The Originals Recap 4/7/17: Season 4 Episode 4 “Keepers of the House”

The Originals Recap 4/7/17: Season 4 Episode 4 "Keepers of the House"

On the CW their drama, The Originals premieres with an all new Friday, April 7, 2017, season 4 episode 4 called “Keepers of the House,” and we have your weekly The Originals recap below. On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Hayley, desperate to save her daughter, turns to Marcel for help uncovering information about the mysterious force that has set its sights on the children of New Orleans. Elijah and Vincent join the hunt, which puts them on a dangerous collision course with an unlikely new threat. “

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The Originals begins tonight with Marcel Gerard (Charles Michael Davis) being interrupted by Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood), who informs him the kids never made it home. Marcel is confused saying he loaded those kids into the ambulance himself; Vincent says the ambulance is missing too.

Detective Will Kinney (Jason Dohring) brings the children to Lead Acolyte (Michael Beasley) revealing the children are sedated and he has already prepared them for the ritual. Will is given a token with their master’s power, saying he will need it for what’s to come. Will promises he won’t let anyone, including his friend, Vincent from stopping them.

Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Hayley Marshall (Phoebe Tonkin) arrive with a very sick Hope (Summer Fontana). They are back at their compound, where Vincent tells them, they can only stay until Hope is healed, then they need to leave.

Vincent purifies Hope and he says the only gratitude he wants is to see them leave the city. Hayley tells Hope to go to her father, but ravens start falling all around them, dead. Hope asks if they can hear the whispers saying the same name over and over. Vincent says its Creole meaning “the Hollow”. He says the Hollow is coming, as Hayley and Hope are surrounded in a perfect circle of dead ravens.

Hope is upstairs and the fever is back, but she is in no pain, she wants to see her father but Klaus refuses as he is on a murderous rampage. Hayley says she will handle Marcel and Elijah will see what he can do, while Klaus stays with Hope. Elijah warns Hayley that the Marcel they knew is gone and he is no ally.

Keelin (Christina Moses) is working with Freya (Riley Voelkel) to find a cure; when Freya says she is going to New Orleans because Hope is still sick Keelin tells her to get her hands on some of Marcel’s venom. Keelin says she wants to pass on robbing the most deadly vampire on the planet. Freya gives her a ring with a cure for her wolfism, but its on the condition she helps her.

Klaus comforts Hope, promising to take her any where in the world once this is finished. Hope says Hayley told her he loved New Orleans most of all, he admits he once did, until he learned that putting your love in a place is a mistake. It is these walls that remind him it is people who are best suited to fill their hearts. Hope tells him she doesn’t feel very good.

Vincent brings in some witches to share that some of their kind has started making human sacrifices to this spirit called The Hollow, it is dark, angry and very powerful. Elijah walks in saying, it is a force his family plans to erase. He excuses everyone who is in the church saying he needs to talk to Vincent.

Elijah says there are children’s lives at risk and Vincent angrily asks him why he suddenly cares about children, what about Davina Claire? Vincent admits he only sees Elijah as a merciless butcher. Elijah doesn’t care, saying he will be the devil himself, and Vincent should make no mistake, he will violate everything sacred under the sun in the name of rescuing his niece. Vincent agrees to work with the Mikaelsons but only if its his way.

Marcel meets with the witches, saying they have lived in peace for 5 years but now their problem has become his. Someone is taking children and they all know he has one rule that is non-negotiable: they do not mess with kids! He points out the graffiti, saying someone knows who is responsible.

One witch steps forward saying they don’t owe him anything, as he is no friend to witches. Hayley pipes up in the background understanding why they don’t trust him, but one of those kids is her 7 year old daughter. She doesn’t care about the past, she is just a mom asking them to help her.

She tells Hayley about Laura who wrote the same symbol in blood on her window, but this woman isn’t a witch, she’s a wolf. She says Laura ran off to the bayou.

Freya and Keelin are inside Marcel’s place when Keelin wants to know why she won’t tell her family about their secret project. She says they are overly sensitive when it comes to Marcel. They begin to search for a stockpile of Marcel’s venom. Freya finds a safe in the wall.

Vincent is working on finding the source of the symbol from a witch he took out the other day. Elijah asks if this thing that haunts minds, has spoken to him? Vincent said he heard it but was able to shut it out, unlike other people. Vincent says Elijah will be a liability.

Klaus tells Hope he doesn’t know what the Hollow is, but it wants the other kids, she can feel it. He promises he won’t let anything take her, he will keep her safe, always and forever.

As Vincent is doing a spell, he sees Will and the Acolyte, Elijah asks him what he sees. Hayley calls and learns Hope is sleeping and Freya will be there soon with medicinal help for Hope. Hayley promises she will deal with this wolf and show her the error of her ways. Marcel warns her Laura may try to kill her. Laura knows who she is and why she is there, she apologizes saying the children are as good as dead. Hayley glares at her.

Will arrives at Vincent’s to have a drink. Will says its a weird time for a drink and they should be looking for those kids. Will pulls a gun on Vincent when he says this thing is not going to deliver on what it promised.

Will says he is wrong, and had Vincent just done what it asked him to do, things might have been different for him and Cami (Leah Pipes) and all of them. Will says he can do one evil thing to rid all the evilness over running New Orleans. Vincent offers to help but Will informs him he is in the middle of what’s to come.

Will says they sent him there to retrieve Vincent, he shoots his gun but Elijah jumps in. He crouches down telling Will he has quite the evil monster inside of him, and asks if Will wants to see his?

In the Quarters, Klaus tells a sleeping Hope to listen to him. He tells her the heart that beats in her chest is a warrior’s heart; the heart of a Mikaelson. Whatever hold this power has over you, it is nothing compared to her strength. He continues to tell her, that her power is greater than she knows.

He pleads with her, and removes the bracelet her mother gave her to withhold her powers. Hope wakes up telling him she saw the other kids and they are so scared. She makes him promise that if he ever sees the blue lights to not look at them, and falls back asleep.

Freya can’t open the safe, Keelin tells her to go help her niece and she will crack the safe. She promises to meet her wherever she tells her to. Elijah is unable to break into Will’s mind, Vincent says he can break him but it will take time. He says Will is just as much a victim as all those kids.

Hayley says they aren’t there to hurt her. Laura says she didn’t know they would involve children; revealing it is those who serve the Hollow, followers of the blue light. She thought they were doing a good thing, trying to take back their city back from the vampires. She says its not Marcel’s city to rule, as New Orleans belongs to all of them.

Laura chastises Hayley for vanishing on her pack after she asked Laura why she didn’t turn to the pack for help? Hayley says she had a child to take care of and she is one of the kids in danger, she begs Laura to help them.

Laura bursts out laughing saying they can’t help the kids, the Hollow wants power, the kind that only comes from sacrifice and those kids will die so he can get stronger. It will feed and it will rise and they all will bow before it. She says she won’t be here to see it, and kills herself.

Vincent tells Elijah that he is the one who gave the Hollow breathe, and he doesn’t know what he did to bring it into this world, but he isn’t going to let him take it out. Will suddenly jumps out of his restraints, he pulls out his necklace, throwing Vincent and Elijah in the air. Vincent tells Elijah he tagged him with magic so they can trace him.

In the bayou, Vincent and Elijah meet with Klaus who is furious about not knowing what “it” is. Vincent tells him the kids are attached to that spell and if they save the kids, they save Hope. Marcel says the sooner they do this, the sooner the Mikaelsons can leave.

Marcel and Klaus are walking together arguing. Marcel says he cares about finding the kids and erasing the messed up people who took them. Root out the problem and make them go away – that is what you do when you’re the king. Klaus informs him he has no intention of being king, he has learned his life is better spent with his child, but Marcel can have fun proving he is a better king.

Elijah, Hayley and Vincent are together, trying to figure out how to kill the bright blue light. Freya is home working on concoctions to heal Hope, while in the woods the ritual has begun. Will shows his medallion to the Lead Acolyte, who welcomes him, telling him to join them as they reclaim their power and their rightful place. He plans to lay waste to all those who would deny their master.

Will says he knows what he has to do and he isn’t afraid. Klaus grabs a bone off the tree and throws it, piercing the Acolyte in the chest. Vincent grabs the kids, but Will pulls out the medallion and drags Marcel to the altar. Klaus grabs Will and snaps his neck.

Vincent screams out as Klaus and Marcel are locked inside a circle of fire. He says this was a trick to get them there to channel their power to come into this world. The kids are alive, but they are linked to the ritual and they can’t free Marcel and Klaus by breaking the spell. He can only break it by killing one of the kids. Hayley says there has to be another way.

Vincent suggests staking Elijah, he will die temporarily and hopefully that will break the spell. Meanwhile Klaus and Marcel are in another world, where the mask of the Hollow is lighting up with blue inside. Klaus tells Marcel to shut his eyes.

Vincent attempts a spell, channeling Elijah’s power, Hayley stakes Elijah and Vincent confirms it worked; Freya feels it at home too. Hope sits up and tells Freya they are not cold any more.

The kids are reunited with their parents, as Vincent smiles overlooking the reunion. Hayley watches from the balcony, telling Marcel a lot of tragedy has happened there, a lot of regret but Hope was born there, so there is good with all the bad. She hopes that the city being his gives him some peace.

She says goodbye to him, but he asks her to tell Hope that she never needs to fear him. Freya is glad Keelin showed up, Keelin says from where she comes from, when you give someone their word, they keep it. She is team Mikaelson, whether she wants to be or not.

Freya takes her hand, and places a spell on the ring she made Keelin wear. She says it is done, the ring is altered. She may keep the benefits, minus the leash.

Klaus finds Elijah drinking and they cheers to a retched day. He says as soon as Hope is better, they will leave as she is all that matters. Elijah nods. Hayley comes over to Elijah asking him what he would have done to those kids had Vincent not found the loophole. He leans down and says anything he had to do.

Hayley says she doesn’t want this for her nor her daughter. They need to stop putting their family ahead of others. She puts her hand gently on his face and says they have to do better.

Marcel meets Vincent at the bar acknowledging how rough today was for him, but at least they put an end to it. Vincent puts his glass up for Will. He explains that the Hollow wanted them there; it wanted to come into their world by anchoring itself to one of them. He wonders if they ended it, or if it is just getting started?

Hope wakes up to a plate full of treats. Vincent wonders if the Hollow hasn’t already gotten to Marcel, asking him what he said when he was in the circle; he said he didn’t say a thing. Hope wanders through the destroyed mansion they used to call home. She climbs the stairs as Vincent tells Marcel, he hopes he is right. He leans into Marcel saying, “Nothing ever stays buried!”

Marcel and Hope both notice the lights flickering off and on for a few moments. Marcel picks up his drink, and sees blue flashes behind him. He turns to see where the mirror was shattered by Elijah’s body. He walks towards the mirror, staring directly into the light.

Hope walks towards her father, who turns around and his eyes are lightning blue. She screams and wakes up in her bed, from what she just saw, crying out, “It’s here. The Hollow, it’s here!”