The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila Gains Another Pawn – Uses Pam’s Addiction To Marry Eric

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila Gains Another Pawn – Uses Pam's Addition To Marry Eric

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Sheila’s (Kimberlin Brown) approach to regaining Eric (John McCook) is evolving. She continues to amass various pawns, with Pam (Alley Mills) becoming the latest addition. Sheila’s use of these pieces is meant to increase orchestrated engineering attempts that are intended to end Eric’s current marriage and revive Sheric.

Susan Flannery’s (Stephanie) run on B&B has been over for awhile. Her legacy has been honored in various ways since Stephanie’s death earlier this decade. That’s one of the reasons why Sheila’s reference of Pam’s sister was very clever and oh so soapy.

The emotional gambit worked, as Pam felt that people had forgotten Stephanie. Soap fans who aren’t chess players may not know that a gambit is an opening move where a player sacrifices a pawn, the weakest part of a chess player’s arsenal, as part of a deeper strategy.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila Gains Another Pawn – Uses Pam's Addition To Marry Eric

Sheila is willing to use and then sacrifice anyone at any time in order to get what she wants. Her board is earth. It’s people, simply pieces to be moved.

Charlie’s (Dick Christie) link to Pam enabled the scene to be written. This couple, let’s call them Cham, or Parlie, went to the trendy restaurant that’s located “five steps from Forrester” (Pam’s comment to Sheila). Miss Carter somehow got herself hired at the outdoor cafe in Los Angeles so that she would have such encounters.

Splitting Eric and Quinn (Rena Sofer) will take some doing. Patience, information and access are required. Sheila is demonstrating patience because she truly believes she’ll be able to marry Eric again. Information has been delivered by Charlie and Mateo (Francisco San Martin) to-date. Access to Eric’s life has now been increased by Pam’s acceptance of Sheila’s outreach.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila Gains Another Pawn – Uses Pam's Addition To Marry Eric

Having Pam in Sheila’s arsenal is important. The position she has at Forrester gives her a different level of access than Charlie as its security head. Pam also believes that her sister wouldn’t approve of the current Mrs. Forrester. Sheila’s other pawns don’t have that specific motivation.

Charlie and Mateo are portrayed as malleable guys. Charlie is manipulated by fear of losing his job. Mateo is being driven by his family’s money concerns. Both men also are written as generally fearful of Sheila, though Charlie has fought back a bit lately.

Pam is a sisterly-like figure and Sheila will play up that bonding angle. Yes, she’ll use Pam just like the guys. But Sheila believes that Pam will be able to offer the type of instinctual guidance that Charlie and Mateo simply aren’t capable of.

Does Sheila believe that she’s smarter than all of them? Of course. Will all of these machinations work? Who knows, but watching the game is something light-hearted B&B fans are enjoying.

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7 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila Gains Another Pawn – Uses Pam’s Addiction To Marry Eric”

  1. Tali salman?? says:

    Shiela is all ready “playing” Pam she knows that Pam dosen’t really like Quinn so much she is looking for more people to help get Quinn out of Eric’s life I do hope that Quinn will catch on that there is a scam around her Eric is all ready not pleased with her the way she treated Kaite in her own house and made Wyatt very angry with his mother Quinn is not very happy to see Kaite with her son she remember how Kaite was in her face when she was involved with Ridge. Quinn can’t understand what Wyatt sees in Kaite he can have any woman that he wants even Ivy. I hope that Quinn and Ridge will end up together Bell didn’t give them a chance for exploring there lust for each other Ridge backed a way he new that Quinn wanted her merriage back with Eric and wanted his father to forgive him. Charlie knows that Shiela is up to no good and Mateo will go down with Shiela and it want look pretty at all. I don’t really know if he can back out now. I do hope Ridge will be there for Quinn. Will have to see

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  3. Alicia Mack says:

    Sheila is gonna be queen and eric is her king. Sheila deserves love shes not playing games with pam she pam by her side as her . Sheila needs more People on her board to make the move to take down quinn. At the end of the game she will say king me meaning she will have eric whose the king . Stephaine wouldn’t approve of eric being with quinn . I agree with sheila Stephanie would not accept quinn in her family nor being with her Eric

  4. Alicia Mack says:

    Sheila deserves happiness with her ex husband . Sheila has changed because she been locked up away and she revaluvated her self to see who she once was before the dark side of her who she was but not proud of it . Sheila can be her old self again that Eric once fall in love with before she committed alot of these crimes . Its time to move on from Sheila bad past . Let the bad past go and foucs on the future .let Sheila have her happiness with Eric . Seric the refresh powerful couple. Sheila is no longer threat to the forresters and logans women . Sheila may be threat to only to Quinn . Sheila is misunderstood by her past

  5. Alicia Mack says:

    Sheila deserves to be happy

  6. Alicia Mack says:

    Sheila is smarter than people think

  7. PassionQueen77 says:

    Sheila using Pam to marry Eric is so disgusting. Nobody wants to see that psychopath marry Eric. Eric and Quinn just got back together. Just leave Eric with Quinn.