Reign Recap 3/31/17: Season 4 Episode 7 “Hanging Swords”

Reign Recap 3/31/17: Season 4 Episode 7 "Hanging Swords"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Friday, March 17, season 4 episode 6 called “Highland Games,” and we have your weekly Reign recap below. On tonight’s Reign’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Lord Darnley must prove himself to Mary in order to get her to accept his marriage proposal. Elsewhere, Catherine and Narcisse have to do damage control after rumors spread regarding Charles’ eccentric behavior.

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Reign begins tonight Queen Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) upset that the English Ambassador brought back the assassin’s corpse as per Queen Mary’s (Adelaide Kane) orders.

She says Mary blames her for the assassination attempt on Lord Darnley (Will Kemp), and his failure to eliminate Darnley has caused her public embarrassment. She orders him to give her reason to invade Scotland; because if Mary marries Darnley, they will raise an army she cannot beat.

Mary shows Greer (Celina Sinden) the perfect place to marry. Greer reminds her its not suitable for her wedding, which is a huge political event. After Mary explains how much danger her and Darnely are in, Greer understands how appealing it would be for them to run away together.

Lord Chancellor Narcisse (Criag Parker) approaches Catherine (Megan Follows) telling her they have a problem. He assures her it is worse than King Charles (Spencer MacPherson) missing and giving his crown away to a peasant.

Queen Leesa (Anastasia Phillips) is drafting a letter saying Charles abdicated the throne and since his younger brother Henry is not ready to be King, Narcisse believes King Philip of Spain will make their own bid for the throne.

If King Philip were to succeed, France would simply become a Spanish territory. Catherine says as long as Charles is missing he cannot sign anything, Narcisse says Leesa has all the guards searching the countryside for him.

She is reminded that Charles didn’t just run away from his duty, but also from her so she shouldn’t be the one searching for him. She tells Narcisse he is coming with her, but he should have no doubt that she will be the one who will bring him back.

Mary is arguing with her brother James (Dan Jeannotte) over the land she has just taken from him to give to Darnley, which bring in enough income for him to have a title high enough to marry her. She says she will compensate him for everything he will lose by giving the land to Darnley.

James says it has nothing to do with the land or the horse, this has to do with her being with someone he never approved for her to begin with. He says Darnley is not a good man, even willing to set a building on fire, only to rescue the occupants and look like a hero. Mary defends Darnley.

Darnley confronts his mother, Lady Lennox (Nola Auguston) for forging a letter from Keira (Sara Garcia); he tells her she has ruined any chance of him being happy, saying she was the love of his life. He admits he cares for Mary and doesn’t want to ruin what their upcoming marriage means to both of them.

He says Keira is staying at an inn until he decides what to do. Lady Lennox tells him there is nothing for him to decide, if her husband finds out she came there he will have her jailed for adultery and the Queen of Scotland will be humiliated; he will lose everything and orders him to send Keira home.

Elizabeth comes to see Gideon (Ben Geurens) and his daughter, Agatha (Macy Drouin). He says today she has a surge of energy thanks to the pain medication, but its only temporary. He says he feels helpless, she approaches Agatha and asks her if she would like to play Queen with her.

They walk down the halls and everyone stands at attention, when Agatha likes it, they are told to do it again. She learns her father is even her subject and must obey her every command. She makes him dance than piggy-back ride her to the library.

Darnley is asked to see Mary; she surprises him with the lands that once belonged to his family. She tells him how angry her brother is and at how much he sacrificed. Darnley says no one has sacrificed more than her. She asks him to reassure her that this is more than political and they have a chance to be happy. He says she doesn’t deserve him.

Narcisse and Catherine arrive at a farm where King Charles has been staying, Charles is rude to his mother at the table and the farmer tells him that they do not treat their guests like that. Charles admits he has found a love for the freedom there and peace, that is why he stayed. Catherine demands that he return to his true duty as king, he tells her she doesn’t even care that her son is happy.

James and Mary get into another argument as she continues to defend Darnley. James warns her that when no one is around he is a much different person, the stable staff have seen it. He tells her that he doesn’ t like that Mary is falling for him and that he is such a risk. She appreciates his concern but must do this if they want to win England and so what if she can find some happiness in it?

Keira is in Darnley’s room when he returns and he tells her that he is engaged and about to become King, he refuses to give up everything he has and tells her he will not take her as a mistress either. She kisses him and he tells her no one can ever know, as he undresses her.

After they make love, he wishes she could stay because she makes him feel stronger. He tells her to wait for him at the inn, he can’t let her leave without seeing her again.

As Charles plays with the children, Catherine says she has never seen him so happy. She wishes there was a part of her that could let him stay, they are interrupted by the farmer’s daughter, Nicole (Ann Pirvu) who seems to have quite a bond with Charles. Narcisse tells her if she can convince Charles to return, they’d happily bring her along.

Back in England, Elizabeth and Gideon put Agatha to bed and discover she stole one of the small warships from the map. She noticed some were pointed at Scotland and asks if Queen Mary had hurt her. She says if she were queen she would want everyone to live in peace; Elizabeth says she would make a wise ruler.

Queen Elizabeth is walking down the corridor when the Ambassador informs her of border skirmish where English blood was drawn; giving her a justifiable reason to strike back. She orders him to let her know when troops are in position and on her order, they will invade.

Mary meets with James, offering him lands owned by Lord Bothwell (Adam Croasdell). Bothwell claims he was too sick to meet with her but James brings her to the tavern, Mary goes in by herself as James is called out for another task. The guard tells James they have found something at the village inn.

Once they are at the inn, James says he will take care of it himself. He first greets hi stallion that Lord Darnley has taken from him. James catches Darnley in bed with Keira.

Without a word, James leaves the inn with Darnley chasing him. James is furious that Darnely would even suggest he cares about Mary’s feelings. Darnley makes a good point that Mary needs him; James says he will not allow his sister to marry him while he carries on an affair. Darnley promises to end it; James says he will keep this secret but if he betrays Mary again, he will pay with his life.

Mary finds Bothwell playing cards in the back room, she says he needs to give her brother James access to his port. He agrees with James that she should not marry Darnley, even though they can’t stand each other. They bargain, but in the end, he won’t trade but the Lords he was playing cards with have heard their negotiations and are willing to bargain with her.

Gideon and Agatha arrive by parade, once they arrive she gives her doll to the kitchen girl explaining that she won’t need it for much longer. She asks Elizabeth and Gideon what it’s going to be like when she is gone from there?

Gideon choked up, so Elizabeth quickly jumped in saying Queens are chosen by God, so she has already been in heaven. It is so much better than a castle and her mother will be there to pick her up in her arms and hold her tight.

Once she is with her mother, nothing will ever hurt her again and she never needs to be afraid. She will not see her father but she will feel how much he loves her. She hugs Elizabeth before she walks away, Gideon looking at Elizabeth with a sense of new respect for her.

Charles is back on his throne where his sister Leesa is trying dethrone him. He confesses that he did run from his duties as King, but while he was gone he learned that he was born to be King, he accepts who he is and will not abdicate.

When Leesa protests saying she will bring in the Pope to decide who should rule France, Charles stands up and says she has no authority over him, neither does the Catholic church as he isn’t Catholic. He proudly stands, saying he is a Protestant; Leesa calls him a heretic.

Charles reminds his mother and Narcisse in private the King Henry VIII split from the Catholic church in England and so can he. Narcisse says Nicole and her family should be burnt at the stake. Charles refuses to go see Leesa to recant his statement as he is not going to lie about his beliefs. He say what his sister thinks is of no consequence to him, but Catherine pleads saying he will tear this country apart. He coldly says if that is the price of progress, then so be it!

Mary runs into James at the castle, giving him papers that give him access to ports that will make up for his loss. James is grateful for her generosity but still hates Darnley’s character. James admits that Darnley offers her many things: an heir, a chance at the English throne but he can’t give her the one thing she truly deserves, happiness.

Leesa is quickly packing her stuff, to return to Spain. She says being a Protestantism is a disease and Spain is the cure. She is willing to go as far as have Spain remove her brother from the throne. Catherine warns Leesa if that is what she plans to do, she will start a civil war since most of France’s nation is Protestant.

Leesa attempts to walk away from Catherine, who grabs her saying this is about punishing her, not Catholicism. Leesa says she deserves it as nothing can make up for the sins of her past. Catherine pleads with her to tell her what she can do now to make things right.

Narcisse retrieves to his chambers to find a naked Nicole in his bed; he tells her she is in the wrong room. She says being with Charles has its perks but the more she is learning about life at court, she’d much rather get to know him better.

She reveals that he should be interested in her because Charles listens to her and she could persuade him to listen to Narcisse, but he needs to make it worth it for her; she demands lots of gold. Narcisse seems intrigued with her.

Back in the “war room” in England, Elizabeth seems deep in thought when Gideon arrives, announcing Agatha is sleeping. He thanks her for the words she shared with his young daughter, when he couldn’t speak.

Elizabeth shares that her picture of heaven was in her own mind because she grew up with a sword hanging over her head and never knew when they were going to come for her and at any moment she could be slain. She told herself the same story so she wouldn’t be afraid.

Gideon shows compassion when he tells her that fear is what shaped her into the Queen she is today. Elizabeth says when she sees Agatha facing death with such strength and courage, she wonders if she will every be that strong; Gideon says she IS that strong and has far more courage than she knows. She hopes he is right, as she places the warship back on the map facing Scotland.

Mary is having her wedding dress altered but Greer can’t help and comment how unhappy she looks. Mary denies it, but admits that her conversation with James was odd because it seemed like he knew something he wasn’t saying. Greer reminds her that James is just unhappy that she is marrying someone he disapproves of. Someone arrives with a letter for Mary, its from the “loyal watchman”, who always tells the truth but has never been good news.

In the kitchen, Elizabeth has changed her mind about invading Scotland. She asks the Ambassador about being afraid in the dark, she says it would be foolish to let their childhood fears govern them as adults; admitting Mary has not done anything against her, and to attack her would be acting like a scared little girl. She orders them to stand down as she will not be remembered as the queen who drew first blood.

She is presented with a blueberry pie, which Agatha has been begging for since it was her favorite. Blueberries were out of season, but she got some from Portugal and says its true that a queen can do whatever she wants.

When she comes to present Agatha with the pie, she learns that the little girl passed away during the night. Elizabeth goes to the chapel and holds a broken-hearted Gideon, both crying over Agatha’s death.

Just as Leesa is about to get into her carriage she turns to her mother and hopes they have come to an understanding; Catherine says they have. Narcisse approaches Catherine and tells her the farm girl, Nicole may want more than a day in court and they might have to get rid of her.

Catherine says not yet; if she has Charles’ ear, they will need her for the task to come. She reveals the deal she made with Leesa is to remove Charles from the throne and replace him with his very Catholic brother, Henry. Her punishment is that there will be a civil war, until one of her sons is dead; this is what Leesa wants.

Darnley comes into the room saying whatever Mary wants for the wedding, she can have; that is how good of a husband he will be. She turns to him about the seating arrangements saying it appears they have another guest. Where should they seat Lady Keira White?

She tells him not to deny he is having an affair. He admits that Keira is the love of his life, and they were torn apart by a lie but she is married and they don’t have a future; his life is with her. Mary calls herself stupid and she can’t trust him. He has ruined everything they had and could have been.

Darnley says if she gives up on this marriage she is losing so much more than he is. She doesn’t love him and never will, so what does it matter? He says he knows she wants England and she won’t lose that chance over one indiscretion.

She says IF she marries him it will be for the good of Scotland and the promise of England and nothing more. He will be her husband in name only, they will never be happy and she will never forgive him, Mary leaves him standing and walks away.