The Celebrity Apprentice Recap 1/23/17: Season 15 Episode 4 “Scissors and Some Creativity”

The Celebrity Apprentice Recap 1/23/17: Season 15 Episode 4 "Scissors and Some Creativity"

Tonight our favorite reality show The Celebrity Apprentice with new host Arnold Schwarzenegger returns with a whole new Monday, January 23, 2017, season 15 episode 4 episode called, “Scissors and Some Creativity,” and we have your weekly The Celebrity Apprentice recap below. On tonight’s The Celebrity Apprentice season 15 episode 3 as per the NBC synopsis, “The star competitors are assigned to market a new product for a health-food brand. Later, they must create a digital brochure for the Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood. Appearing: Bob Harper and Tracey Edmonds.”

The show airs tonight from 8PM – 10PM and you do not want to miss all the drama, cat fights and fighting. You also do not want to miss seeing who is fired and who will eventually be crowned the winner. So don’t forget to come back to this spot for our The Celebrity Apprentice recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our TCA recaps, pics, photos, spoilers & more, right here!

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The New Celebrity Apprentice begins tonight with the teams meeting Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar, his board advisers Patrick Schwarzeneggar and Bob Harper and executives for Lorissa’s Kitchen.  Today, their task is to create a PR stunt for Lorissa’s Kitchen Protein Snacks.  They will be judged on audience engagement, brand messaging, and creativity of theme concept.

The Prima project manager is Lisa Leslie; the Arete project manager is Brooke Burke-Charvet.  The winning project manager will win a total of $50,000 for their favorite charity.  Governor dismisses them.

Brooke says they need to make it relatable, inspirational and inviting.  Boy George’s story will need to play an important part in their presentation.  Lisa feels if they are loud, they can take the attention away from the Arete team.  Vince wants to have bikini clad women on top of the container to draw people in, others are not so sure that is the best way to go.  The Arete team decide to do a workout routine.

On the Prima team, Lisa feels she knows Brooke will do a fitness routine, so they need to do one too but be better at it.  Carson doesn’t agree with it but since he isn’t the leader he remains quiet.  He is very concerned that their presentation is going to be too similar to the other team.  Everyone is starting to see that Lisa is not a nice person, she is making everyone be quiet and won’t listen to any of their ideas.

Boy George is having a good laugh watching Matt Isemen drooling over Brooke.  She is entertaining and energizing but very flirtatious.  Brooke tells everyone to get caught up in the experience, not to worry so much about the name.  Bob Harper comes to see the Arete team but he is concerned that Brooke’s plan to play it safe is a recipe for disaster; thinking they need more pizzazz.

Carson is worried there are too many moving parts for their presentation, and that may look sloppy when it comes to the brand.  Chael and Vince joke about how bad of a leader Lisa is; the rest of the team is confused and frustrated that their concept and presentation keeps changing.

Both teams drew in a crowd, but their concepts were both the same.  Patrick brings up the point that the go-go dancers on the top of the presentation was more of a distraction than about the product.

Both the Arete and Prima team arrive at the boardroom awaiting the results from the Lorissa’s Kitchen challenge. Brooke admits that Ricky Williams in a very quiet player and wasn’t vocal enough. Lisa praises Porsha and Carson, but admits that Vince and Chael were not very productive. Porsha is asked if Vince and Chael were the weakest links, she dances around and Arnold becomes frustrated with her, asking Patrick in German, if he should just fire her?

Governor admits that he did watch them in their presentations, most didn’t realize he was there. Patrick tells team Arete the executives really liked their “from the farm, to your table” feel of their setting. They felt that Brooke had a very authentic connection to the brand. On the negative, they felt they could have used the space better; the wall going through the center of their presentation created two different spaces and that was a big miss!

Bob says the executives loved that moms were the focus for team Prima. They loved Carson being the ring leader encouraging people to open and try the product. They really liked how they made the container a very open space. The negative was their presentation was very chaotic, and a real party atmosphere. The dancing girls were cheap and off brand.

The winning team is Arete. Brooke receives $50,000 to her charity Operation Smile.

Lisa says it sounds like they got off brand with Vince’s idea of the dancing girls on the top. She is asked if she lost control of her team, she says no and Arnold tells her then it is her fault this happened. She says she was not responsible for it, she signed off on it but it wasn’t her fault. Vince doesn’t think he needs to go home because he was thinking more of getting people excited and not thinking as a mother.

Chael says this task was a disaster from the beginning and Lisa never had control of anything. He says this project was started from the outside working their way in, which is totally wrong to do. Chael admits the entire team knew they were going to end up in the boardroom, when Lisa says it was not her decision to have the girls dancing up top, Chael cuts her off saying everything was her decision.

When Carson is asked, he says both Chael and Lisa are tied when it comes to being a weaker player. Carson thinks she did a good job as leader but when they went off brand, that falls on the project manager’s shoulders.

When Porsha is asked who is the weakest, she keeps rattling off and Arnold Schwarzeneggar cuts her off saying her name is perfect because her mouth runs a 100 miles per hour. She says Lisa should bring back Chael and Vince to the boardroom; Lisa agrees.

Back in the boardroom, Arnold says there is clearly a problem since Lisa couldn’t get along with the girls and now she can’t get along with the men. Lisa defends herself saying people didn’t give 100%. Vince owns up to the dance team thing, but people feel he just keeps riding on winning all the money in last week’s task. Patrick tells him the only reason he won all the money is because his team supported him but it doesn’t look like he is supporting his team on their charities and tasks.

Chael continues to say they did not have leadership, and Carson basically became leader through a mutiny. He felt that the leader is supposed to raise the team up, but in this case the team had to get together to lift Lisa up. Lisa continues to talk over Arnold and he tells her there is only one talker. Lisa says he should fire Chael for being a backstabber. Chael says they should fire Lisa without question. Vince says it should be him based on his performance. Arnold says he just fell on his own sword and he is terminated!

The celebrities are talking about who will be returning to them. Carson says that Chael never sounds authentic to him. Lisa admits things are getting tense between her and Chael because he is a fighter, a street fighter and a dirty fighter. He fights to survive. Chael says he has failed in getting rid of the evil witch but they all are shocked Vince literally gave himself up.

The next morning the teams meet Arnold Schwarzenegger at Universal Studios Hollywood. He informs them Boy George will not be here due to a prior engagement but he will be back for the next task. The brand they are working for today is Harry Potter. Larry Kurzweil, the COO of Universal Studios Hollywood introduces Xiomara Wiley who tells them what their next task will be.

They need to create a celebrity inspired digital brochure to promote the wizarding world of Harry Potter there is Hollywood. They are to present their brochure to Larry Kurzweil, Xiomara Wiley and a group of avid theme park fans. Patrick tells them they will be judged on creativity of theme concept, brand integration and live presentation.

Tracey Edmonds will join Patrick as boardroom adviser this week. The Arete team chooses Matt Iseman and the Prima team pick Carson Kressley. The winning project manager will receive $50,000 to their favorite charity. Matt is a huge Harry Potter fan while Carson has no clue about Harry Potter. Both teams get to explore the theme park before they head to their war rooms to create their presentation.

Porsha is taking control of the whole presentation, not allowing Lisa to put a word in edge-wise. Carson seems to be working well with Porsha. Chael is sitting back with nothing to contribute, stating he is taking a nap. Lisa says they should not underestimate the Harry Potter fan, and they are being too general; they need to go deeper. Carson tells her to take as many photos as possible to tell the story.

Matt knows everything there is to know about Harry Potter and is sharing that this has to be about family. He is very stuck on the magical part. Brooke makes fun of him asking him how old he really is. Matt loves sharing the story of Harry Potter, no one in the group knows what he is talking about. Laila suggests they focus on people who don’t know the Harry Potter brand; Matt disagrees.

His theme is the magic is real! The team is concerned with Matt, trying to get him away from the fun and to start putting the pictures together. Both teams are having problems getting good pictures because the theme park is full of customers, and it is making it very difficult for them to get the proper images.

Brooke feels Matt is going to take the fall for their team if they fail as he was too ambitious. Porsha is concerned they didn’t act celebrity enough. Tracey comes to see the Prima team and understands that they familiarized themselves with Harry Potter but they don’t have a very clear concept of what they want. In the Arete war room, Matt didn’t proof read everything, but tells them to print it; he is concerned it will fall on his head as well.

As the team is running out of time, Chael is upset they are going to lose this task by running out of time. He leans down and cuts the cord to the computer, he denies doing it to his team. He says due to technical error the clock will have to stop. He says sometimes its helpful to have a gangster on your team.

In the morning, Carson made it clear that no one is to address the issue with Chael. Lisa feels Chael is the person she thinks he is. He will lie and now cheat. Chael continues to believe he did the right thing and should be thanked for it. Carson believes Chael is up to no good, even if he can’t prove he cut the cord; he feels he is going to be called out on Chael’s actions because he is the project manager.

Matt did a great job presenting but he seemed to get lost in the experience, acting more like a little boy than a project manager, forcing Brooke to step in and push the presentation along. Carson did a wonderful job presenting Harry Potter, but he admits they have to face what Chael did before anything can happen in the boardroom.

In the boardroom, Arnold Schwarzeneggar enters and immediately acknowledges Matt’s obsession with Harry Potter. He admits no one was as enthusiastic about it than him, and if he were to lose he would not be embarrassed because in this competition you learn you can be blinded by your passion. Patrick reveals they saw how Brooke had to pull him back in a few times from the World of Harry Potter.

Carson says that no one on his team were fans of Harry Potter, and he decides to bring up the elephant in the room before Arnold could ask him any more questions. He tells Arnold that something happened that made everyone of them uncomfortable, except for Chael. He tells him about the tampering with the computer.

Porsha admits she didn’t see what happened, she thought at first Chael shocked himself and Lisa told her Chael cut the cord with the scissors. Arnold asks Chael about cheating, he says it wasn’t cheating, it was a great move because in the rules it states they get more time for technical difficulty, so he created it.

Patrick tells Chael a technical difficulty cannot be something you cause yourself. Chael attempts to defend his actions and Arnold says this is not a grey area. He taps his finger on the table telling him he will not tolerate cheaters in his boardroom and immediately fires Chael. Governor reinforces the rules, telling the remaining celebrities that this is a lesson to all of them. He says he fired Chael because he broke the rules, and now he will fire someone because they lost the task.

Patrick tells Arete that the executives thought Matt was an incredible showman and had the crowd fully engaged. His knowledge of the brand and enthusiasm was overwhelming. They loved the creativity of the newspaper and very organic for the brand. Overall they loved the brochure and would definitely use the brochure and their idea.

Tracey tells Prima that the executives felt their creativity was very predictable, their presentation was uninspired and overall they missed the mark completely. Clearly the losing team is Prima and since Arete won, Matt Iseman wins $50,000 for Arthritis Foundation; this is the second time he has won money for his charity. Team Arete is excused from the boardroom, all are shocked about what Chael had done.

Carson, Porsha and Lisa are left in the boardroom. Carson says Chael never supported them and apologizes for the presentation, but says he was also busy helping his team cope with what Chael did. Lisa says that Carson is a stronger player than Porsha. Porsha says both Carson and Lisa are valuable, but Carson is better.

Again, Arnold tells Patrick in German that Porsha is very repetitive; Lisa defends Porsha for not being able to choose, and that she is very creative even though she talks too much. Lisa and Porsha begin to bicker. Arnold asks Carson if he can get a word in, what he has to say about all of this; Carson says Porsha was invaluable and even though Lisa did an incredible amount of work, Porsha was there for him more.

When asked who is responsible for the creativity that didn’t work, he admits he is. Porsha says she cannot say who should be fired. Arnold says you can be fired for cheating, which he did to Chael and the other is avoiding the question; and she is on the track to get herself fired. He demands an answer and once again she beats around the bush.

Arnold tells Carson that if this was week one he would have fired him, because he failed but he has been so good and a true champion. He turns to Porsha and tells her she has failed 6 out of 8 tasks and today she failed on her mission because she was in charge of the creative and the executives hated the creative. He says all he hears is dialogue and Porsha is terminated!

Arnold says you can’t fire Carson because he was just so good, whereas Porsha has come back to the boardroom so many times and keeps trying to wiggle herself out by her dialogue but it just doesn’t work anymore. Patrick and Tracey both agree he made the right decision.