Meghan Markle to Choose Kate Middleton as Maid-of-Honor For Prince Harry Wedding?

Meghan Markle to Choose Kate Middleton as Maid-of-Honor For Prince Harry Wedding?

Meghan Markle is being urged to choose Kate Middleton as her Maid-of-Honor for her upcoming wedding to Prince Harry. There’s a new report that says Prince Harry’s girlfriend might ask the Duchess of Cambridge to be her right-hand woman in order to keep the wedding a royal family affair.

While many royal observers believe that picking Kate Middleton as her Maid-of-Honor would be a tasteful move, there’s a slim chance that Meghan will actually agree to it. After all, she’s got plenty of close friends and Hollywood pals she can choose for the role instead. She surely doesn’t want to pick Kate Middleton as her Maid-of-Honor simply because it will look good for the British royal family. She’s got her best friend Lindsay Roth or even actress Priyanka Chopra that she can count on.

But then again, it’s no secret that Queen Elizabeth is no fan of Hollywood. The last thing she would want to see is a bunch of C-list celebrities and television stars treat the royal wedding like another Hollywood party. But that might be the case, especially if Meghan insists on inviting all of her friends from Los Angeles and Toronto along with the cast and crew of her hit legal drama, Suits. There’s no doubt they won’t want to miss the royal wedding of the year.

Meghan Markle to Choose Kate Middleton as Maid-of-Honor For Prince Harry Wedding?

Plus, Meghan barely even knows Kate Middleton. Sure, they’ve met a few times, including at Pippa Middleton’s wedding back in May, but no one knows how much time they actually spent getting to know one another. To complicate matters even more, Kate Middleton is currently pregnant with her third child. No one knows if the Duchess will even agree to the role, given her current state. She might not want to wear a Maid-of-Honor dress while she’s eight months pregnant or worse, be forced to look her best right after she gives birth. With three small children under the age of 5, the Duchess has other important matters to take care of in her life.

So far Prince Harry has not made any comments about his wedding plans or his future with Meghan Markle for that matter. Although fans know that there’s a good chance the two will get married sooner rather than later. In the meantime, don’t forget to check back with CDL for all the latest news and updates on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle along with the entire royal family right here.

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    Hope Middleton doesn’t upstage the Markle by going commando or “accidently” tucking the back of her dress into her pantyhose.

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