The Celebrity Apprentice Recap – Eric and Snooki Eliminated: Season 15 Episode 2 “Fire Up That Chopper”

The Celebrity Apprentice Recap - Eric and Snooki Eliminated: Season 15 Episode 2 "Fire Up That Chopper"

Tonight our favorite reality show The Celebrity Apprentice with new host Arnold Schwarzenegger returns with a whole new Monday, January 9,  2017, season 15 episode 2 episode called, “Fire Up That Chopper,” and we have your weekly The Celebrity Apprentice recap below. On tonight’s The Celebrity Apprentice season 15 episode 2 as per the NBC synopsis, “The celebrities must create a live health segment showcasing a grape juice. Later, the teams must produce and edit viral videos for a new King’s Hawaiian product. Appearing: chef Rocco DiSpirito and Justine “iJustine” Ezarik.”

The show airs tonight from 8PM – 10PM and you do not want to miss all the drama, cat fights and fighting. You also do not want to miss seeing who is fired and who will eventually be crowned the winner. So don’t forget to come back to this spot for our The Celebrity Apprentice recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our TCA recaps, pics, photos, spoilers & more, right here!

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Celebrity Apprentice begins tonight with the celebrities meeting with Arnold Schwarzenegger and his advisers. Today’s task will be about health and fitness and healthy lifestyle. There are two representatives for Welch’s Grape Juice. The task is to create an 8-10 minute live health segment that showcases how Welch’s 100% Grape Juice supports a healthy heart and lifestyle.

Patrick Schwarzenegger informs the celebrities that they will be judged on best brand showcase, creativity of presentation, and audience integration. Mr. Schwarzenegger introduces both teams to Rocco DiSpirito, an award-winning chef and best-selling author for the book The Negative Calorie Diet. Rocco is going to join Patrick as his boardroom advisers this week.

For the Arete team the project manager is Chael Sonnen. The Prima team made a quick decision in choosing Laila Ali as their project manager. Laila is currently in nutrition school. The winning project manager will receive 25 thousand to their charity and Welch’s offers another 25 thousand to the winner. They are wished good luck and are told tomorrow they will meet in the boardroom to decide who goes home.

Chael tells his team the reason they are doing so well is because they are listening to what the Governor wants. He chooses Ricky Williams as his number two man because he is a great competitor, a sportsman and he is smart. He wants to see what Ricky is made of.

Ricky gets a sense when they choose to do a song, they might be in a bit of trouble. Ricky mentions it to Boy George who tells the group Ricky thinks its not a good idea. Chael is surprised Ricky didn’t talk to him about it and says that Ricky is there to make sure HIS wishes are fulfilled.

In the Prima war room, Laila asks all the woman for their ideas, and when Lisa suggests they make it about wine, most of the women object. Laila admits that Lisa had a rough boardroom meeting and this may be difficult to move forward from it; they are all there with smiles on their faces but no one had forgotten. Porsha comes up with a scandalous presentation and again, most of the women like it.

Laila puts her foot down, telling the women that these are just ideas to think about and is concerned that Porsha’s idea may be a little to the left, and they all overthink things. She admits that she isn’t a silly person, so she doesn’t want any silly ideas with 8-10 minutes. She wants to make sure the brand gets the message out there. She suggests a live cooking presentation, that she will do.

Laila is trying to gain control of the group but her voice is being drowned out a little bit. Kyle says the team is a bit intense because they have lost twice already and Kyle says there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

Laila brings the team to the place they are going to do their presentation. Rocco arrives to see the Prima team and asks Laila how the team is working with her. Laila tells him that everyone is doing really good and she is much more laid back than she thought she would be. He is surprised by that.

Brooke tells him that they plan on doing a talk show, where Laila is cooking and the three hosts are going to do the talking. He says they are definitely playing to their strengths but this presentation seems to be more about the content and the brand, but they are not thinking about what it means to entertain a live audience. It has to be funny and entertaining for it to work.

Brooke tells Laila they need to listen to him about being funny, she tells her team she doesn’t think they need to worry about being funny. Brooke is concerned that they need more humor and their creativity might not be enough. As they begin to rehearse, Kyle tells Laila she is really worried that they need more humor. Laila ignores their concerns and tells them they need to do a dry run.

In the Arete war room, Ricky is concerned about the whole presentation. He talks to Matt about all the information falling onto their two shoulders. Chael says he isn’t concerned about his presentation at all because he is only competing against the girls’ team.

The women are beginning to argue. Most of the team is drinking and Laila is getting frustrated that they are getting off track and only have 30 minutes left. She gets up and leaves the table. The next morning, the women are all at the set preparing for their presentation and Laila says she works well under pressure. Lisa is looking to Laila to stand up and wheel in her team. Porsha is going over their time limit every time and Laila is not saying anything.

The men bring in their supplies for their presentation. Chael says he is prepared if his team loses to the women because he is well armed to go into the boardroom. Eric is thinking outside the box and puts a bottle of grape juice under each seat in the audience and feels this is the only think he needs to do.

Prima does their presentation and so far they have the audience laughing, but Porsha continues to talk and talk over her time and Lisa cuts her off to do the last part of the presentation with a cooking session. Kyle is happy and feels they all represented the brand well and even though they weren’t as funny, they were definitely classy.

The Arete is now up for their Welch’s 100% Grape Juice presentation on The Celebrity Apprentice. Carson is impressed how well Chael is keeping the presentation together. They had the audience laughing and on their toes this whole time. Each segment was fun and had audience participation but Carson worries that they didn’t give enough information on the product.

The teams come to the boardroom and are greeted by Governor. Laila tells him her team did a fabulous job and they did a great job performing and she was happy with the end result. Porsha says everyone participated 100% and Laila was a great leader who kept things in order. Laila is strong and firm and a great leader. Patrick says these are great compliments from her team.

Governor asks Lisa after the rough meeting last week, did her team win today? Lisa throws Laila under the bus saying that she didn’t want them to go too far with the entertainment and being too funny or too loose. Lisa says she isn’t sure if that was a good call or not, but it was Laila’s call and the entire team followed her instructions to a T. Lisa says in her gut she believes they won their first task.

He turns to the guys’ team asking how they did. Chael says he had a good team and everyone played to their strengths. When asked who was the one strongest player, Chael says for now, Matt and Carson can breath a sigh of relief as he won’t nominate them for the boardroom tonight, but promises them eventually he will chop both their heads off.

Vince says he was a great project manager, he assigned everything right away. He was determined and got it done. He was awesome. Jon is asked if his humor helped the presentation for the grape juice. Jon insults Arnold but he jokes that Jon is finally coming alive.

Patrick says the Welch’s representatives thought the men’s team’s audience participation was beyond great. They thought the song, the workout routine were fantastic and they really enjoyed Matt as the doctor hammering home the message of the healthy heart. He said that was all really, really great. The negatives were there was no cohesive theme, so it was mis-jointed. They also felt they focused a lot on the health aspect and not the lifestyle part.

Rocco says the women’s team integration of their content was seamless and polished, there was a cohesive thread and they were able to capture the essence of he brand and convey the fact that Welch’s tastes good and is good for you. They said they nailed the millennial mom audience and they were very impressed with it. Laila says thank you. Rocco says the big miss was the lack of audience participation.

Arnold Schwazenegger says the women’s team win this task and Laila’s charity of Women’s Sports Foundation wins $50,000.00. She is congratulated and he sends the Prima team back for celebratory drinks.

Back in the boardroom, Chael admits that its not a good feeling to be there. When asked who he blames for the failure, he instantly places blame on Ricky, who didn’t follow and push his initiative. He tells the Governor that Ricky did tell people on the team he didn’t like the idea. Ricky defends his actions says he did voice his opinion but he didn’t poison anyone.

Ricky says they took a risk by not doing it stronger. Ricky says Chael should be fired. Carson is asked who contributed the least and he says Jon and Eric. Jon says that is a lie and says if the through line is to blame, then the project manager is ultimately responsible as he is the one who makes the final decision. Eric is asked why he shouldn’t be fired, he said he did what he was supposed to do and then some. Eric says he has no problem with being fired but he did everything he was supposed to do. Governor tells him it sounds like he doesn’t care, he denies that.

Vince is asked who is responsible for the loss. He says it comes down to a couple people, Chael, Carson and Matt. Chael again says it is Ricky because he turned his back on him. Chael says he is bringing back Eric and Ricky.

When they are brought back in the boardroom, Arnold Schwarzenegger expects them all to fight like hell to stay. Chael says he shouldn’t be fired because he did his job and he did it well. He led the guys and they were a very cohesive unit who followed his great direction. He again places blame on Ricky Williams.

Ricky cuts him off and says it was not about the song, since it wasn’t written when he mentioned it. He says it was him and Matt who had to do all the information about the product themselves. Eric defends Ricky saying it wasn’t about the song, it was about the product, the whole part they missed.

Governor asks him if the disagreeing is separating the group because some people like to surround themselves with yes men, describing how President Lincoln would bring in the people who disagreed with him the most to have live discussions, wanting to have the pros and cons about everything. Patrick jumps in and says it is true, he always disagrees with Arnold but Arnold always wins anyways.

Chael is asked if Eric should go home. He said that Eric did as he was told, but saying he didn’t really care if he went home, so he isn’t sure how much Eric wants to be there. Eric defends himself and his actions. He tells Chael he was intent on firing him but now with Eric saying he doesn’t care about their charity or being there.

Eric, you’re terminated; now get to the chopper!
~ Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger~

As the teams are celebrating Laila’s win, they can hear Ricky and Chael screaming at each other, when they all become concerned they come in laughing telling them they wanted to put on a show for them. Ricky says he knows that Chael is a gamer and he takes no offense to what just happened in the boardroom.

The celebrities come to meet Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his advisers in front of the Los Angeles Museum of Art. Today their task will be making their own video for King’s Hawaiian. The two representatives, Winston and Eric explain the task. They need to produce and edit viral videos for their four new BBQ sauces.

Patrick tells them they will be judged on viral potential, brand integration and product appeal. Governor introduces them to her special boardroom adviser, Justine Ezarik. She tells them to think about a video they would all want to watch and share; to think about all the crazy videos they see all the time that makes them want to hit the button and share with friends on all social media. The project managers are Nicole “Snooki” for the Prima team and Matt Iseman for the Arete team.

Nicole reveals that she joined the show to prove to everyone she is not “Snooki” from Jersey Shore, and wants to be known as Nicole the mom and business woman and this is a way of challenging herself. She isn’t ready to be project manager but feels the girls are going to have her back, even if she is terrified.

Nicole asks everyone for their opinion and they agree on the Saucy Housewives and double dipping for the video. Porsha continues to cut off Nicole as she speaks, and several of the women are not happy with Porsha; Brooke tells everyone they need to listen to Nicole. Laila confronts Lisa when she says she is allegedly the director for the videos, and they begin to argue. Laila says everyone can see through her act of trying to coast through the tasks and not accepting responsibility for anything she does.

Matt is talking to the men about their two 15-minute videos they have to produce. Matt throws Jon some responsibility and is concerned he might give him too much. Boy George says the video is too cliché, Matt agrees and Jon gets angry that his idea is no being pushed aside. Matt asks Jon how long he will need for them all to get on board with his idea and exactly how it is going to look. Jon stands up and says by the time they shoot he will be ready and walks out as Matt tries to talk to him.

The men arrive at the park for the shooting of the football video. Matt says he is putting his faith in Jon and Ricky, hoping they both have his back. Vince says when working with Jon, they need to keep him focused because he bounces around too much.

The crew arrives and Nicole admits it is stressful, but if they can’t do it, they shouldn’t be there. Lisa is directing and doing a great team. She says it is like being the captain of her basketball team. Kyle asks Nicole what is Porsha’s position and she says she doesn’t know, she leans on Kyle telling her she just wants to die. Lisa is asking for Nicole’s advice and Porsha says she wouldn’t know. Lisa tells her Nicole is the manager and it is her call.

Nicole says she isn’t used to being in a room filled with women with strong personalities. Lisa is trying to ask Nicole questions and Porsha keeps cutting her off. Lisa walks away saying there is too much negativity. Justine arrives to the Prima location to see how it is going. Lisa asks her to stand back as they are shooting. She says her video is perfect.

George is getting fed up with the football video with Ricky. He asks Ricky what he needs to do and Ricky tells him he isn’t in this shot, George asks him to just shoot his part while he is there. It is hot and George says Ricky doesn’t understand what its like to be in the heat wearing makeup. He tells Matt this whole thing is a joke. Matt says he is pulling his first diva move. Carson injures his elbow doing the shoot.

Prima is about to start their second video for the Saucy Housewives. Lisa says there is a lot of confusion telling Nicole the script isn’t complete. Nicole says they can finish it as they shoot but Porsha is taking over and changing the video around. Kyle and Porsha are ready to do two completely different stories and Nicole isn’t really taking control. Kyle says this may be great or a total disaster.

Nicole is worried about the videos and she hopes she can edit it properly. Porsha is freaking out, saying Lisa missed the whole thing with her directing ability. Porsha is saying that the only reason the first video worked is because she directed it. Porsha says Nicole and her are going big or going home. Nicole says they need to be outrageous and funny with this video to make it work.

Jon is trying to edit the video when Carson returns with his arm in a sling, revealing he has a tiny crack in his elbow.

The Arete team is working on editing their videos and Jon’s video is too long, he wants to save one part that has the whole punchline but others think something else needs to be in. Vince says sometimes there are just too many chefs in the kitchen; too many ideas and some of those are just not being heard. He is very frustrated, and Matt chases after him.

Vince tells him Jon clearly doesn’t want any help. Matt says sometimes they will get very pissed about things but they need to stick together as a team. Jon comes out and Vince yells that he doesn’t listen to anybody. Matt says his hands are full as project manager and most of that was trying to manage the team; asking if he just signed his death warrant.

Arete present their videos first. They all seem to like it, laughing at the videos. Matt says he is happy how their videos end up and if they don’t win it is probably his head. Prima presents their videos. The first video started off bizarre but by the end they were all laughing. The second video was horrible and no one laughed. Kyle said she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She is concerned that the concept she thought of didn’t show up on the video.

Both teams meet with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the boardroom. Carson explains what happened to his arm, admitting this is the first time he has taken down a professional athlete on the football field, everyone laughs.

The women begin first, Nicole says it was a big challenge for her since there are a lot of strong women and opinions to deal with; saying it was hard to wrangle up everybody. Brooke cannot admit that Nicole was a good leader. She says Nicole is Nicole and she was consistent in that, they enjoyed it but it was a different approach to the task.

Lisa says one of the videos was clearly better than the other. Kyle admits her and Laila came up with the concept but her concept isn’t what ended up happening. Porsha blames Lisa for the videos not turning out. Lisa says it is always interesting that no matter what they do, she is going to get blamed for everything that goes wrong.

Matt said brainstorming was a huge part of their team. George says when they started there was a lot of whining. Patrick wants to know how Matt kept them together. He says Jon is stubborn but he delivers. George was frustrated with the time management and at one point or another someone will throw a fit. George jumps in saying he didn’t throw a fit. Matt says whatever it was; George says it was just frustrating that they didn’t get on with it and why it took so long to do.

Patrick tells the men’s team the executives felt they made much better use of their celebrity. They loved the production value and directing of Ricky’s video. They also really liked the dog video. On the negative, they felt the product appeal could have been better in Ricky’s video.

Justine tells the women’s team that the executives really loved the double dipping video. They loved the product appeal because they could show how much they were absolutely loving the sauce. They thought it has huge viral potential because it could be watched over and over. The downfalls were in the saucy housewives there was no brand recognition at all, they weren’t sure what they were selling and what was the guy doing and what was going on.

Governor decides team Arete wins. Matt is the project manager so his charity Arthritis Foundation will receive $50,000.00. He has rheumatoid arthritis and is eternally grateful for this opportunity. The men are sent off to celebrate their victory.

Prima team stays in the boardroom and one of them will be fired. Nicole takes responsibility for time management and Justine tells her it seems like they worked too long on the one video and rushed the other one. Kyle says she shouldn’t be fired because her concept never arrived on the video.

Porsha jumps in and blames Lisa again. Lisa tells the Governor these are all lies. Laila says there were far too many cooks in the kitchen. Lisa says the concept kept changing for the second video and shot all the different angles they wanted. Porsha was doing the editing, so that was on her shoulders. Lisa keeps cutting Laila off and she tells Lisa to be quiet so she can finish, Lisa gives her the peace sign.

Nicole picks Lisa and Porsha to return to the boardroom with her, the rest of the Prima team are told to go back and join the men. Lisa says she is a strong individual and even though she has been there twice, she needs to stay. Porsha argues with Lisa, constantly blaming her. Porsha is angry that Lisa is blaming Nicole. Porsha says Lisa should be fired. Lisa says Nicole should be fired and Nicole bows her head and cries, saying she wants to take fault for it.

Nicole says she is not strong like the other women and she doesn’t feel she belongs here. She said this was far too hard on her. Lisa apologizes and Nicole says she doesn’t want to be a part of that. Arnold Schwazenegger tells her she has done an extraordinary job on changing her image. She has done an incredible job there, she has willpower and talent. She has stepped up to that level and has admitted in the middle of it that it is too much for her.

“You’re terminated, okay?” Nicole thanks him and tells him he is her favorite person ever. She has tried her hardest and she loves him. He tells her they love her too and she leaves. He tells his advisers that the team is filled with very strong women and in the end she was beaten down. Patrick says he made the right decision. Nicole was responsible and she was ready to go.