Queen Elizabeth’s Speech To Parliament Delayed: The Real Reason Why

Queen Elizabeth's Speech To Parliament Delayed: The Real Reason Why

Queen Elizabeth’s speech to the Parliament was delayed. It’s been delayed by a few days because of the government’s inability to reach a deal with Northern Ireland’s DUP, as originally reported by Royal Central.

This decision would give them a majority in Parliament. The State of the Parliament was to take place on Monday, June 19 But, it does not look like the government will not receive a speech from Queen Elizabeth during that time. However, the Royal Ascot meeting is still scheduled from Tuesday, June 20 to Saturday, June 24.

This delay also means that the Royal Ascot race meetings may not happen. Queen Elizabeth had some influence on whether to give her speech on June 19. She didn’t want to miss out on her favorite races of the year. As of right now, the election results have thrown everything up in the air. But, experts have told the Daily Star that the Queen will just postpone her talks and make time for the Royal Ascot races. Bookie Betway believes the Queen doesn’t want to miss out on watching her races.

Queen Elizabeth's Speech To Parliament Delayed: The Real Reason Why

That means her speech could be delayed for June 26. The “Royal Ascot is hugely important to the Queen,” according to Betway spokesperson Alan Alger. It’s likely that she will reschedule her speech for another time so she can enjoy the races. If she were to reschedule her speech for next week, then she would miss out on one day of the races. That’s why she wants to reschedule for June 26, just a few days after the races.

Queen Elizabeth has never missed a full day of the races since her coronation in June 1953. Back in 2001, the Queen went to the racecourse right after her speech so she can catch the first race. In the meantime, she took a train to re-enact Queen Victoria’s first ride by railroad, 175 years later.

The Queen and Prince Philip took that very same route that Queen Victoria did back in 1842. Queen Elizabeth was just spotted driving Kate Middleton and her mother, Carole, in her signature Range Rover on the Balmoral property last year. She still drives her Range Rover to this day.

Queen Elizabeth's Speech To Parliament Delayed: The Real Reason Why

What are your thoughts, CDL readers? Do you think the Queen should cancel her time at the races just so she can give a speech to Parliament? Or, do you think she has every right to postpone her speech? Sound off below in the comments section and check back with CDL for more royals news and updates here.

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  • Bubbly

    So, screw the country! Let’s watch some stinky animals racing each other, eh? If that’s the excuse, than she should quit her job (of being the queen) and go to the races and do as she pleases on her time, not the tax payers.