Big Brother Recap 6/27/18 Season 20 Premiere

Big Brother Recap 6/27/18 Season 20 Premiere. Tonight on CBS Big Brother Season 20 kicks off with an exciting summer 2018 premiere.  Host Julie Chen is back for another fun-filled summer of drama, competitions, shocking twists, and of course eliminations.

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Summer has officially began with season 20 of Big Brother tonight. In the audience there are contestants from every season. This summer technology is taking over Big Brother. First, here are the first house guests; Samantha Bledsoe, a Welder from VA – Tyler Crispen, a Lifeguard from SC, Bayleigh Dayton, a Flight Attendant from GA – Steve Arienta, a Former undercover cop from NJ – Kaitlyn Herman, Life coach from CA – Winston Hines, Medical sales rep from KY – Angela Rummans, a Fitness model from CA – JC is a Professional dancer from CA. The first four to enter the house are Tyler, Bayleigh, Samantha and Winston. Steve, Angela, JC and Kaitlyn are the next four to enter. Eight are in and getting to know each other. Before the night is out someone will win a game changing power and while others will suffer a game changing punishment.

Now we will meet the rest of the house guests; Rachel Swindler, a Vegas entertainer from NV, Chris “Swaggy C” Williams, a Day trader from Conn, Angie ‘Rockstar” Lantry, a Stay at home mom from MD, Brett Robinson, a Cybersecurity engineer from MA, Kaycee Clark, a Pro-football player from AZ, Scottie Salton, a Shipping manager from IL, Haleigh Broucher, a College student from TX and Faysal Shafaat, a Substitute teacher from FL. Time for more to enter the house; Haleigh, Scotty, Faysal and Kaycee. The last four are Rachel, Chris, Brett and Rockstar, they enter the house.

Everyone meets in the living room and they enjoy champagne and getting to know each other. Julie tells the houseguest that there are going to be high tech twists, upgraded powers and punishments, and the most spectacular challenges ever.

Julie tells everyone to get in their gear and head to the backyard. They are all about to battle the first week of the game. The winner will have the ability to keep eight houseguests safe including themselves while putting eight houseguests in jeopardy. Two groups of eight houseguests are standing on platforms, the first eight fall into the water in pitch blackness, the other eight are dangling from ropes.

Julie speaks to eight that are in the water, hidden are seven folders and they have to bring them to the revealed room. Six folders have the word ESCAPE on it and one has ESCAPE AND PLAY, it is the winning folder and they will get to compete to reprogram the game. The one person who doesn’t find a folder will receive a punishment. Tyler found an escape folder and goes back into the house. Bayleigh and Brett find an escape folder each and also returns to the house.

Angela won the ESCAPE AND PLAY, Kaycee didn’t find a folder and will receive a punishment.

Meanwhile the other eight houseguests are hanging and they have to prove they are not robots by searching the letter blocks below them to spell the word HOUSEGUEST. The first to do it will advance to compete with the person who won the other challenge. The loser will receive a punishment. Swaggy C won the competition, Samantha lost.

Bayleigh tells Swaggy C that he needs to keep a low profile and calm down the beast. Swaggy C and Angela talk, she tells him that she wants to keep her original eight. Swaggy C is furious, now he wants to beat her and vote her out. On to the final part of the competition, there are two surf boards ten feet in the air and each of them have to stay on them.

There are obstacles coming at them from all points and they have to duck and sway to avoid them, its anyone’s game. Swaggy C won the competition and he gets to decide everyone’s fate. The houseguest came into the house in four groups of four, Swaggy C gets to decide which 2 groups are safe and which two are not. Everyone in the house is vying for Swaggy C’s attention, they all want their safety. Kaycee comes out of a room and she is dressed in a pinwheel unitard. All of a sudden a robot comes into the house and the robot is Sam.

Julie calls everyone into the living room. Julie tells Kaycee that when her pinwheel starts to spin that is hung over her neck she must stay in the room she is in until it stops and could affect her social game. Sam is officially robot and every time she hears the words robot offline, she will go in the diary room and return a human, every time she hears the words robot online, she will go in the diary room and return a robot. The punishments will last until the first eviction.

Time for Swaggy C to make his choice. The first group he saves Rockstar, Brett, Rachel and Swaggy C. The second group is Scotty, Haleigh, Kaycee and Faysal. One of the other eight houseguest will be going home in the live eviction as they are not safe.


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