This Is Us Recap 10/24/17: Season 2 Episode 5 “Brothers”

This Is Us Recap 10/24/17: Season 2 Episode 5 "Brothers"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 24, 2017, premiere episode and we have your This Is Us Recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 2 episode 5, as per the NBC synopsis, “Kate surprises Toby at work. Kevin and Randall attend a charity fundraiser for Sophie’s hospital. Jack takes the boys on a camping trip, leaving Rebecca to deal with some unexpected news.”

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The boys are playing outside as Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore) load up the car for a camping trip; Rebecca worries about Jack being prepared for the time away with the boys but he eases her, and she wishes them the best of luck. Rebecca tells Kate to come say goodbye to the boys are they are about to have their girl time with movies and pedicures.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) is in the bathroom, looks in the mirror but when he grabs his pain medication, the bottle is empty; he opens the medicine cabinet and first aid kit, finding nothing. Randall (Sterling K. Brown) knocks on the door, chastising him for keeping the kids up so late.

Kevin says he only has one night with his nieces until he is with Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) and besides, it was his kids, especially Annie (Faithe Herman) who kept him up asking him questions about his co-stars. Kevin asks Randall to come to the gala tonight,t but Randall reminds him no black man would ever be jealous of being auctioned off and reminds him of American History.

Randall wants to know what Kevin thinks of Deja (Lyric Ross); he says she is lovely and adorable. Randall reminds him to tread lightly when it comes to her and to not ask her about her hair. Kevin joins Deja in the kitchen, asking Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) to come to Sophie’s gala. Beth says she can’t get a sitter on such short notice, but Deja wants to go so Randall offers to take her. Beth pulls him out of the room, concerned that she isn’t ready for a swanky gala; she says it’s too fancy for her and too many people. He doesn’t care if the only reason she wants to go is that she is crushing on his brother.

Kate comes to see Toby (Chris Sullivan) in his office, he clears off his desk thinking they were going to have sex. She blurts out that she is 8 weeks pregnant, he comes around the desk saying that is the greatest thing he has heard in his whole life. Kate stops him, saying she is 37, and having a geriatric pregnancy and bad things happen to her. He gets it, that she doesn’t want to be hopeful, but she corrects him saying if he is hoping too, it will make her hoping even harder. She doesn’t want him to tell anyone about his hopes until the baby is living outside of her body. He agrees.

Rebecca and Kate prepare to go see a movie and manicure when their phone rings. Rebecca learns Jack’s father is close to dying from the nursing home, she calls the campground, leaving a message asking how Jack would like her to handle it.

Jack is out driving with his father, who won’t let him touch the car radio. He tells Jack they are after rainbow trout and bass, but they do not want catfish nor carp. They pull into a Tavern on the way, where a young Jack sits in the car while his father goes in for a drink.

At the campground, the boys are bickering, but Jack encourages them to use teamwork. Once Kevin and Randall have part of the tent up, Randall runs inside, and Kevin drops his side, mocking him, saying the sky is falling. Jack grabs Kevin saying Randal is his brother and they should be able to depend on each other more than anyone else in the world. He tells him to be good to his brother and rebuild the tent and when it is done he can sit in it until he says he can come out.

Kevin sits at home, makes a call to his doctor’s office, saying he ran out of his Vicodin again; his call is interrupted when Sophie walks in. She tells him to pace himself when it comes to drinking, he deflects saying he is just tired. He gets her to back off when he asks about her third dress option. Meanwhile, Beth is helping Randall with his tie, asking if Deja liked the dress he got her. She reminds him to be cool and not tell any jokes; saying cool means normal. On the drive, Randall talks about the neighborhood and what the buildings used to be, but Deja isn’t interested.

Rebecca comes to see Stanley Pearson (Peter Onorati) at the nursing home; but when she finds him, he seems confused when she introduces herself as “Jack’s wife”. She explains that Jack wasn’t home, asking him if there is anything she can do for him. She is about to leave, but turns back saying it was nice to finally meet him but sorry about the circumstances. She acknowledges that his relationship with Jack was complicated. He only speaks when he sees Kate, and she asks if that is her grandfather. Rebecca removes her from the doorway.

A young Jack keeps watching his father drink at the bar, while he sees the can of worms beside himself; he keeps reminding himself that his father is coming back. Jack talks to Kevin in the tent, telling him things are easier if he is nice to his brother. Jack wants to know why Kevin cannot be nice to Randall. Kevin yells at him to stop and says he doesn’t want to talk about it but Jack promises they will talk about it later.

At Sophie’s gala, Randall tries to make Deja laugh with a Star Trek reference, but she ignores him. She takes off when she sees Kevin, and introduces her to Sophie. He likes her hair which gets them talking, so Randall leaves with Sophie to get a drink.

Rebecca and Kate sit at the nursing home, she apologizes that it is so boring, but she wants to wait a little longer for Jack to call. They talk about getting old and not wanting to go bald. Rebecca says her hair is beautiful and jokes about how bald all 3 babies were when they were born. She says the best thing about being a mom is watching your kids grow up.

Adult Kate is looking at her sonogram photos at a meeting, where a thinner girl is talking; Kate begins to make funny faces as the woman says she is now vaping. Kate asks her if that was her whole point, she stands up and snaps at the girl and says no one in the room is defending her because she doesn’t have a real problem with real issues. Kate tells her to go screw herself.

Outside, Madison wants to know why Kate hates her and she tells her it is because she is annoying and doesn’t need to be there. Madison says Kate and Toby are annoying because they make everyone feel bad for being single; Kate asks if it’s because she is annoying. Both women get into their cars and crash into each other. Kate freaks out and blurts out she is pregnant and is scared. Madison hugs her and says that is amazing and she is happy for her as Kate begs her not to say anything.

At the gala, Sophie announces that Kevin is the next person on the auction block; Randall is watching as Deja is tasting shrimp for the first time but when he corrects her on not eating the shrimp tail, she flinches. He asks if she is okay and she leaves to go to the bathroom. As Sophie is announcing Kevin’s name to come to the stage, he is in the lobby calling for refills on his prescription, not understanding why it is such a big deal. Sophie keeps calling out his name, but he doesn’t come back and continues to drink.

Jack hands Randall a stick and a hotdog, Randall looks to the tent, but Jack tells him not to worry about him. Randall doesn’t believe his brother loves him, but Jack advises him to give him some space; no one likes patience, but he needs time.

Kevin finds Randall standing outside the bathroom, Randall says Deja doesn’t like him because he comes on too strong; unlike Kevin who she really likes. Kevin tells Randall he cares too much and always has. Kevin says he feels too much whereas he tries not to feel anything at all. Kevin smiles and tells Randall he is okay and tries to stop Randall from going into the women’s bathroom because someone might be pooping in there; Randall goes it.

At the campsite, the park ranger arrives with Rebecca on the radio. She says everyone is okay but the nursing home where his dad is at called and she went there, hoping he isn’t mad at her. Jack learns he is old, has cirrhosis and is dying. She asks him if he wants to come back, but he decides to stay with the boys instead. He pauses when she asks if there is anything he wants to tell his dad, but Jack says the man has been dead to him for a long time. She tells Jack he is a miracle, coming from who his father was and the dad he is now – Jack says it takes one to know one.

Kate comes home, saying she has good and bad news for Toby. She reveals she was in a fender bender and the good news is the person she got into the accident with was Madison. She said it felt good to say it out loud. She tells Toby to come with her and not ask any questions.

Kevin returns to Sophie, asking what he missed. Kevin sighs when he learns he was bought for 14 grand and sorry he missed it. Sophie doesn’t buy his excuse and says he embarrassed her in front of her friends and co-workers. She demands to know why he chose to get drunk on HER night. She gets mad at him, telling him not to make her the nagging girlfriend. He says she is right, but she says he has been weird ever since he came back to New York. He says he is exhausted and should have never come; he leaves saying he needs to get some air and will meet her at her place.
Randall stands in the bathroom as Deja asks if he will stand out there forever. She tells him he cannot grab her like that and begins to talk about her life in a group home and how they got into trouble over magazines. She talks about how butt ugly the woman was, but the magazines were used to hit them because they didn’t bruise as much and that is why she doesn’t like to be grabbed. Randall looks down as she comes out of the bathroom stall and walks towards the door.

Kate brings Toby into a café, telling him to tell anyone he wants in there and they will never come there again. She tells him to go crazy and use the “p” word. He walks up to the cashier and asks if he can play just one song on the system; he says it is his happy song to Kate. As the song begins to play, Toby begins to dance and tells everyone in the café that they are pregnant. He pours a jug of water on him, making Kate laugh; he then announces they can go now.

Young Kevin is playing a game in the tent until he finds Randall’s little notebook that gives him cues on how to get along with Kevin. Kevin peers outside to see Randall out there, and while Jack is away, Kevin comes out and roasts marshmallows with him. Jack joins the boys by the fire.

Rebecca returns to Stanley’s room, telling him that Jack isn’t coming and leaves the room. She stands in the hallway then returns to the room telling him that Jack is a great father, provider, and husband, and his actions didn’t screw jack up, they only made him stronger. Meanwhile, Jack and the boys are howling at the moon, laughing and having fun. The following morning, Kate and Rebecca welcome the boys and Jack back.

Randall drives home, smiling at a sleeping Deja. Kevin wanders the streets, broken. He calls another doctor, saying he as in a lot of pain and begs for them to call him back.

Jack lays in bed with a sleeping Rebecca, remembering sitting in the car holding a worm when his brother woke up in the back seat and him telling him that their father is inside the bar and probably won’t be back for a while; promising his brother, Nicky that he isn’t going anywhere.

Jack gets up, opens a drawer in his toolbox where he kept letters and photos. He pulls one out of him in the military with his brother sitting right beside him.


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