Chicago PD Recap 11/07/18: Season 6 Episode 7 “Trigger”

Chicago PD Recap 11/07/18: Season 6 Episode 7 "Trigger"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, November 07, 2018, season 6 episode 7 called, “Trigger,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD season 6 episode 7 as per the NBC synopsis, “Intelligence suspects a local mosque’s leader is behind the bombing of an Army recruitment station. After a second explosion, Voight urges Halstead to follow the facts and not let his time in the service cloud his judgment.”

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) doing surveillance outside a local Mosque; Jay commenting on how much the neighborhood has changed. Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) is inside the mosque and follows the leader, Akeem to the back but is stopped by Jamel (Faruk Amireh). Kevin talks about the bombing, saying it was a nice job but they didn’t go far enough, suggesting that people need to die. He tells Kevin they had nothing to do with the bombing and only fight with their hearts and minds, but the time is coming and Kevin needs to be ready.

Kevin meets with Jay, Hailey and Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe). He is certain that his cover hasn’t been blown and should continue, but Jay feels they shouldn’t wait since the “Chicago Must Burn” manifest was uploaded from inside that mosque. Voight tells Jay they need solid evidence and they don’t have it, they are interrupted by another bomb threat at the VA hospital and Voight sends Hailey and Jay to check it out. They don’t find anything inside the hospital, but as they are standing outside, a bomb does go off.

Sgt Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) arrives with many Chicago PD officers, Jay tends to an officer who is severely hurt from the blast. Jay meets Jake Miller (Quincy Dunn-Baker) who helped him with the ID of their suspect. Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) and Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) are at ground zero, confirming it is the same type of device that was used at the Army recruiting center; Voight tells them to look for more witnesses as there are a lot of windows facing their way. Will Graf (Jay Karnes) comes in from DC, telling Voight he is taking over demanding all the files but Voight suggests they share intel as he already has a man on the inside.

Back at HQ, Kim shares Sarah Scott’s (Sara Holden) photo, saying she made it through 3 tours in Afghanistan only to die like this; leaving behind a husband and two daughters. There are 2 witnesses who both say the suspect looked Middle Eastern, there is only a very shaky video of the man from the hospital. Antonio says they used ingredients that were undetectable by the dogs, the bomb was on a timer and was filled with nails. Voight wants to know if anyone in the Mosque is in the roofing trade. Adam Rusek (Patrick John Flueger) finds footage of the same man exiting the train a block away from the Mosque, so Voight agrees to pick up Akeem. He holds Jay back, advising him to follow the facts.

Antonio and Jay question Akeem, who says he was leading prayers that morning and then took his wife to the dentist for a root canal; when shown the photo he acts offended because they’d assume he would know him because the guy looks Muslim. Jay tells him he read his anti-American manifesto the day before a bomb went off at the army recruiting center, Antonio says they have forensics that proves it came from inside his Mosque. Akeem explains that he is running a charity and they can look it up, so they can either charge him or he is leaving.

Voight tries to appease Jay, asking him to relax now that they have kicked the hornet’s nest. Kim comes in with better photos of the guy, walking towards the VA hospital with the backpack and then a photo right after the bombing, without it. Kevin is able to identify him as Tariq Hassam, he works at a loading dock in Little Kabul; Voight tells them to “hit it!” At the loading dock, Tariq takes off to the roof, where they find him hanging up the phone. He puts his hands up and spreads his arms out wide and kills himself.

Voight tells Kim to bring the phone in to find out who he called before he jumped; Jay feels he has a partner but Voight reminds him they have to simply follow the case. The bomb techs go with the IU to Tariq’s house where they find a terrified woman. Jay is worried she has a bomb as Hailey shows him it is only a baby and she is unarmed. Once the rest of the team is there, Hailey checks on Jay who reveals he has seen women hurt their own children; Hailey reminds him they are no longer in Afghanistan. Antonio says she is Tariq’s sister and is only visiting Tariq. They find that Tariq has a NATO medal and was in the midst of applying to become a US citizen, his sponsor was Jake Miller.

Jay and Hailey learn that Tariq saved more American lives that he could count and doesn’t believe Tariq planned the bombs, learning Tariq killed himself when they went to arrest him. Hailey wants to know why he didn’t ID Tariq at the VA and he says he didn’t think it was him because he hated extremists because they raped and killed his wife; the Tariq he knew would never do this. Jay has no doubts about Jake’s story. Hailey gets a message confirming that Tariq’s last call was to Akeem.

Kevin returns to the Mosque, where he once again goes to the back where he isn’t supposed to be. He breaks into Akeem’s office to plant a bug, but someone pulls a gun on him. He drops the bug as they tell him if he moves, he dies. Suddenly, Homeland Security arrests Akeem and everyone inside, Kim feels they need to help him, but Adam says they can’t blow his cover.

The officer who has Kevin (Abdul) doesn’t want to listen to him that he is with CPD and begins to beat him; Voight plows through the doors with Graf right behind him, apologizing. Graf reveals they picked up chatter about another attack coming that is why they hit the Mosque and now they are going to talk to Akeem and do whatever they have to get him to talk. Graf puts Kevin back in the cell with the other suspects to see what intel he can find out. Kevin promises the other officer they will sort this out one day, without zip ties and batons.

Akeem doesn’t reveal anything after 5 hours of interrogation. Kevin only learns that people thought Tariq was off and felt that he might be the one who was undercover. Voight reveals that another attack is in the works and it was posted yesterday at a public library. Kim and Antonio are able to find several photos of Tariq and one particular male and are closing in on where the supplies for the previous bombs. Jay feels they are wasting their time, but Voight wants to be thorough, sending Kevin back to the Mosque as the others go through the witness statements.

Jay and Hailey go to the Miller house, meeting Sheri Miller (Jacqueline Hickel), wanting to see Jake. She reveals the men in the photo are Tariq and his cousin Rafi and both men were over for dinner last week; which differs from what Jake said. Jake said he hadn’t see Tariq in years. Sheri says Jake and Tariq are like brothers and would die for each other, suddenly they hear the Mosque sound and its the call of prayer that happens 5 times a day. She says it drives Jake crazy, saying after years of war he wants peace and the very people he was fighting now live next door. Hailey says it’s not the same people, just the same religion; Sheri disagrees.

Jay and Hailey go to the hardware store to see who purchased the nails and find that it was Jake Miller. Jay is clearly upset,but tells Hailey to inform the team, get a warrant and stage a block away from Miller’s house. Hailey shows Sheri the warrant, saying they believe Jake is involved in the bombing and she knows he hasn’t been okay since he came back. She told them the police were there and took off immediately. Antonio finds out that Jake is renting a storage locker, they contact Voight but Jay feels they don’t have time to wait.

Jay breaks the lock and with Hailey at his back, they find Jake’s backroom where he’s been making the bombs. Jay admits this is scary as hell as they see target locations, Akeem’s Gage Park Islamic Relief Fund. They realize he is still cooking his bombs and what triggered his mentality was Akeem’s funding project; Jake believes Akeem is funding terrorism against American Soldiers. Jay says Jake is going after Akeem and calls Kevin, saying they need to get everyone out of the Mosque now!

Kevin tells Jamel that the call was his cousin and they need to get out now, but its too late, Jake arrives with his gun, ordering everyone down. Kevin tells Jake that Akeem is in lock up and if he wants him, he needs to let everyone go. Jake orders everyone up against the wall, and if they don’t they all will blow up.

Trudy and Voight are trying to clear 4 blocks around the Mosque. A hostage is being sent out as Voight tells him to come to him and give him the phone. Jake demands Akeem be brought to him and Voight says he will set the wheels in motion with Jake giving him half hour or he will start killing them one by one. Voight and Graf argue as Graf orders Voight to stand down. Jay wants to do this, saying he can talk Jake down, Voight reminds him what happens if he can’t.

Jay tells him they are working on Akeem, but they need proof of life and begins walking towards them and since no one is hurt there is still a way for them to walk out of there. Jay begs for Jake to let him help him, promising nothing will happen to him if he lets him help. He says the men there are citizens and civilians and Americans, people they swore to protect. Jake talks about how these people have come to destroy them and if Jay really wants to help him, he has to bring him Akeem. Kevin slowly creeps up as Jay tells him to act like a war hero. Kevin is able to stop him from pushing the button as Jay shoots Jake in the head. Kevin tells Jay they have to go.

Outside, Voight tells Graf to back off after Jay diffused the situation. Graf says he will have his detective’s badge, but Voight says then he will have his undercover report the treatment he experienced at Graf’s men’s hand or the interrogation techniques they used on an innocent man. He advises Graf to take the win and walk away.

Hailey offers Jay a ride home and buys him a beer. He wants to be alone but she says this is a thing that works between them. Jay feels he screwed up, that it never occurred to him that Miller was involved. A lot of horrible things happened overseas but he does the work and learned to deal with the triggers and stress, the war was a part of his life but its not who he is. He just had no idea he had any anger or bias. She reminds him that he just saved 30 Muslim lives and its a good day so he shouldn’t be hard on himself. He agrees to the beer.


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