Scorpion Recap 3/20/17: Season 3 Episode 20 “Broken Wind”

Scorpion Recap 3/20/17: Season 3 Episode 20 "Broken Wind"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama/comedy Scorpion airs with an all-new Monday, March 20, 2017, episode and we have your Scorpion recap below!  On tonight’s Scorpion season 3 episode 20 as per the CBS synopsis, “While on a mission to repair a turbine at a wind farm, the team must race to save Paige and Happy before the cable holding the gondola they are in snaps and sends them plummeting to the ground.”

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Sly is presented with the stone of valor by his buddies after saving the Warlock’s Chest. In the middle of their ceremony, a soda delivery comes in. From the warehouse, the team watches in awe. Paige offers to help Happy with her to-do list for the wedding. Paige drops a hint at being the maid of honor. Happy sets her straight, they aren’t having best men or maids of honor. The team all starts arguing about how they are the perfect candidate. They want to know who Toby would pick. A bell rings, Happy’s test is ready. Saving Toby from hurting anyone’s feelings.

Happy has prepped a system that will assist their next job at the department of energy – a wind farm. Cabe questions of Walt should see the DOE, he had it out with them before. Paige thinks he will be fine. On to the farms, Sly links in to the control area. The rest of the team is ready to begin the installation process in the control room. In the midst of all of this, the guys are all arguing still about who would be the best man.

Out in the fields, Sly gives Cabe a robe to be knighted after his contribution to the Warlock. Cabe politely turns him down. Sly is sad. The team finishes up in the control room. A gondola goes haywire and hits Happy and Paige who are in a gondola checking on Happy’s progress. Their gondola is hanging by one cable with the end fastened by a large instrument Walter stuck in the wheel to stop it. It’s slipping quickly. The two could crash to the ground. The guys need to think fast.

There is no rescue chopper available. They can’t get them down so Walter thinks they need to get them up by creating a winch to lift them. Happy thinks it could work. They need 5 ft. of cable. The guys get to work trying to save them. Sly is going to build a balloon with the natural gas lines surrounding them. Walter and Toby are building the winch. To distract them, Paige tries to get Happy to go over her to do list. Happy doesn’t want to. Paige is insulted. She thinks Happy doesn’t see her as a friend. They start to fight.

The clock is ticking. The guys start to fight too. Toby calls Sly a tool. Sly and Cabe finish their mission. Its up to Toby or Walter to grab the balloon somehow. They ate yards up, it’s dangerous. Walter offers since Toby is getting married. Tobu grabs on to Walt’s belt loop. He manages to grab the balloon. They fall back to safety. The start the process, securing the cables and getting the winch to catch. The gondola drops down but then begins going up. Paige gives Happy a piece of her mind as they are brought to safety. The gondola comes to a halt. It’s awkward.

Sly figures out that they have 18 minutes before the gondola gives. Walt wants to cut the gondola loose. The cable is so thick, Cabe wants to shoot the cable off. They can’t cut it. They need to buy more time and get rid of any added weight. The girls start dumping anything they don’t need. Cabe arrives at the local gun shop to commander a rifle with his badge. The owner doesn’t care until he sees Sly’s stone of valor. Whatever Sly wants, he can have. Cabe is dumbfounded. They get the rifle.

The girls get on top of the gondola. They climb up to give Cabe clearance to shoot. Cabe takes three shots, the third is a charm. The gondola drops. They swing like a pendulum. They need to hit the cable with an electrical current. Toby doesn’t like the idea. He doesn’t want to electrocute the girls, but is the only way to get them to hang on.

The girls make it up. They have burns on their fingers, but they are good. Happy thinks they worked together well. Paige knew a lot about physics too, something that kept them alive. Happy apologizes to Paige and tells her the truth. She doesn’t like being the center of attention. She is the girly type. She doesn’t want to get all dressed up. Paige doesn’t want to get her all dolled up, she just wants to help.

Back at the warehouse, the guys are still trying to win the spot of best man. Toby picks Paige. Happy is mad – she was going to ask her. Now the guys want to win the title of Happy’s maid of honor. She picks all three of them – her dudes of honor! Cabe offers to help Happy with her to do list. She thought he was supposed to go with Sly. Happy explains that he needs to go, Sly is trying to be his friend. Walter and Paige stay behind to work on the wedding together. Cabe shows up at Sly’s with the cloak. He plays with the guys after telling Sly he is his friend!