Blue Bloods Recap 10/19/18: Season 9 Episode 4 “Blackout”

Blue Bloods Recap 10/19/18: Season 9 Episode 4 "Blackout"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, October 19, 2018, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 9 episode 4 “Blackout,” as per the CBS synopsis, “When New York City experiences a major blackout, cops scramble to contain the resulting chaos, and Frank uncovers some unpleasant truths about his department in the aftermath. Also, Jamie and Eddie question the line between work and their relationship, and Danny and Baez race to question the subject of a murder investigation before she gets tipped off by her ex-boyfriend.”

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Blue Bloods begins tonight with New York City has a massive blackout and chaos erupts. Sgt. Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) tries to get his station in order. Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) talks to Leah who was sexually assaulted, she feels it was her fault because she drank too much and stayed out too late. Eddie says they should blame the guy who did this to her instead.

At PC Frank Reagan’s (Tom Selleck) office, Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) doesn’t understand why Dt. Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk) and Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy) are staring out a dark window. Frank wants to be on the streets and involved but Sid says they have boots on the ground. Frank suggests he might rewrite protocol for the state of emergency, the power comes back on and Frank tells them to get back to work.

Dt. Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Dt. Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) are on the scene of a murdered woman, the apartment belongs to a Ben Wilson. They learn from him that he came home and found her like this, called 911. He insists he lives by himself and no one else has keys, she is a complete stranger to him.

Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) and ADA Nartin Richardson (Justin Walker White) meet with their suspect on video driving to and from the robbery. She is afraid of what her husband, Mike will do to their son if she goes to the police, even though she has a dozen recordings of him threatening her and photos of the physical abuse she has endured. Erin feels she worked under duress, ordering Martin to drop the charges, even though she helped in an armed robbery.

Garrett tells Frank that the media wants to know from him where the cops were during the blackout, especially in the poorer neighborhoods. He says there is evidence of it and citizens are threatening to smash out the lights of patrol cars in the 15th; Frank demands to know if there is any truth to this from Sid. Garrett says the public doesn’t understand their protocol and Frank wants changes. Sid is concerned that this will look like they are undermining Chief Vincent Russo (Jack Mulcahy) admitting Russo is his friend; Garrett says its more than a few dozen citizens and Frank tells him to do this.

Eddie tells Vinny (Reginal L. Barnes) and Beau (Stephen W. Tenner) about the sexual assaults happening and they actually mock her and wish her luck with that. Dt. Davis (Sullivan Jones) approaches her, saying he has heard about her good work and says it sounds like a pattern to him too as he looks at the women and asks her to tell him more about it.

Samar Charwell (Aasif Mandvi) confronts Erin about not prosecuting the wife, but she defends her decision. Erin learns that Shelly Dowd (Kaley Ronayne) got arrested again for selling drugs to a minor, Samar understands where her heart is but she needs to stop playing defense attorney and start prosecuting.

Danny brings in Evan Walker (Edmund Donovan) who was filing a Missing Person’s report with a description sounding like their Jane Doe. He reveals it is Michelle Hopper, his fiance; he’s devastated to learn she is dead. He spoke to her two days prior and she was in town for some job interviews, he flew in to surprise her as they were planning to move there. Evan recognizes Ben’s name, saying he arranged for Michelle to stay at his place through an app called “House Swap.”

Erin informs Shelly and her attorney they plan on going forward with charging her to the fullest extent of the law. Erin wants to know why she would think to go to prison would keep her son out of foster care; but before she can answer, her lawyer wants Erin to make a deal. Erin can’t guarantee anything, so there are no more words exchanged.

Sid arrives at the 65th precinct and tells patrol he wants them to relay their work from the blackout, going one officer at a time. Sid brings Captain Peter Saraceno back to his office where Frank is already sitting, he informs him that he already knows some of his patrol cars were vandalized that morning. Frank confronts him for the lack of police coverage during the blackout. Saraceno admits he was only following orders from Chief Russo who told him to focus on certain neighborhoods. Frank looks at Sid, asking Saraceno if he was given a list; he says, “more or less.”

Danny shows Ben the house swap app, but he swears that he doesn’t use it as his building has strict policies against subletting. He leans in and tells Danny that he doesn’t know who this Evan character is and he looks, saying it isn’t his email. He can afford a serious lawyer and hasn’t even asked for one, but he does know it wasn’t him.

Erin and Anthony Abetemarco (Steve Schirripa) try to figure out why Shelly is pleading so quickly to the charges, so they go to visit Lisa to ask about her daughter-in-law. Erin can tell Lisa is lying as she says that she didn’t see her sell the pills but could tell by the body language and that her son deserves so much better. Anthony asks who is fit to raise her grandson, Lisa says she is the only one free and fit to raise him. Erin asks Lisa about her arm, she says she hurt her collarbone falling off her bike. She says she got a prescription for the pain but never filled it.

Back at the office, Anthony confirms that Erin was right; Lisa planted the pills on Shelly in order to get custody of Shelly’s son. Erin cannot drop the charges since they came directly from the DA and now Shelly and her son are stuck.

Danny questions Allen Castillo (Elisha Lawson), who is the doorman of Ben’s building. Allen reveals using the app was to make extra cash on the side. He was at home helping his family since the power took twice as long to come on where he lives. Allen says this is the first time he rented it out because Ben never left town because of his horrible girlfriend and their relationship ended badly.

Jamie and Eddie meet at the diner, where he tells her he knows about the undercover assignment that Dt. Davis wants her to work. He thinks it is too dangerous, but she feels its more dangerous having that guy on the street. As her Sgt, he has to respect her decision and she says she “gotta” work the case. She explains how many times she had to walk home alone at night, after a couple of drinks in her and wondered if she would be the victim. She gets angry because he wouldn’t understand because he never been afraid to walk home alone and he needs to respectfully back off. He can’t be supportive and feels Davis is reckless; he worries because he thinks Eddie is smarter than this. She storms off saying she will sleep at her own place tonight. Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 4 ‘Blackout’ Recap Part 2

Russo comes to see Sid, saying the Mayor called him during the blackout saying which blocks need extra manpower; he didn’t want to force the PC into the “woodchipper.” Sid tells Russo he did the right thing under the circumstances and if anything the PC is always fair.

Russo then meets with Frank, while Sid tries to defend Russo’s actions. Frank doesn’t feel it was Russo’s job to jump out of the chain of command to save him from the headache of dealing with the Mayor. Frank corrects him, saying the PC serves at the pleasure of the mayor, but Russo serves under Frank’s command and they both serve all the people of NYC, not just the people who have hooks in City Hall. Sid continues to defend him, but Frank thinks he was out of bounds. Sid tells Frank to walk in Russo or Sid’s shoes as things are different for them. Frank tells Sid to inform Russo of his termination!

During family dinner, Danny asks Sgt to hand him a roll, but Jamie doesn’t hear him; when he does acknowledge him he says they don’t call Frank “Commissioner” or Danny “Detective” at the table. Erin admits the closer she gets to the DA, the more she feels more like a minion at work than a promotion. They get into a debate about being a boss and being a good boss; she doesn’t like that before she could have an opinion and now it is strictly policy. Danny jokes about him becoming a boss too, but Frank says any time he wants to talk about it, he is open to it but it would be hard to pull an ace out of the field; Danny loves the compliment.

Erin informs Shelly that her mother-in-law has been arrested for the drug charges that morning, and now it is up to a judge and jury if she was under duress for the robbery, but until then her son will be picked up by child services. Shelly is angry because this is the one thing she didn’t want to happen. Erin looks at Shelly and apologizes before she walks out.

Ben is positive that Clarissa wouldn’t hurt some random woman, she was crazy and possessive but she wouldn’t do that. Danny demands to know where she lives.

Eddie is out on her UC job while Jamie is at the precinct, shaking his head. He takes the file reviewing what this assailant has done to all his victims. Just as a man grabs Eddie and she screams, he throws her to the ground. Jamie comes out of nowhere and tackles him. Davis and his team come around the corner to arrest the man, but Davis feels they won’t’ have enough. Eddie is furious Jamie is there and walks away.

Danny and Baez head out to Clarissa’s place as Baez’s worries that they should have told Ben not to tip off Clarissa. Of course, there is no answer to Ben’s phone, causing Danny to worry about what Clarissa knows before they get to her door; but before they get there a woman’s body lands on the car parked out front.

Eddie is getting checked out by EMS, but she is cleared to go. Jamie wishes she would have taken his advice; she tells him he needs to choose between being her fiance and her sgt, as they agreed to separate work and personal life. He says he will always have her back, she reassures him that she is fine and they hold hands as he thanks, God.

Baez calls for BIL as they had a jumper. Ben arrives on the scene as Danny informs him that it is Clarissa. Ben tells him that he told Clarissa not to panic, that he had the best lawyers and he would get her help. Danny tells him it isn’t his fault, but Ben feels guilty anyway.

Samar comes to see Erin to congratulate her on winning Shelly’s case. She says she is not willing to prosecute Shelly and if she needs to compromise what is right to do this job than she doesn’t belong there. He feels the media will think she is the Bonnie to her Clyde. Erin believes they should drop the charges. Samar tells Erin that Monica warned him what he would be getting into if he hired Erin but he took the leap anyway. He tells Erin that she now owes him and he always collects with interest!

Frank comes to see Sid, asking if he thought terminating Chief Russo was a suggestion? Sid looks at Frank, hoping he would reconsider, saying nothing has gotten into him as he will always stick up for cops. Frank thinks maybe Sid doesn’t think he sticks up for cops as the PC, so he tells Sid he can offer him a demotion, which is up to him, but it has to be enough of a demotion that the rest of the department knows this is favors we do not do; or he can take early retirement but it has to be done ASAP! Frank says everything gets to him but he cannot show it as no one wants or needs a sensitive PC and tells Sid to screw himself. Sid asks him if that is an order too.

The End!

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