Celebrity Big Brother (CBBUS) Finale Recap 2/25/18: Season 1 Episode 13 and 14 “Winner Chosen”

Celebrity Big Brother (CBBUS) Finale Recap 2/25/18: Season 1 Episode 13 and 14 "Winner Chosen"

Tonight on CBS Celebrity Big Brother US airs with an all-new Saturday, February 25, 2018, finale episode and we have your Celebrity Big Brother US recap below! On tonights CBBUS season 1 episode 13 and 14 as per the CBS synopsis, “After weeks of competition the winner is announced.”

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Five celebrities are left in the house, but only one can win the quarter of a million prize. We continue with the HoH competition, Marissa is the first one to fall off her skis, Arianda is second to fall. Ross tries to cut a deal with Mark who says no deal so the women don’t catch on.  Ross begs Mark to fall because he wants a letter from his mother, Mark feels bad.

Mark throws the competition and falls on purpose, Ross wins HoH and is so happy that he is going to final four. Ross’s target is Omarosa and he wants to sit beside Mark in the final two because he doesn’t think he can win against Marissa.

Ross has a conversation with Arianda and is very surprised to find out that if she wins the next HoH she says she will bring him to the final two. Time for the nominations, Ross nominates Arianda and Omarosa for eviction.

It’s the final Veto competition and the houseguests will be playing one at a time. Welcome to the home page of BBBuzz.com where fans go for all the hot gossip on what is going on in the Celebrity Big Brother house. The website has malfunctioned and the days are missing from the stories. The houseguests have to figure out which stories happened on which dates and ring in as fast as the can when they think they have matched all the stories up with the right dates.

Marissa is up first, but she is having a hard time with the physical part of the competition because she is strapped into a harness and has to climb a wall and maneuver around to complete the task, time is crucial.

The competition is over; Marissa got 8 out of 8, Mark got 6 out of 8, Ross got 8 out of 8, Arianda got 4 out of 8 and Omarosa got 1 out of 8. Its a tie, Marissa completed the task in 12 minutes and 31 seconds, Ross completed the task in 5 minutes and 42 seconds – Ross wins the PoV.

Time for the Veto meeting, Arianda says she is not going to campaign because she feels that she has played a very clean game, Omarosa says that it was truly honored to play against Arianda.

Ross has decided not to use the PoV, the meeting is adjourned.

It is time for the live vote and eviction, Marissa is first and she votes to evict Omarosa, Mark is next and votes to evict Omarosa – its official, Omarosa is leaving the house and will join the jury.

Time for the final HoH competition and all of the final four houseguests will compete. This competition is called hash it out, the first six evicted houseguests have been busy on their phones and a social media battle has broken out between them. They will view six of these battles and in each, they must identify which houseguest posted an incorrect statement all in caps. The player to score the most points after six battles will win the final HoH. Arianda comes up short which leaves Ross, Mark, and Marissa in a tiebreaker.

Marissa wins the final HoH and is guaranteed a spot in the final two. Marissa has to make her decision on who she wants to take to the end the other two will be evicted. Marissa chooses to sit beside Ross, Mark and Ariadna are evicted from the Big Brother house.

Julie asks Ariadna and Mark if Marissa made a mistake in choosing Ross, they both say no. Ariadna says it was a better experience than Miss Universe. Mark says he woke up every morning beside a Lakers champion, it was amazing.

Time to bring back six of the evicted houseguests. Shannon says she would love if Ross and Marissa would join them on the jury. James says he doesn’t want to see Mark. Omarosa joins the panel, with Ariadna and then Mark.

Brandi asks Ross and Marissa what do they regret most about how they played the game; Marissa says that she found it hard when friends of hers were on the block, Ross says it was being naive on day two.

James asks if it was important to stay true to themselves in the game or were they willing to do whatever it took to win the game; Ross says he had to say true to his character but he had to pivot, Marissa says she was true to herself.

Shannon asks Marissa why does she deserve to win over Ross, Marissa says that picked Ross and incorporate what he brought to her.

Ross says that he had great relationships, pivoted when required, winning when his butt when was on the line and have compassion and kindness. Final question is from Omarosa – she asks how did their strategy change over the course of the game and what was the biggest lie they told; Marissa says he strategy never changed and her biggest lie was to Chuck the morning he was evicted, Ross says his strategy never changed and the biggest lie told was not a lie, it was not being able to keep his word to Brandi and just not sharing all the truth all the time.

Final words from the final two; Marissa says that she should win because she stayed true to her promise to Ross, Ross, on the other hand, says he should win because he played like a champion and won many competitions.

Time to reveal the jury’s votes; Mark voted for Ross, Ariadna voted for Marissa, Omarosa voted for Marissa, James voted for Marissa, Brandi voted for Ross, Metta voted for Ross, Shannon voted for Marissa and Keisha voted for Marissa. The winner of Celebrity Big Brother is Marissa.

Chuck also voted for Marissa – she won six to three. Shannon, James, and Ross were chosen as the top three favorite houseguests, Ross wins and he gets $25,000.


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