.

At Tanaka’s birthday party, Mariah pours a bottle of champagne down his chest and body. He says she is the best boss in the world, she fixes his hair and puts a party hat on his head. Mariah rents a huge house in Lake Como, Italy for her crew.

Tanaka says he is single right now and he is looking for that special one. Tanaka is asked if there is someone on tour he has feelings for, he smiles and doesn’t answer. Mariah says she is happy they have reconnected.

In Lake Como, Tanaka says the house reminds him of the movie Scarface; Mariah is laughing. She comes into her bedroom and hopes her Apple TV is working. She is excited she can watch cameras all night long, then jokes for them to turn them off. The dancers go to explore the house. Mariah can’t wait for everyone to leave so she can enjoy her bathtub.

Anthony and Mariah share a great bond too, he admits it took her a long time to trust him with the lift and now she is always telling him to lift her up and put her down. Mariah jumps on them like its a double dare and there are times it comes close to her smashing her head. She thinks its very important for her to spend more time with her dancers.

Mariah and her dancing crew and friends enjoy the view of the sunrise together, with Anthony carrying her out to the patio. Tanaka is freaking out about being in the same house with Mariah. He wants to tell her how he feels but doesn’t want to cross the boundaries, so he knows this isn’t going to be easy.

Mariah loves being on the road and being with super talented people she considers family. It is after 5 in the morning when she decides to turn in.

Anthony brings the dancers together and tells them they need to start rehearsing for Las Vegas. He needs Tanaka to be his assistant and informs them they really need to get rehearsing in Africa too and Madison says it is going to be amazing. They say Mariah is on fire making everyone more comfortable.

Anthony says its very important that she is hanging with them right now, interacting with them more. Anthony tells them that the moves they do when they are drinking, they need to use for ideas. Madison says if they don’t pick her up and put her down, she is going to remember that. The dancers cheers to never dropping the queen.

Stella is sitting outside with Kristofer and Danielle. She cannot believe how chaotic this trip is and doesn’t like how close certain people are acting. Stella and Danielle are talking about how cheeky Tanaka is becoming with Mariah, Kristofer doesn’t know what they mean.

Danielle says it’s the way he looks at her and Stella says he is looking at Mariah like she is supper. Kristofer says it is very clear that Mariah is engaged. Stella says some people have ripped up that memo and Tanaka needs to simmer a little. Stella asks if she needs to talk to Mariah about it and Danielle says no because it will take Mariah out of her head space and make her worry about that instead of the show. Stella says it is a distraction.

Everyone at the house is wearing wigs, including the men, dressing up like Mariah for one night and doing Karaoke! Mariah decides to shake things up and arrives to the gathering in a black wig calling herself Bianca Storm; everyone is laughing. She tells Tanaka she loves him as Bianca, and he tells everyone she has a fine butt. Anthony performs in a pink dress and everyone is dying of laughter. Mariah applauds.

Stella is again saying that Tanaka has a little crush on Mimi (Mariah) and she doesn’t blame him because of the chemistry they have on stage could easily blur the line. Anthony says when you tour, your body gets fatigued and you could easily get hurt. That night Tanaka was doing a twirl with Mariah and Madison claims to hear a loud, hollow smack, and Tanaka believes he tore his ACL; he is taken to the hospital.

Tanaka returns and is told he shouldn’t even be walking on his leg. He has two crutches and is told he has to miss at least 10 days. He is disappointed because he is a dancer and cannot hold up his end of the deal. He was there for Mariah and part of a team that he feels he is letting down.

Mariah is very worried about Tanaka as she is off to do a show. Stella tells her to stop being so dramatic and have a great show. Madison tells the other dancer about hearing Tanaka’s knee low out. Anthony scrambles how to put the show together with only 5 dancers.

Danielle comes to see Stella, and they both think they jinxed Tanaka. Danielle says she is scared and blames it on Stella, who says she isn’t scared but she is speechless saying Tanaka’s crush was getting out of control and this was universe’s way of telling him to take a seat. Danielle agrees saying it had to happen. Danielle asks if this is “goodbye” Tanaka and Stella says she doesn’t know what to do; but he needs to go home and its a blessing in disguise.

Just before the concert, the dancers are nervous about performing with only five dancers. When Mariah comes home she comes to see Tanaka to see how he is doing, She says Anthony did a great job without Tanaka. She is really concerned with Tanaka and his injury. He doesn’t want to leave because of what is happening between him and Mariah.

It is their last night in Lake Como, and Stella says it is also Tanaka’s last night with them. Together the adults and children are making homemade pizza. Mariah is doing it in lingerie, and some people don’t like it but she says this is what she wears and who cares. Mariah’s son Moroccan sits on his lap telling him he doesn’t want to see him hurt. Tanaka is upset he is hurt and more upset that he has to go home. Mariah is quietly observing him with her child.

Mariah goes with Stella to speak in private. Mariah tells her that as a dancer it is very scary to be injured and says she needs to be a generous person and not tell him to go home. He injured himself on her tour, and as talent dancing is his gift. Stella says she is very kind and amazing and admits she planned to send him on the next plane home. Stella agrees that this is Mariah’s World, so they need to do what she wants. Stella says that Mariah wants to keep him around like a broken bird. She tells Mariah it is very romantic and Mariah says its scandalous. Mariah tells her she loves her and leaves.