Once Upon a Time Recap 4/2/17: Season 6 Episode 15 “A Wondrous Place”

Once Upon a Time Recap 4/2/17: Season 6 Episode 15 "A Wondrous Place"

Tonight on ABC their popular fantasy drama Once Upon A Time returns for an all-new Sunday, April 2, 2017, episode and we have your Once Upon A Time recap below. On tonight’s OUAT season 6 episode 15 “A Wondrous Place”  as per the ABC synopsis, “Hook’s (Colin O’Donoghue) trapped in another realm along with the Nautilus’ crew, so Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) try to get Emma’s mind off of Hook’s disappearance. Meanwhile, in a flashback, Jasmine befriends Ariel and they search for Prince Eric as the threat from Jafar intensifies.”

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David is having a hard time processing that Hook killed his father. Emma tries to console him. Hook has taken off on the ship. Meanwhile, there is trouble on the ship.

Present Day in the Enchanted Forest

Jasmine is searching through the forest with the Alladin. He tries to kiss her but she turns away. She is upset that she has failed Agrabah. She knows what she has to do.

Flash back to the past, she is in the castle with her father and several gentleman suitors sitting at a round table. She tells her father that she wants to marry for love, but her father reminds her that as a princess, duty comes first. She tells him that she wants to marry Alladin. Agrabah will be destroyed if she doesn’t marry the evil prince by sun down. Back to present day, Jasmine and Alladin are in a boat in the middle of the ocean. They are attacked by an octopus. Hook shows up in time to save them.

David and Emma are working at the station. Regina arrives. She wants a ladies night out with Emma and Snow. She knows Emma is hurting. She tells her she can’t run from this. Emma explains that Hook was the one that ran.

Back on the ship, the captain instructs the crew. Hook needs the blood of a kraken to get back home to Emma. Unless, Jasmine can lend him a wish. She explains that they need to find Jafar, but she is scared. He ruined her life. Hook thinks he can find and convince Jafar into helping them.

Emma is putting Hook’s things away. She gets a phone call. She is called to a fight at a bar. Regina and Snow are there. Regina tricked her. She hands her a drink. On board the ship, Hook is starring into the sea. Jasmine asks him if he helps. She can tell he misses home. He tells her he does miss Storybrooke and Emma. She feels like she doesn’t deserve Alladin or love.

Hook used to feel like that. His guilt was cowardice. Jasmine thinks she is a coward and maybe she has always been. Flash back to Jasmine’s past. She is the market. She interrupts a man robbing a woman. He pulls her necklace off to take. She turns into a mermaid. Jasmine helps her, returning the necklace which returns Ariel’s legs. Ariel is looking for a prince. Jasmine wants to know who she is. She wants to help her find him. They ride a magic carpet together to look for the prince. They spot him.

Hook is working on calculations when Alladin comes in. He is looking for Jasmine. Something is happening with the ship. The captain come in. They are all going to die. Jasmine brings in her magic lamp. She has an idea. She asks the genie to grant her a wish, to bring them to the island that Hook has spoken of.

The girls at are at the bar drinking in silence. Regina tries to get her to open up. Several Vikings are trying to sneak out without paying. Snow calls them on.

Hook and the crew make it safely to the island. They spot a Tiki bar. They go in. No one is in there. Jasmine spots a familiar glass bottle that was Jafar’s. Jasmine knows who lives her. It’s Ariel’s home. She comes home and is happy to see them. Jasmine tells her she needs her help.

Flash back to the past, Jasmine and Ariel land the magic carpet. Jasmine tells her to go get her prince. She finds him and tells him about her identity, she is a mermaid. He accepts her for who she is. He quickly changes from Eric to Jafar, Jasmine’s nemesis. Jasmine tells her to stand back. He tells her that she only has so much time to except his offer or her city is in trouble.

Present day, Jasmine summons Jafar to Ariel’s. He knocks out all of them except for Jasmine. She is scared. Back to the past, she tells Jafar she will marry him as long as he doesn’t destroy her home. To present day. Jafar has a score to settle with her. He laughs at her love for Alladin. She wants to know where Agrabah is. He tells her it is at her fingertips, the ring. He wants the ring. She refuses. She throws the glass bottle of red powder in his face.

Emma talks to the bartender. They talk about love and her loss, someone she thought she knew. She cries. She finally let it out, telling Regina she finally got what she wanted. She needs to move on.

Hook sits in front of the fire. Jasmine is sorry she couldn’t tell him get home. She managed to get Agrabah back. They are all in Jasmine’s city celebrating. Alladin is free. She wants to show them her world.

Emma brings Hook’s things to the shed when she gets home. She finds something. It’s Hook trying to send her a message that Gideon has caused him to be stranded, he is trying to find his way home. There is hope!