Princess Beatrice Dismisses Body Shamers: Laughs Off Critics and Comments

Princess Beatrice Dismisses Body Shamers: Laughs Off Critics and Comments

Princess Beatrice recently revealed that she doesn’t let her haters get the best of her. As a matter of fact, the young royal admitted that she often dismisses her body shamers by laughing off her critics and their comments.

During a recent event at the House of Lords to promote the Be Cool Be Nice anti-bullying book, Beatrice told Vogue Magazine that she doesn’t let every single unkind word about her weight and her fashion choices pull her down. In fact, she says that she’s so used to all of the things that body shamers say about her online. She’s also well aware of the negative publicity she gets for the bizarre outfits she often wears during her royal engagements and public appearances.

Beatrice told the publication, “My experience was about growing up and living in a very public life and living in an overexposed environment. So that’s from being 18 and struggling with your weight to what fashion choices you are wearing. When everyone else was saying ‘you look ridiculous,’ you have to have a sense of humor.”

Princess Beatrice Dismisses Body Shamers: Laughs Off Critics and Comments

At this point, many royal fans believe that the only thing Princess Beatrice can do is laugh off her critics as there’s no way that she can stop them from criticizing her often ill-fitting and questionable outfits in public. For Princess Beatrice and her sister Princess Eugenie, it’s their way of getting attention and making sure that their names are in the headlines. But at the same time, many royal observers believe that Beatrice has been trying to prove to everyone that she is proud of her curves. That’s because she’s been spotted wearing figure-hugging and tight, shorter dresses now more than ever before.

But then again, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are often compared to Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton. And unfortunately, many critics have said time and time again that the two women can’t hold a candle next to the Duchess. Kate Middleton is considered one of the most stylish women in the world, as many of her dresses and outfits sell out within minutes of her wearing them in public. This has never happened for Beatrice and Eugenie and according to critics, never will. They just don’t have the timeless style, the grace or even the beauty that Kate has.

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