The Amazing Race 29 Recap 5/25/17: Season 29 Episode 11 “As Easy as Stacking Cups”

The Amazing Race 29 Recap 5/25/17: Season 29 Episode 11 "As Easy as Stacking Cups"

Tonight the CBS series The Amazing Race airs with an all-new Thursday, May 25, 2017, season 29 episode 11 and we have your The Amazing Race recap below. On tonight’s season 29  episode 11 called,“As Easy as Stacking Cups (Seoul, South Korea)” as per the CBS synopsis, “The final four teams race through Seoul, South Korea, to clinch a spot in the finale and a chance to win the one million dollar prize.”

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The show begins with four teams competing to be in the final three for a chance to win $1,000,000. Matt and Redmond are the first to leave and fly to Seoul, South Korea. Brooke and Scott leave in second place followed by Joey and Tara in third and Logan and London are the last to depart. All four teams make it on the same flight and it is a race to find a taxi. However, Matt and Redmond decide to take the subway because they were told traffic is horrible in South Korea.

Tara and Joey are the first to arrive a get a clue that sends them to a road block where one team member must complete speed cup stacking. Brooke and Scott then Logan and London arrive next. Matt and Redmond’s choice of taking the subway puts them in last place. Brooke, Joey and London will complete the task for their teams. Brooke finishes first and she and Scott head by taxi to their next challenge. Joey finishes in second and he and Tara move on. London and Logan move on next. All three teams finish before Matt and Redmond even arrive.

Matt and Redmond’s taxi driver gets lost and they get even further behind the other three teams. Scott and Brooke arrive first to the next challenge and must make six servings of Kimchi. They immediately start bickering. Joey and Tara and Logan and London begin making Kimchi. Matt and Redmond finally find the cup challenge and Redmond quickly completes the task. Tara and Joey finish in first and leave for their next stop. Logan and London finish in second with Brooke and Scott right behind them. Again all three teams finish before Matt and Redmond arrive.

The next step is a road block in which teams must compete against professional gamers and win a round of Street Fighter 5.

Scott used to play video games but it has been many years ago. Neither Tara nor London ever played video games and don’t have a lot of hope in winning. Every fifth game the professional gamer will be given some kind of handicap. Even with the handicap the teams struggle. London wins in round 20 and she and Logan move to the pit stop. Scott then wins and he and Brooke leave for the pit stop. Tara can’t beat her opponent even when he is blind folded.

Tara continues to struggle as Matt and Redmond arrive at the challenge. Scott and Brooke check into the pit stop first and will be in the final three. Logan and London are in second place and will also move on to the finals. Tara and Matt continue to battle and Tara finally wins. She and Joey race to the pit stop just as Matt wins his game. Joey and Tara check in as team number three. Matt and Redmond are the last team to check in and are eliminated from the race.