‘The Voice’ Ratings Down: Can Kelly Clarkson Save Show Before It’s Too Late?

'The Voice' Ratings Down: Can Kelly Clarkson Save Show Before It's Too Late?

The Voice is scrambling after it’s reported that ratings are down. The NBC singing competition series will face some major competition with American Idol on ABC. Viewers tuned in each week to see Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and other guest celebrities coach contestants who hope to make a break in the music industry. The series is not as hot as it used to be. Since the show is all about the celebrities and it keeps changing the coaches each season, viewers are losing interest.

Producers are hoping to gain viewers’ interest once again. They announced that Kelly Clarkson will join on as one of the celebrity coaches. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s relationship may play out on the series again. Producers want the couple to surprise viewers with a live proposal. They are trying anything to see if it will give them a much-needed ratings boost.

Multiple reports have indicated that producers are asking Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton to make an on-air proposal to save the show. This proposal may surprise the viewers, but it will not surprise either of the parties. Gwen will have to pretend to look shock as Blake bends down on one knee. But, it could be the thing to save the show that’s now a sinking ship.

'The Voice' Ratings Down: Can Kelly Clarkson Save Show Before It's Too Late?

It’s probably because The Voice comes on twice a year. That’s already too much of The Voice. American Idol, on the other hand, only aired once a year when it was on FOX. Now that it will premiere on ABC next year, it’s likely that it will stick to its regular schedule.

Since this season is approaching the end, producers are hoping that the couple will move forward with the engagement. Blake Shelton has been ready to propose to Gwen Stefani since the beginning of their relationship. But the former No Doubt front woman isn’t listening to producers because she doesn’t trust them. It’s bad enough that she’s been replaced by Miley Cyrus, and now she will be replaced by Kelly Clarkson.

According to TVSeriesFinale.com, Season 12 kicked off with 13 million viewers. The last episode only attracted 9.14 million viewers. That’s a 33 percent drop, and less than 4 million viewers. It still gets a good number of viewers each week. And it’s high in the demo for the 18 to 54 range.

Insiders also revealed that Gwen Stefani is not feeling it this season. She didn’t like it when the producers told her and Blake Shelton to stop piling on the PDA. So, they’ve been trying to keep to themselves and stay professional for the sake of the show. Now, the couple is being blamed for the huge drop in ratings.

Maybe Kelly Clarkson can give the show what it needs. Kelly Clarkson can help pull in fans of  American Idol. That will give ABC’s revamped American Idol some steep competition. It hasn’t been reported whether American Idol and The Voice will air at the same time in 2017.

'The Voice' Ratings Down: Can Kelly Clarkson Save Show Before It's Too Late?

Fans of The Voice want to see Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani play out their romance on air. They really don’t care about the contestants. In fact, how many contestants have had success off the show? Sound off below in the comments section and check back with CDL for more The Voice news and updates.

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