The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sally Gains Power, Liam Proves He’s No Business Leader – Steffy Takes Spencer From Liam?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sally Gains Power, Liam Proves He's No Business Leader - Steffy Takes Spencer From Liam?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Liam’s (Scott Clifton) latest self-assigned guilt trip deeply jeopardizes Spencer Publications. By telling Sally (Courtney Hope) that his dad ordered arson, he’s foolishly given a major weapon to one of Bill’s (Don Diamont) enemies.

It’s not a cliche to reference knowledge as power. That’s what Sally has now that Liam felt compelled to acknowledge what she guessed on the corporate jet. How she opts to use it can’t be known, as Liam has created a wild card.

Liam sees himself as a champion of the downtrodden . Such souls often envision themselves as modern incarnations of Robin Hood. Insert eye roll GIF.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sally Gains Power, Liam Proves He's No Business Leader - Steffy Takes Spencer From Liam?

This personality type doesn’t believe that the rich are robbed. Instead, they choose to believe (not think) that certain random individuals, who hold various amounts of wealth, must have gained their money unjustly and deserve to be punished. So taking their loot from them, as Liam has done is a way to rebalance the scales of injustice. Political preachers, who accept money from subjective sources, encourage taxation to accomplish the same thing as Liam. Maybe he should run for public office instead of running Spencer?

Who exactly does Liam think he is, other than Bill’s son? Dollar Bill would be hurting for business if he owned a shoe shine store, as the lowly paid labor who create most of the world’s sneakers surely would attest. Sneakers are ubiquitous and don’t require spit shining. But Bill has made his family’s business profitable in changing media times, which confirms his savvy.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sally Gains Power, Liam Proves He's No Business Leader - Steffy Takes Spencer From Liam?

Liam is comfortable today because his lineage created wealth. He’s never created money, instead has bent his childish emotions in order to be opposed to it.

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) tagged Sally hard when both women traded barbs at the Spectra Fashion’s location where Sky was expected to rise. Liam’s wife told the woman who dresses hideously and sports a hair shade that’s hard on viewer’s eyes, that she was a conniver posing as a perpetual victim.

The Sally’s of the world have always existed. All wrongs they’ve committed are supposed to be overlooked the moment they claim they’ve gone straight? Uh, no.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sally Gains Power, Liam Proves He's No Business Leader - Steffy Takes Spencer From Liam?

So it’s time for the bottom business line. Bill was wrong to order arson and Liam has offered false hustle as his response. If Liam were truly honest and had guts, he would have turned his dad into the police, as that man should be in prison. But Liam wanted to prevent law enforcement from working so he could seize power.

Sally was wronged by Bill. But the amount of money she was given and the deed to the property she’s currently having rehabbed represents more than enough so-called restitution. She should stop using Liam right now.

Finally, Steffy stands as the voice of reason. She’s pulled no punches with Liam, Bill or Sally. She should leave her family company and run Spencer. Steffy’s balance of brains and compassion makes her a true business leader. However, the likelihood that Liam would relinquish his power to her seems low.

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  • Karen Evans

    Bobby, your repeated comments on the appearance of the female actors on the shows you write about are getting tiresome. Your veiled political statements are also half-baked, uninformed, and unwelcome. You’ve gotten so bad that I don’t even have to read your name to know you wrote the piece. Maybe just stick to writing about the actual stories, which is why we visit the site in the first place.

    • jody

      I’m the editor and Bobby’s writing is top notch – the actual stories are set in a fictional world but one that is meant to reflect our own. This makes Bobby’s astute observations all the more compelling in my opinion – certainly they are not half-baked nor are they uninformed.

      • Karen Evans

        To write about income inequality, a complex and important subject, as flippantly as Bobby does is irresponsible. And to suggest that all he’s doing is responding to the politics in the story suggests to me that you don’t read Bobby’s writing as much I’d expect from an editor. Because you’d find that he injects politics into his writing at the least pretext. Something the other writers on this site don’t seem to do, miraculously.

        You also haven’t adressed his comments on the appearance of the female actors, such as suggesting that one may have had too much plastic surgery or in this case, critiquing another’s hair colour. Something he doesn’t do with the male actors on any of the other shows he reviews. This suggests that Bobby may be suffering from sexist beliefs.

        This isn’t just a question of Bobby being entitled to his opinion. This site gives him a platform & a microphone. By not addressing his sexist takes, you create a negative environment by perpetuating a double standard for some over others, and contribute to the problem.

        It’s too bad, really, because otherwise, this is a fun site to read. Thankfully, there are other sites that seem to be able to navigate the treacherous waters of soap operas without descending into an inch-deep analysis of economic and political theory as told by Archie Bunker (look it up).

  • soapstef1

    Another Steffy worship piece. Everybody is wrong and bad except Steffy. Hard Pass!

    • Tali salman??

      I think Steffy should know that not every thing belongs to her and Sally is not her puppet on a string Steffy did Sally wrong she took Thomas a way from her by going along with the lie. And now she is siding with Bill and not letting Liam help Sally after Bill arson Sally’s place that is not very fair

    • Max

      As I said in another post they all should go to jail and spend at least a month. Get some much needed therapy while they are there.

  • Tali salman??

    Sally now know that Bill set the fire at Spectra she could use this information to her own advantage she can even tell Thomas about it Liam did tell her not to go to the copes I think that it’s over do Liam should have had Bill arrested when he found out about the fire now Bill is playing the victom that he didn’t mean to do that how would believe him? Nobody Steffy did tell Bill it was wrong to do that she did go along with the lie to her brother I do hope that Sally will have a plan for a pay back for Bill that burnd her building. I do hope that she will know about the lie to that Bill tolled Thomas about Caroline that she was “dying”. Sally will be very angry even with Liam that didn’t tell her that and capped it from her. Liam is quite angry on the whole situation that his father has created he did respect his father but now he dosen’t know him any more and soon he will not know his wife Steffy any more to. I do wonder if there merriage will last I don’t think so with every thing that is going on.

    • Max

      Sally was not angry with Liam when told her about who was responsible for the fire and she will not be angry with him about the Caroline lie. She have Liam’s help so she will forget that he knew about both and didn’t tell her.

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