Celebrity Big Brother Season 2: Premiere Date – Schedule – Shocking Cast Leaks

Celebrity Big Brother Season 2: Premiere Date - Schedule - Shocking Cast Leaks

Celebrity Big Brother (CBBUS) spoilers are just rolling out and boy, it looks like it will be an action-packed season ahead. CBS revealed the premiere date, schedule times, and confirmed Julie Chen will be the host. Of course, after the announcement, social media exploded with a possible casting leak.

The first piece of information released was Julie Chen will return as the host. There was some talk that she may exit the Big Brother franchise after her husband’s ousting from CBS after allegations. She will return for CBBUS and again in the summer for Big Brother 21.

The new season will kick off on Monday, January 21 at 8 pm EST. The season finale will air on Wednesday, February 13. Here are the dates of the season: Monday, Jan. 21, Tuesday, Jan. 22, Wednesday, Jan. 23, Friday, Jan. 25, Sunday, Jan. 27, Monday, Jan. 28, Wednesday, Jan. 30, Saturday, Feb. 2, Monday, Feb. 4, Thursday, Feb. 7, Friday, Feb. 8, Monday, Feb. 11, and Wednesday, Feb. 13.

There are only 13 episodes this season. That suggests there will be 10-12 houseguests. The livefeeds should be exciting, as CBS promises the game will start from the very beginning.

As for who could be entering the house, we won’t know for sure until about two weeks before the show’s premiere. We do have a possible casting leak, but it isn’t official just yet.

One name that keeps popping up is UFC legend, Tito Ortiz. For those who don’t follow UFC, Ortiz is a bad boy that refuses to comply with any rules. He butted heads with UFC president, Dana White over his wild boy routine and his refusal to hold his tongue. He would be fun to watch.

Another name that is popping up again is Russell Hantz. Russell played and lost Survivor twice. He got to the end both times- and was able to find immunity idols with clues—but didn’t have what it took to sway the jury to hand the million-dollar prize to him.

As for women, political commentator Tomi Lahren could join the cast. She would be interesting and she could dial in the drama, however, she may be too political. CBS may want to steer clear of any political figures after Omarosa Manigault last year.

And, lastly, there has been a lot of talk about Rosanne Barr entering the house. CBS may offer to give her a voice after her recent ousting from her own show, Roseanne. As much fun as it would be to see her on the show, it seems unlikely she would agree to go into the house for almost three weeks.

Are you excited about Celebrity Big Brother Season 2’s premiere? Who would you like to see in the house? Don’t forget to come back for more Celebrity Big Brother (CBBUS) spoilers, news, and casting updates!

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