Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap 9/11/18: Season 5 Episode 11

Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap 9/11/18: Season 5 Episode 11

Tonight on ABC after weeks of drama, romance & more Bachelor in Paradise airs an all-new Tuesday, September 11, 2018, episode and we have your Bachelor in Paradise finale recap below.  On tonight Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 Episode 11 as per the ABC synopsis, “For one couple, the woman has been ready to get engaged from the moment they met, while her love-at-first-sight hasn’t been moving quite as fast.

However, he seems eager to catch up so only time will tell if his feelings will get there in time to give her a storybook ending. For another couple, the journey hasn’t been easy with others attempting to come between them. Despite the temptation, they haven’t given up yet. The final couple is surely in love but has a lot of doubts.”

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of the Bachelor in Paradise and because it is a new episode you just know there is going to be lots of drama, heartbreak & tears. So bookmark this spot and come back tonight at 8 PM – 10 PM for our Bachelor in Paradise recap. While you wait for the recap, make sure to check out all our Bachelor of Paradise, news, spoilers, recap & so much more!

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We are finally in a final night in Paradise. Annaliese loves how she woke up after spending the night with Kamil. The two head down to the beach, Annaliese meets with Chris H. and tells him that she loves Kamil. Next, Annaliese heads to the beach to face Kamil. Annaliese pours her heart out to Kamil, tells him that she loves him. Kamil tells her from the first date he knew she was a special woman and that he was falling in love with her. He says he knows she is ready for engagement, but he is not, he needs to move at a pace that is right for him.

Jordan and Jenna are next, Jordan feels very different than when he walked in and feels this is the most vulnerable moment of his life. The two head to the beach, Jenna loves Jordan and looks forward to an incredible life together filled with love. Jenna tells Jordan that she is freaking out, then she tells him that she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Jordan tells her that she taught him that there is love at first sight and he wants to build a family with her. Jordan gets down on one knee, he tells her he is madly in love with her and asks her to marry him, she says yes and he puts a ring on her finger.

The last couples are Chris and Krystal, Chris has doubts and is afraid of the unknown in the next chapter. The two head down to the beach. Chris tells her it hasn’t been smooth sailing and he even wanted to give up a few weeks ago, but she has made him a better version of himself. Chris says that he has to be honest, he is so sorry, it would be so unfair if he left the island holding her hand when he wants to hold her heart. Chris gets down on one knee and proposes, then gives her a ring, she says yes.

We are in the studio with Chris H. in front of an audience and all the cast from this season is there.

Chris H. takes a look back at the season and calls John the kissing bandit.

John left with Olivia and she tells Chris H. that after the show they face timed a lot, spent the weekend together and it was going really good up to a few weeks ago, he said he only wanted to be friends. John says it was their different lifestyles, she tells him that she knows he was flirting with Chelsea as well and that was a slap in the face.

Eric and Angela face off, he says they didn’t move to the next level, she says that he called her his queen and that he was all in.

Next is Benoit versus Jordan, he says that he had a good time with Jenna and it wasn’t his fault if she went on a date with him, Jordan shouldn’t be mad at him. Benoit says that Jordan blew up, not him.

Tia and Colton are next, she says they were never on the same page, they tried and it didn’t work.

David also had interactions with Jordan, he says sorry and they hug it out.

Kevin had change of heart and left Astrid in tears. Chris H. is with Astrid, he asks her what in the world happened. Astrid says she has played that last day back in her head so much and she is still confused. Kevin reached out to her, they care about each other, but the trust has been broken. Astrid says she needs him to take a certain level of responsibility. Kevin joins them on stage, he says he didn’t realize how much the fantasy suit meant and he regretted what happened with Ashley which made his whole thought process crumble in his head. Kevin hopes for the best, he wants to see where his relationship can go with Astrid. Kevin says it was his family and therapy that got him through this, Astrid didn’t deserve to be blamed for it. Kevin says he is madly in love with her, she says she is in love with him – the two kiss and Chris H. it truly works out for the two of them.

Kendal is with Chris H., he says she and Joe were one of the most popular couples and wants to talk about what went wrong. Kendal says that she was terrified, she let her fear take over and realized she made a big mistake the moment Joe walked away. Kendal went to Chicago after he shows to meet with Joe, she poured her heart out to him and he told her he didn’t know if he can back to where they were. Joe joins them on stage. Joe admits he thought they were over after they left Paradise. Joe says he loves Kendal and they kiss and reveal that they are back together. Future plans are to be together, Chris H. says that he has pulled some strings, he has secured Joe a spot on Dancing with the Stars, so they can be together in LA.

Time for Annaliese to sit in the hot seat, she says they are in a good spot even though the long distance is not easy. Kamil joins them on stage, he says that their chemistry was great in Paradise and in the real world, then he says he may not be the guy for her because he lost that spark that they had in Paradise – he thinks it is best for them to slowly part ways. Annaliese is in shock and doesn’t know what to say, they booked a room to stay in the city for a week. Kamil says he wants to be there for her but he can’t. Annaliese leaves the stage, Kamil says the long distance has been hurting them and he lost the spark. Annaliese is back, she says she wanted to break up two weeks ago and he wouldn’t let her, he said that he was going to step it up. Annaliese can’t believe that he is doing on live TV, Chris H. asks Kamil to leave the stage. Chris H. wants to give Annaliese the last word, she says she tried and she was hopeful.

Kamil and Annaliese talk backstage. Kamil says that the reason it is not working is that she lives too far and he does not feel the same about her that she feels about him.

Jordan and Jenna are next, Jordan says the distance is very hard, but they are heavily in love. The two are still engaged, Jenna says she doesn’t want to live without him. Jordan asks Chris H. if next year, June 9th he will officiate their wedding, he says yes.

The last couple is Chris and Krystal and they are both on stage. They both say they are nervous, Chris is crying because he is really happy. They both say it is a tough journey. Chris has been through a lot to get to this point, he says that he wouldn’t be there if Krystal didn’t have a heart to heart with him to drop the tough guy act. Chris went to see Krystal’s dogs. The two announce that they will be moving in together soon. Both mothers are in the audience. Chris’ mom says they are a wonderful couple together. Both mothers are the best of friends and Krystal’s mom says they are looking forward to a flock of geese. Chris H. gives them a crystal goose as a gift for their mantle.


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