The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Mr. Sato is Juliet’s Father – Cane Plot Traces Back To Victor

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Mr. Sato is Juliet's Father – Cane Plot Traces Back To Victor

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Juliet (Laur Allen) was hiding her own paternity long before Cane’s (Daniel Goddard) biological link to her baby was claimed. Mr. Sato (Richard Narita) is Juliet’s father. He holds a grudge against Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) that is in some way playing into Juliet’s baby scheme.

As viewers recall, Cane traveled to Tokyo, Japan, where he met with Mr. Sato. Juliet had been hired by Victoria (Amelia Heinle) to serve as a translator and cultural interpreter for that crucial meeting where Brash and Sassy was seeking exclusive rights to Sato’s store shelves.


Cane’s nervous demeanor appeared to nearly sink his proposal. He laughably deferred to Sato with reverence that seemed more fit for an emperor and then gave the guy a bro-hug, a term Juliet used which furthers crusty modern language.

The owner of glorified department stores (an apt term that is also rightly applied to other former nickel and dimes across the globe) feigned deep offense and then quickly left Cane behind. Portraying a savvy, twenty-first century globalist as cemented in ages-old customs seemed to be corny, but actually was part of a deeper storyline.


Juliet appeared to come to Cane’s rescue, rushing out to make amends with Sato for the infinitely horrible mistake. Viewers also took note that Goddard’s character was rigidly written to play the stupid westerner, a destructive bias that’s emerged in modern times within the minds of those who think they hold moral superiority over this advanced and generous culture.

Scraping away false fronts, viewers will soon be allowed to see that Sato-san was wronged by an evil Genoa City-based corporate titan years ago. Yes, it’s who viewers are thinking of. The Moustache is a one-dimensional image that may have been borrowed from the illustrated Milburn Pennybags’ image. He, of course is the cartoon face seen on the famous Monopoly game.


Just as Vickie and Nick (Joshua Morrow) have long asserted, living under their father’s shadow creates an enduring double-edged sword. The golden lifestyle they were born into is countered by consequences applied by the many enemies the Black Knight has made.

Victoria unknowingly hired a freelancer who is actually the daughter of Sato-san and that man hates whatever Victor did to him back in time. Soon all Y&R fans will know whether Juliet has been seeking vengeance in order to restore her father’s honor, or has been working with him to attack the daughter of the great Victor Newman.

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