Suits Recap 8/23/17: Season 7 Episode 7 “Full Disclosure”

Suits Recap 8/23/17: Season 7 Episode 7 "Full Disclosure"

Tonight on the USA Network their critically acclaimed drama, Suits returns with an all-new Wednesday,  August 23, 2017, premiere episode and we have your Suits recap below. On tonight’s Suits season 7 episode 7 called, “Full Disclosure,” as per the USA Network synopsis, “Harvey learns the scope of Alex’s involvement in the prison case, while Mike races to keep it alive. Lipschitz forces Louis out of his comfort zone. Donna struggles with her work/life balance..”

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Alex tells Harvey his secret over drinks in his office. Harvey can’t believe it when Alex finishes. Now he has to get him out of it.

Seven Years Earlier

Alex and Harvey are playing poker. Harvey is having a bad day, Louis made partner and he didn’t. Alex offers to help Harvey get into his firm. Harvey tells him he will pass.

Present Day

Mike comes home to see Rachel. She heard about court. She’s sorry. He still plans on pursuing the case in criminal court. Doing so doesn’t go against the agreement he signed. Rachel is worried about Harvey and what he will do.

Mike brings the prison case to Anita. She wants proof and then she will pursue it.

 Seven Years Earlier

Donna asks Harvey to leave early. She is going to celebrate her 6 month anniversary with Mark. Harvey teases her and then gives her a gift card to go out.

Jessica interrupts Louis while he is yelling at an associate about his goldfish. She suggests he go to therapy and watch his ego.

Present Day

Harvey presents a check to a client as payment for Alex’s mistake. The man chuckles. He feels like Harvey is trying to pay him off. Harvey assures him that’s not the case. He rejects the check and sends Harvey on his way.

Mike visits Frank Gallo. Mike wants to know if Frank knows about a conspiracy. Frank doesn’t know anything. He just knows that they helped build new prisons that were called rehabilitation. Mike sees a lead.

Alex is upset with Harvey. What is he doing offering a check? Harvey tells him he will deal with it.

Seven Years Ago

Harvey tries to talk to Louis about their strategy for a case Jessica has put them on together. Louis snaps and puts Harvey in his place. He is a partner. Harvey is not. Is he going to go running back to Mama? No, Harvey responds.

Angry, Jessica takes the case away from Harvey right before court begins when she arrives to see just Harvey. Louis, completely unaware, is still sitting in his office. He begs her, but she isn’t going to budge.

Present Day

Harvey asks Donna if Mike has been in the office. Donna tells him not to ask a question he isn’t ready to hear the answer to.

Mike goes to IT. He wants him to hack a government agency. Harvey cant know.

Seven years Ago

Harvey finds Alex on the street. He asks if Alex can still bring him in to Bratton. He wants money and a view.

Jessica asks Louis what the hell happened with him and Harvey. He demands that he go to therapy tomorrow at 9, handing him a card.

Harvey comes into work looking irritated. Donna asks what’s up. Harvey tells her that he got them an offer. She is mad. He didn’t consult with her first.

Donna goes to dinner with Mark and is furious still about Harvey’s decision to leave the firm. She vents to him. He wants her to stay at the firm and not go with Harvey. He is sick of Harvey having a presence in their relationship. Donna can’t promise him she won’t follow Harvey. He breaks up with her.

Present Day

Harvey asks Rachel to be honest and tell him where Mike is and if he is still working on the case. She admits that he is.

Rachel heads home to see Mike. He has finally found something on Reform Corp. Rachel warns him that Harvey could fire him. He doesn’t seem to care.

Seven years prior

Louis shows up at therapy. The man is Germany. He freaks. He isn’t hanging around! The psychiatrist asks for 2 minutes of his time.

Harvey arrives in Jessica’s office. He tells her he is leaving. He is angry that she never made him a partner.

Present Day

Harvey calls a meeting and a vote with Donna and Louis.

Seven years Ago

Alex talks to Bratton. He tells him that Harvey is definitely on board.  Bratton tells him if Harvey backs out, its Alex’s ass.

Louis visits Donna in the break room. He is mad at her that she changed the court schedule. She tells him to talk to Harvey. But he better go quick, Harvey is leaving on Monday.

Louis goes to Jessica. His first therapy session gave him a lot of insight. She needs to get Harvey back. She gives him the associates. She thinks he will do right by them.

Jessica goes to see Harvey. She apologizes. He decides to stay. Donna comes in. Alex called. It’s a done deal.

Louis calls Dr. Lipshitz to book a follow up appointment.

Present Day

Mike is angry that Harvey would sign Masterson. Harvey tells him to trust him. And not to touch the case. If he does he will be fired.

Seven Years Ago

Harvey shows up to tell Alex he must decline the offer. Alex understands after some back and forth, but tells Harvey he owes him one.

Present Day

Harvey tells Donna that Masterson and Reform set up Alex. Meanwhile, Alex shows up to see Mike to tell him how he has been set up by Masterson and Reform to take the fall for a prisoner’s murder.


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