The Bachelorette 2017 Recap 7/10/17: Season 13 Episode 7

The Bachelorette 2017 Recap 7/10/17: Season 13 Episode 7

The Bachelorette 2017 airs on ABC this evening with an all new Monday, July 10, 2017, season 13 episode 7 and we have your weekly The Bachelorette recap below. On tonight’s season 13 episode 7 as per the ABC synopsis, “Rachel has a surprise for the six remaining men, Adam, Bryan, Dean, Eric, Matt and Peter, who have now traveled to the romantic crossroads of the world – Geneva, Switzerland. Four roses will be handed out this week on three one-on-one dates and a group date.”

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette 2017 and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, cat fights, and tears. So come back tonight at 8 PM for our live The Bachelorette recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelorette?

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The Bachelorette begins tonight with the men and Rachel arriving in Geneva, Switzerland. Rachel feels its an amazing city to fall in love in and she is 100% falling for these guys. She admits last week was tough and underestimated how hard it was to let some of the men go; this is the last week before hometowns, she is giving out a rose telling them to please take her home and meet their families and that’s a huge thing for her.

They check into the HotelRoyal as Eric says he is excited to see where Rachel is at and can’t wait to bring her to his hometown and family. The guys love their room and Bryan says he is also excited to introduce his girl, Rachel to his family. Peter is simply looking forward to more time with her on a one-on-one date with her. They discuss how intense it is that Rachel could be meeting their families next week.

Rachel joins the men asking how they all feel and understands how crazy it is for them but this week she is going to do things differently. There is not going to be a rose ceremony at the end of this week, meaning there will be 3 one-on-ones and a group date of three-on-one and there may or may not be roses handed out at the end of the dates. She kicks it off with a one-on-one date with Bryan and the guys feel at a disadvantage that Bryan is getting more time with her again.

Rachel and Bryan leave the hotel hand in hand to go on a “high-end” date. She admits she has never treated a man like he is being treated today. They sit in a convertible Bentley, with Bryan driving. Rachel says they are going to immerse themselves in the Geneva culture today.

Since Switzerland invented watches, Rachel and Bryan go to visit the Breitling Watch store. They try on matching watches and Bryan is shocked but passionately kisses her feeling this is a forever gift, symbolic of their connection; he is unable to describe how he feels right now.

After the watch store, they share champagne on a boat. Rachel says after he admitted to falling for her, she didn’t shy away but made her feelings grow even deeper for him. She is attracted to his quiet strong confidence and is very sexy. They thoroughly enjoy the sights from the lake.

Matt and Alex talk about how they are jealous when Rachel spends time with another man. Alex says hopefully when they get their one-on-one time with her, one of them will just sweep her off her feet. Peter tells Dean that seeing Rachel take Bryan doesn’t question his relationship with her but it’s annoying that Bryan is the first one again. Dean feels Rachel should be able to see beyond Bryan’s charm by now.

Rachel tells Bryan she likes that he is very upfront about how he feels, which is the opposite of her, but he is bringing that side out of her. He loves that because he feels she has so much to give in that department and she sells herself short but understands that she has been hurt. She admits he knows her weaknesses and likes that he isn’t running away and she needs someone who does that for her.

At the hotel there is a knock at the door and Eric retrieve the date card. It says, “Dean Put on your Sunday best… Rachel.” Alex says this is confusing and doesn’t have words but Dean isn’t sure he feels comfortable introducing Rachel to his family as they don’t have the best relationship.

Bryan and Rachel arrive to their dinner date. She feels he is a great catch and still cannot understand why he is still single which makes her wonder if he is too good to be true. Hometowns are right around the corner and she needs to understand him more and where he comes from, what his family is like and what will they think of her.

They joke for a few moments when Rachel gets serious and wants to know about his childhood. She shares that she also went to private school like him. He doesn’t talk too much about his life, but quickly asks her questions about her life. He admits his family will love her but shares his hesitation about her meeting his family because of a past experience with a former girlfriend who broke up with him because of his mom and that was the last time he introduced someone to his family, which scares him.

Rachel picks up the rose, saying she had an amazing day with him and was still on cloud 9 from their last date and tonight she went even higher. She wants to get to know so much more about him and to progress their relationship further she needs to go home with him to meet his family; he accepts telling her he cannot wait for that to happen.

As they stand the orchestra begins to play and they slow dance, kissing tenderly. He is excited to see where this is going and to meet the people who mean the most to him. He is ready and feels she is the perfect match for him. She feels meeting his family will only bring their relationship to another level.

The next day, Rachel is ready and meets with Dean and hopes they can build on what they established back in South Carolina. She welcomes him to Geneva and tells him they are going to church today, a mass completely in French, which neither one of them speak. Rachel says she has never been in a church like this while Dean is nervous about her coming home with him.

Rachel doesn’t need someone who necessarily worships the same way she does, or have grown up in the same religion but she needs someone who honors and respects her faith. She says today is about community and fellowship, not just the mass. She wants her and Dean to immerse themselves in the culture; since it is Sunday the city is a little sleepy and romantic.

They dance outside on the cobblestone; she wants to challenge their relationship and deepen it more than just having fun. Dean struggles within his mind, admitting he is scared about revealing his family to her, its not a traditional family like the other guys. He is the black sheep in the group.

Eric and Adam talk about the possible reasons why Rachel would want to go on the dates with Bryan and Dean first. Both feel that she wants to get more information from them and to see if they are just putting on a facade for her. Eric feels Dean is not going to open up and will go home tonight.

Rachel and Dean sit while she encourages him to open up about him and his life. Dean gets really quiet, admitting he loves being here but struggles over his feelings. She gets a bit frustrated with him for not opening up. She worries their relationship lacks the depth she has with the others; if he cannot open up she feels its possible she will be saying a very hard goodbye tonight.

The guys talk about Dean possibly going home, saying Rachel wants to see how mature Dean is and how open he is moving forward. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Bryan retrieves the date card which says, “Peter, we’re at the peak of our relationship, Rachel.”

Eric is upset that Bryan, Dean and Peter have been consistent with one-on-one dates while him, Adam and Matt are left for the group date. He says no one is safe right now as the three-on-one has a potential of one rose.

Rachel loves spending time with Dean but the date hasn’t gone the way she wanted it to. For their dinner date, they arrive at a quaint place. He tells her he hopes they can build up what they have started but she feels she is looking for a husband and she needs to know if Dean can get there. She tells Dean the date was planned so she could talk to him and get to know him better but today she has felt like something is off. He admits its been weird, he laughs but she persists. She wants to see the other side of him, he says he really likes her and its hard to put himself out there knowing he could be crushed.

He says hometown is very challenging for him as the other guys think hometown is exciting for them meeting their families and says his family is not the family she wants to see. The first 15 years of his life, his dad was very involved with his life wanting to fish and dirt bike but the second his mother passed away, his father was not able to be the person he needed him to be and that destroyed their relationship. His father is very eccentric and wished she could have seen his family in the first 15 years and not the family who abandoned him when he needed them the most.

Rachel says family is important to her but when it comes to hometowns its not about her seeing a family exactly like the one she has back home. She’s not expecting the person she is with to have that as well especially when she knows what they have been through.

She reminds him he isn’t there by accident and commends him on how he handled everything so beautifully. She loves their chat just now and hopes from today he knows how much she gets him. She wants in hometown to meet the people who been there and who is most important to him. She offers the rose and she gives him 5 seconds to accept; he does! After she finally got what she needed from him emotionally, she suggests they get back to exploring Geneva. She gave him the rose for being himself, making her fall for him even more, feeling honored to go home with him and to see what they become.

Rachel walks along side a field, next to a helicopter as she thinks about how much harder her choices have become. She admits that Peter sparked her interest from the beginning and they keep soaring higher and higher since then. She says they are going for a helicopter ride to see the Swiss Alps from above; he’s excited to do it. Rachel asks him if he realizes he was the very first one-on-one and now he is the very last one.

Peter feels this moment itself reminds him the feelings they had originally are still there and give him hope. They kiss on the helicopter as they enjoy the sights. The chopper lands and they are going to go dog-sledding on the Alps; Rachel feels it’s very romantic and a beautiful experience for her and Peter.

Eric talks to Matt expressing that it might not be easy for them to get back to that place where they felt comfortable in and there could be some awkward moments trying to recapture it. Eric feels Peter might even back out of the competition himself.

Rachel talks to Peter about what he is feeling. He says in the bad days he has told himself that he wasn’t sure if he wanted this thing but on the darker days he reflected on the great time they have. She admits she has felt the same way throughout this process but she is happy he stayed. She is a little scared as he explains this feels like it could be too good to be true.

Peter and Rachel pick up right where they left off as they hold hands walking into their dinner date. He tells her this has been the most amazing date he has ever been on. He cheers to tonight and their future. Rachel says today was crazy but he was honest, which was a bit hard for her to hear.

Peter says his mom will be the one who will greet her and speak the most but his dad is the one he goes to for advice. He assures her, his family will love her. He admits he has never dated a black woman before and its not a concern in his family at all. Peter talks about the girl he dated last ended amicably, sharing how he left her as she cried, he blames himself for abandoning this woman he truly loved; but he hopes he is ready to give his heart up to someone else.

He says he “thinks” that he is and he will only propose if his heart is there 100% at the time and if he has reservations at the end, he will let her know. Rachel says his honesty scares her because what if he is the one she chooses and he decides he doesn’t want this.

Another knock at the door with the final date card that says, “Eric, Matt, Adam, tomorrow will be difficult. I don’t know what else to say… Rachel.” Adam doesn’t like the word “difficult” but he is going to go into the date feeling this is the woman he is bringing home to his family. They all fret about both Bryan and Dean having roses and what that means for them.

Peter says he feels like the pain is gone and he is open to love. Rachel thanks him for his honesty but can’t help comparing him to other relationships she has had. She tells him they did go deeper like she wanted but wants him to know she really likes him and it would be an honor for her to come to his hometown; she asks him to accept the rose. He says he likes her too and accepts the rose saying he can’t wait to bring her home to his family. They clearly have a strong connection and she feels she has time to figure out if Peter is truly ready.

Matt says him, Eric and Adam all feel they need to get that final rose but its not a comfortable moment knowing its ending on a group date. Adam tells them they need to kick it off and have one hell of a day.

Rachel sees potential will each of the guys from the one-on-one dates and she is going in with the same mentality with the group date admitting its going to be hard saying goodbye to two of them tonight. She announces they are hopping on a boar and going to France, the guys jump in excitement.

She says today’s date is going to be different as she needs to be a little more selfish and have some real conversations to see where she stands and if they have a future; she doesn’t want to walk into anyone’s home when she doesn’t see herself having a future with.

Rachel says with Adam she has always had a good time with, he takes full advantage to every second they have together. Eric and her started off good, but hit some bumps in the road in their relationship but their one-on-one in Copenhagen was amazing and she feels it took their relationship to another level. She has a soft spot for Matt, a good down to earth guy whom she’s had really good conversations with. She is facing the reality that this is going to be a really hard day.

Adam right away tells her he doesn’t like the word difficult and they are going to make it as easy as possible for her and hopes that she finds her true love in the end. She thanks him. She asks Eric to join her for a private chat.

Eric just wants to be her support system, the shoulder to lean on. He acknowledges how hard its been for her and wants her to know he appreciates her. He knows they have something and admires how strong she is. She tells him she needs to be selfish and he reminds her she deserves this and that life is hard but worth it. He says this is all for her and what she’s worked for, stealing kisses from her feeling the rose is his.

Matt has a hard time looking at the rose and has a serious talk with Rachel and he doesn’t want to leave here without a hometown. He understands all this is necessary for her to find what she has set out to get. She knows this is out of his comfort zone, just like for her. She shares that the accelerated process has taught her things about herself and what she really wants.

Matt finds it amazing to see her evolve and helped him take chances and doesn’t know where he would be had he chosen not to roll the dice on this whole process. He wants to be part of her happiness and hopes the thought for the two of them is still there. He can still envision them together.

She cries as she tells him that he is the one who reminds her the most of herself in this entire journey. She has a soft place in her heart for him but unfortunately relationships have gone past what they have and she feels she can’t do a hometown with him but wants him to know that it meant so much to her having him there. She walks him out, knowing it was right not stringing him along. She wants him to have everything he wants for himself as he deserves that.

Rachel joins Eric and Adam for dinner that evening. She is sad knowing she is going to break another heart. With one final rose to hand out, this is huge as it says she wants to come home with them and brings their relationship to a whole new level; closing one door and opening another. She has no idea who to choose at this point.

Rachel walks up the stairs with Adam, to talk in private; he worries that she will send him home and make the wrong decision at the end. Adam asks if she potentially sees herself falling in love with him; she says he wouldn’t be here if she didn’t.

Adam explains that if he doesn’t get affirmation that she isn’t feeling what he is feeling, he tends to clam up, admitting he is a bit scared but feels there is something there. When he isn’t with her he wants to be with her, feeling euphoric when he spends any time with her. She loves his optimism as she is a realist; they agree he is the yin to her yang. All he can say is he is excited and can’t wait to see how his family will bring a whole new light to her eye. He sweetly talks about his family, clearly a family man.

Rachel has private time with Eric, asking him to talk to her. He says his family will love her and take her right in. She will be the first girl he has ever taken home. He tells her about growing up on Baltimore and how easy it could have been to turn to the streets like his family did, including his dad and cousins. He admits seeing healthy relationships wasn’t common for him. He says this is why he is good at helping people because of what he’s seen while growing up.

Rachel feels it is huge that Eric has never brought a woman home and he is 29 years old. She feels that is a bit scary; but with Adam he is very attentive and shared how much he wants her to meet his family. She loves that he takes advantage of every second they are together and feels she needs to give him more time and meet his family to understand him a little better. She worries about making the decision for the final rose as she still doesn’t know what she is going to do.

Adam and Eric sit together waiting for Rachel to return. She tells them she didn’t really know how hard today was going to be on her and them. Going into hometowns is a serious thing for her as she doesn’t just bring anyone home to meet her family either. She has a strong connection and feeling with both the men and feel she needs to go with her gut. She picks up the rose and asks Eric to accept the rose. He says yes as Adam scratches his head.

She asks to speak to Adam while walking him out to the vehicle. He tells her that whatever she does, he doesn’t want her to feel that if she had kept him could things have been different. She thanks him for being there, hugging until he pulls away and leaves in the van. He wonders what just happened as he feels had she met his family all of this would have gone totally different and feels she made a massive mistake.

Rachel returns to Eric who lets her cry saying it is all right. She says it will be a pleasure going home to meet his family. Rachel is left with Eric, Peter, Dean and Bryan for hometowns. She admits that as much as she hated to cry, she feel something deep with each of the four remaining men.