Sister Wives Recap 1/1/17: Season 7 Episode 5 “Another Catfishing”

Sister Wives Recap 1/1/17: Season 7 Episode 5 "Another Catfishing"

TLC’s reality show about a polygamist family Sister Wives returns tonight with an all-new Sunday, January 1, 2017, season 7 episode 5 called “Another Catfishing” and we have your weekly Sister Wives recap below. On tonight’s Sister Wives season 7 episode 5 as per the TLC synopsis, “Meri’s catfishing catastrophe isn’t quite over; and new details about the incident make her relationship with Kody even worse. Meanwhile, Mariah has big news to share.”

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The catfish scandal wasn’t quite over for Meri. Meri was still trying to live with what happened to her and she had needed closure. But Kody on the other hand, wanted to bury what happened because he believed that they shouldn’t give this catfish person anymore of their attention and he thought that ignoring it would help them all to move on however Meri didn’t think that way. So Meri had to almost ride roughshod over what Kody wanted in order to do something for herself and so she didn’t tell Kody what she was planning on doing until after she booked her flight to Atlanta which was where she was going to meet Cheryl.

Cheryl had apparently been another woman that had been targeted by the same person and Meri felt that meeting Chery would be good for her. So she told Kody about it as after she booked her ticket to Atlanta and that sorta forced him into accepting her decision though Robyn at least had understood why Meri had to go to Atlanta. Robyn had talked it over with Meri and they she saw how much Meri needed to reach out to someone that knew what she was going through. However, Kody hadn’t felt comfortable about it and he hadn’t said anything to Meri because he wasn’t sure how her trip would go.

Though the trip itself had been wonderful for Meri. She had liked Cheryl right off the bat and the two women were able to describe their fears as well as compare notes about what Sam/Lindsey had done to them. So Meri finally got the chance to go into detail about what happened to her and it had been worse than what many thought. Meri had told Chery about how Sam wanted information on the family businesses and had pretended that he was going to be an investor yet the worst part of the catfish had been the road trip. Meri had taken a road trip with Lindsey because Sam had said Lindsey was his best friend and she had cancer so Meri had agreed and the trip took a nasty turn.

Lindsey had been one person one second and then another in the instant that Meri began driving to California. So Meri was getting creeped out and she had started to have some questions about Lindsey, but what Meri noticed was that Lindsey was never nearby anytime Sam was calling or texting her. Yet, what truly drove Meri to realize how bad things were was when Lindsey claimed she had colon cancer despite Meri knowing about that because her own sister had had colon cancer. So that woke Meri up. She realized that she was in a car with a crazy person and even tried to confront the other woman about what was really going on. And Lindsey/Sam flipped out.

Lindsey claimed she was offended that Meri had doubts about her best friend Sam and later “Sam” bombarded Meri with text messages that were downright cruel and meant to be offensive. But it was the threats that got to Meri. She had been told that she was being watched and that they had bugged her phone, house, and even knew where her daughter went to school. So Meri had lived in fear and she hadn’t told anyone what was going on because she didn’t want them to be threatened to however Meri had looked back on these events with Cheryl and they had been able to laugh about how pathetic Sam/Lindsey.

They laughed about the time that Sam pretended Lindsey was dead when it was common knowledge that Lindsey was still posting on social media. So it turned out to be a good thing that Meri met Cheryl. They looked back on their experience with the catfisher as survivors rather than victims. However, Meri and Chery had both wanted answers about what drew their catfisher or castfishers into doing what they did so they visited a therapist. The therapist was a specialist in personality disorder and so the ladies thought that maybe she could help them figure out the catfisher(s)’ motivation.

Though also talking about their experiences with someone in the field did help. They were able to get a sounding board and they had been reassured as well. The therapist had told them that there was no understanding what the catfisher did. He/She/ They had targeted vulnerable women which in Meri and Cheryl’s case was when they both became empty nesters and felt lonely. So what the therapist was attempting to do with both ladies was to get them to a point where it didn’t matter what the catfisher’s motivation only that she hadn’t succeeded in destroying their lives or extract money from them yet the therapist had also wanted to talk about their families.

Cheryl’s family hadn’t been as much affected by it than Meri’s family. So Meri had still needed to do some work with her sisters wives, her daughter, and finally Kody. Kody hadn’t exactly wanted Meri to go on the trip and Meri did say she got that feeling before she left, but she still went to Atlanta and the fact Meri and Kody were trying to work on their marriage had become something of an open secret. Kody and Meri both felt that honesty had been a problem for them because Meri had allowed a third party come between them. Yet, there were also problems in the marriage that happened before the catfisher.

The preparations have begun for Mykelti’s wedding. But what no one had expected was how hard things were going to be on Christine. Christine wanted to give her daughter a great wedding and she wanted to be useful however her first child getting married wasn’t easy to accept and she was still warming up to the idea of Tony becoming her son-in-law when she started to work on the wedding flowers. Mykelti and Tony were apparently having a large wedding and Mykelti wanted to do flowers for the ceremony, the reception, and the bridal party. So that was probably seven thousand flowers that Mykelti was expecting her family to help with.

However, that was a lot of flowers and that was stressing out Christine. Christine had thought her daughter was insane for wanting to do the everything themselves though she quickly realized that she had sister wives and that they could take on some of the responsibility. So Christine was doing her best to remain supportive despite the many curveballs thrown her way and all she really needed was for Mykelti to be on the same page as her. Mykelti was the wild child of the family so it wasn’t that surprising that she got engaged to someone the family didn’t know and normally Christine did her best to go with the flow just she did want her daughter to tone it down some.

Mykelti and Tony were often demonstrative with each other. Which is to be expected because of their age yet Christine didn’t want to always catch them making out and surely didn’t want Tony and Mykelti showing her younger siblings how to French kiss. So Christine merely wanted time to get to know time Tony before she felt comfortable about him being with her daughter and she wanted them to try to be respectful in front of the younger because if the younger ones had questions then she would prefer it if they came to her. Though while Christine was quickly getting at her wit’s end with her daughter, Meri was finally getting to enjoy her vacation.

Meri and Cheryl had become friends very fast and they had liked trying out new things together. Though drinking alcohol was technically against Meri’s faith, Meri had fully participated in the wine-tasting when they toured some wineries and they got to sit on a porch just enjoying themselves. So the trip had been a big eye-opener for Meri and she returned home with a better peace of mind, but it wasn’t until she was in a therapy session with Kody that he finally saw the value of her trip. He had initially thought that she was picking at the scab so to speak and so when she came back and was even in a cheerful that he figured out what her trip had meant to her.

Meri hadn’t been stuck in the past. She had moved on and had simply needed someone like Cheryl to act as her support group. The two women had gone through something that was nearly indescribable and so Meri had needed Cheryl to help answer some of her questions that she felt no one else would understand. Yet, that entire experience had been good for Meri and Kody eventually saw for himself. So Kody had decided to be a little more open with Dr. Nancy and Meri and he told them about the violent thoughts he had towards the catfisher. And hearing that he was angry and had wanted to beat someone to pulp had help the discussion.

Meri had felt that Kody wanted to defend her and that had made her feel better about their marriage. But all the same, both she and Kody admitted in therapy that there had been problems in their marriage long before Meri had gotten catfished. Meri said that they had high highs and low lows for a few years before they even met Robyn and that one of the reasons they kept going back and forth with surrogacy had been because their marriage wasn’t in the right place. So the couple’s sudden honesty in therapy had helped them addressed a few things that they had been hiding from with one of them being their marriage would not have survived if they hadn’t been polygamist.

The couple had both described how they were able to bench their problems with so many kids hanging around and that having a plural marriage allowed them to push down whatever was bothering them. So polygamy is what surprisingly save them as a couple because that’s what forced them to keep going during their worst moments in their marriage though Kody still wasn’t getting excited about continuing therapy. He had an almost pessimistic view about fixing their marriage and he struggled with Nancy’s advice because Nancy had said that she wanted Kody and Meri to carve out a relationship amongst themselves and Kody wasn’t sure they could do that.

Kody had said that they had been in a bad place for almost twelve years and that was part of the reason why he wasn’t sure if marriage could help him and Meri. Though Meri on the other hand, had wanted to stay in therapy because she did want them to get to a good place and she felt that they could one day become the warm/loving couple that she always wanted. So Meri wanted a lot of things out of therapy and she had been left unsure of what Kody wanted however, later their daughter Mariah had called a meeting with all of the parents and no one had known what Mariah had wanted to tell them.

Yet, Mariah’s news wasn’t an engagement and in fact she actually wanted to tell her family that she was gay!