SEAL Team Recap 11/22/17: Season 1 Episode 8 “The Exchange”

Tonight on CBS their new military drama Seal Team airs with an all-new Wednesday, November 22, 2017, episode and we have your Seal Team recap below.  On tonight’s Seal Team season 1 episode 8, “The Exchange,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Jason and the team have mixed feelings when they are tasked with bringing home an American soldier who was captured after deserting, in exchange for detainees in Gitmo.”

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In Korengal Valley, Afghanistan March 2014, two soldiers are talking when they are interrupted by another soldier who is wondering where their relief is. They begin to wonder where Lucas Garner (Jake Lockett) is; they find him find him listening to music, pull off his headphones and order him to be on watch. He grabs his gear and heads towards his post, but he opens the gate and leaves, leaving his weapon and gear behind.

At the gym, Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot) admits to one of the guys, who is also waiting to be drafted that he hasn’t really thought about which team he is going to end up with. In the boardroom, Bravo team, which is Jason Hayes’ (David Boreanaz) team gets first to pick. Adam (Michael Irby) runs down the names of the graduates beginning with the top of the class Garrett Sarkisian, Clay Spenser, and Roger McAdams; the team is in disagreement over Clay as Jason says he is there to do his homework; Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr.) asks Jason if he will ever learn what his problem is with Clay. Jason calls him special ops royalty but Ray feels having Ash Spenser as a father doesn’t seem like such a privilege.

Jason and his team are met by Lt. Commander Eric Blackburn (Judd Lormand) who is with Mandy Ellis (Jessica Pare) and Scott (Corey Reynolds), general counsel for the secretary of defense. A photo of Lucas Garner is put on the screen, instantly Sonny Quinn (A.J. Buckley) calls him a traitor; Ellis says he was captured by the Taliban but the team says he gave up his post, but she says there are uncertain circumstances surrounding everything, but Scott assures them they will learn everything once they debrief him after they bring him home.

Jason says they have been on unsuccessful missions to find him, but Scott informs they negotiated a prisoner exchange for him; Sonny is furious they are exchanging 3 Taliban detainees for that “asshat” and it is going to happen on Pakistani land, as they brokered the deal. Scott says Brass feel ISI is their best “go-between” with the Taliban but Sonny says ISI is the Taliban, when Scott says they are overstating, Ellis says that ISI walked some of their rangers into an ambush. Blackburn says this is out of their hands but the secretary asked for them by name because he believes they can pull it off; Jason says they will just have to prove him right!

Ellis talks to the SEAL team, who feel they are being set up and Jason wonders if they can unstack the deck so it is in their favor; Scott agrees, as the ISI insisted on the exchange to happen in the daylight. They are to take Saquib (Alain Washnevsky), Omar Malik (Jonathan Avigdori) and Amir Ahak; Lisa Davis (Toni Trucks) says the prisoners are on-route and wheels go up as soon as they get there. When the team wants to go for a bite to eat before they leave, Blackburn says they cannot leave the base because they are worried about a leak.

Davis leaves the base, sneaking a couple of the team out who are desperate for some fried chicken. Meanwhile, Clay goes with Stella (Alona Tol) to check out apartments. Davis returns with the food and tells the guys she packed their bags with some extra stuff in case the operation goes sideways. She is informed that the prisoners just touched down and the MPS will escort them onto their plane; they are brought on with eye masks and earphones on, Sonny purposely bumps into one of them to see if he reacts but gets nothing.

Throughout the flight, Ellis watches the men sleep as Jason and Ray gather intel from her. Jason begins to question one of the prisoners, saying he wants this as easy as possible and if they respect them, his people will respect them back. Amir orders Malik, who is the most violent to be respectful. Davis reveals why Sonny is being so violent and angry about this operation; because the last time they went on a search mission for Garner, his partner Danny Cooper was severely hurt by the Taliban. Jason says Sonny will refocus or he will lose his job.

Clay and Stella move into the apartment, where they bicker for a few seconds until her way is clearly the right way. He finally comments on her top and as they are kissing, the neighbors open their door and Derek and Trish come out, Clay learning they are fellow teammates. Stella stares at the scars on his arms as he offers to help Clay move in; Trish quickly explains the scars and that after the first couple years it gets easier. Trish notices they are drinking beer without them and quickly joins them as Stella stays back.

The SEAL team is driving through the desert and Sonny wants to know if they are going to take Clay or not. Ray thinks Clay Spenser is a truly born gunfighter but Sonny says the only problem is he gives their boss Jason a red ass; Ray agrees if they keep butting heads it will interfere with their ability to operate. Amir talks about his family as Jason questions if by this time next week he will be shooting at them, or spending time with his family. Amir admits he is a warrior and if he sees him next week, he is his enemy and will kill him. He says Jason has treated him with honor and it would be shameful to lie to him.

Ellis shares with Davis how horrible interrogations were for her and the Taliban detainees. Davis tells them she keeps losing visual behind the clouds, Scott says there is no time for them to wait for safety. Blackburn informs the team they are going in blind, as Sonny mocks that their safety was their number one priority. Suddenly their vehicle is stopped by a military, Jason and Ray agree they need to set their prisoners loose. They are ordered out of the vehicles, Jason says they are on a diplomatic mission, but they recognize Taliban leaders and begin to beat them. Jason is able to talk his way out of it by pretending to talk to General Khan, the soldiers leave but Amir falls down to the ground from the beating.

Sonny says if they lose this guy it wouldn’t be such a bad thing, complaining how the government spends millions of dollars showing them how to kill these guys and now they are trying to save one. They are able to revive him but the meet is compromised and now they want to meet in the mountains. Ellis and Davis agree it is too dangerous but Scott says they are paid to kick down doors and not ask questions. Before they leave, Jason talks to Sonny telling him he knows about the operative with Cooper and orders him to keep it professional and get his priorities straight; their job is to get Garner and bring it home and leave it to the cake eaters what to do with him.

They trek through the mountains to the swap location they were given, as Ray and Sonny are out in the brush scoping out the area. Ray says he is sure they are there somewhere and Jason agrees, he tells them to stay awake. Amir acknowledges that Jason saved his life but wants to understand why he saved him. Amir says he is his enemy and he should have killed him. Ray informs Jason 3 vehicles are approaching them, several men with guns jump out of the truck, a total of 15 men armed. Jason confirms they have eyes on the target and visual identification is confirmed.

Ray suddenly sees several more men on the mountain ridge as Sonny says he told them not to trust these guys. Sonny points his gun at Lucas Garner’s head and says he is about to do everyone a favor, so no one has to go on a mission to look for him again. Ray says he will not tell anyone about his joke as he just informed him he planned on killing an unarmed serviceman; Sonny laughs and says, yeah, it was a joke!

The 3 detainees walk halfway but Garner hasn’t started walking towards them; Ray announces they have 5 more men on the other ridge now, in total there is at least 32 men that they can actually see. Sonny says him and Ray can take out at least 10-15 of the men before they begin to take cover but Jason tells them not to engage as he didn’t come halfway across the world to not bring Garner home. Garner begins to walk towards the team, Jason leans in and says he is there to bring him home. He nods to Amir and he tells Sonny and Ray he will meet them at the rally point.

On the flight back, Ray says Sonny was able to keep his cool; Jason said he knew that Amir understood him. Jason reveals the whole thing with Clay Spenser is he is a true believer who doesn’t know his own limitations; that gets people and themselves killed. Ray questions him passing up on that kind of talent. Sonny approaches Garner on the plane, asking how he is doing. He is dehydrated but will be okay. Lucas Garner tells Sonny it has been a long time since he has seen a friendly face and Sonny says his bar is pretty low on friendly. Garner says friendly is anyone who is not willing to cut off his head and thanks him for coming for him. Sonny says it is his job and walks away. Jason watches the exchange and as Sonny cheers him, Jason kicks him in the ass.

In the apartment, Clay is laying in bed with Stella, he rolls over and hands her a key, she thought it was something else but he says this way she can come and go. She kisses and thanks him. He wants her to know that this isn’t wanted she signed on for, but she denies that. She says she is there for him and not his job and he says he isn’t sure there is much of a distinction, wraps his arms around her and she rubs his arm over and over.

At the base, Sonny sits in his cage, makes a call but as soon as it rings he hangs up. He calls again but when it goes to voicemail, he leaves a message for Danny, saying he was on his mind lately and wants to see how he is doing and wants him to call him back. He hangs up and begins to rock himself and cry.

Clay is walking down the hallway when Jason passes him and says “8 a.m. tomorrow.” Clay asks if it’s his team. Jason tells him to bring beer… real beer… good beer… not that microbrew beer kids are drinking these days and it better be cold!!


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