The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Next 2 Weeks – Sheila’s Perfect Job – Mateo Arrives – Steffy Is Bill’s Lifeline

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers for the next two weeks tease that the bombshells will continue on the CBS soap. The week of September 25-29 will lead to some tough moments for Bill (Don Diamont). After Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) ends their marriage, Bill will turn his attention to Liam (Scott Clifton). He won’t be convinced that his son would really follow through on his threat.

Bill will insist that this ends now, but Liam won’t budge. He’ll assure Bill that he’s willing to release the recording if need be. Unless Bill wants to go to prison, he’ll have to suck it up and let Liam lead the company. Of course, that doesn’t mean Bill will leave Liam’s personal life alone. He’ll inevitably find a way to make Liam pay sooner or later.

In fact, it seems Bill (Don Diamont) has already found a solution. When Liam gets even nastier, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) will comfort poor, poor Bill. All he did was commit heinous crimes! Steffy won’t see why Liam can’t forgive and that’ll just pull her closer to her father-in-law.

Bill may sense that this is an opportunity to get back at Liam, but he’ll also genuinely appreciate Steffy’s support. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that their connection will grow stronger. Pain, loneliness and a craving for vengeance could be a bad combination for Bill.

Other B&B spoilers say Liam (Scott Clifton) will give Sally (Courtney Hope) the deed to the Spectra building. She’ll be blown away when he makes it official. Sally will hug Liam and suggest that he has no idea what this means to her. It shouldn’t be long until Sally develops real feelings for her knight in shining armor.

When Wyatt (Darin Brooks) discovers Liam’s blackmail plot, he’ll once again rip into his brother. B&B spoilers reveal that they’ll bicker about what’s ahead for Liam. Wyatt will promise that he’ll be sorry he messed with their father. Bill is a force to be reckoned with!

The week of October 2-6 will bring a new face to The Bold and the Beautiful. Francisco San Martin will come on board as Mateo, the estate manager for the Forrester mansion. Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) will size up this dreamy fellow and determine he could fit into a sneaky plan. Mateo will be asked to seduce Quinn (Rena Sofer), so big trouble is brewing.

Sheila will also find a job that lets her stay near Eric (John McCook). She wants to be as close as possible to the man she desires. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Katie’s (Heather Tom) relationship could become public knowledge. Someone will find out their secret and the news may spread quickly.

It looks like some fun material is coming up. We’ll give you updates as other details emerge. Stay tuned to B&B and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, updates and news.

One couple is falling apart at the seams while another is falling head over heels. Tune in this week on #BoldandBeautiful!

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  2. Tali salman?? says:

    Brook dosen’t want Bill any more she dosen’t trust him after what he did Brook didn’t think that Bill will be so crul to Sally and brun her building down for his skyscraper and punch Liam like he did. Ridge is very happy that Brook brock up with Bill he still dosen’t know what Bill did but he is happy that Brook is home and he can see her RJ is all so happy to see his mother is home to he never liked Bill no body liked Bill. Brook still dosen’t know what eles Bill did he didn’t tell her about lieing to Thomas she would not be surprised to hear about that to. Wyatt still wants to know what Bill did and why is Liam in charge at Spencer Kaite tolled Wyatt that Bill is not a very pleasant person and some thing is going on if Brook left Bill he did something big that Brook didn’t like and she hopes to talk with Brook and find out what Bill has been up to. Shiela is still up to her old tricks she really wants to get under Quinn’s skin I think that Sheila should give it up Quinn is not going any where. I am happy that Eric and Ridge are talking again and Eric has forgiven him utill the next time when they will argue on some thing eles Eric knows that he was to hard on Ridge all the family didn’t want Quinn around especially Ridge. I kind of wanted to see Quinn and Ridge together they were so great with each other Bell is throwing a good story line with those two Quinn and Ridge have a great chemistry with each other. Will have to see may be it will happen who knows.

  3. Alicia Mack says:

    Quinn. Will. Take the bate and fall in the pyscho witch and I cant wait until sheila plan go through so quinn can leave the mansion for good and out of Eric life just the way I wanted . Quin. needs to go

  4. Alicia Mack says:

    Bill will still get more. Bad luck for him when he seduce steffy

  5. PassionQueen77 says:

    Eric should watch out for Sheila and her weird plans. Mateo being asked to seduce Quinn seems very weird. Eric and Quinn just got back together why let another man break them up it doesn’t make any sense.

  6. PassionQueen77 says:

    Good for Brooke of ending her marriage to Bill. She did the right thing for now. What Bill has done to Spectra building was totally wrong. When Rick and Maya learn of what Bill has done they will be upset.