Elementary Recap 5/21/18: Season 6 Episode 4 “Our Time Is Up”

Elementary Recap 5/21/18: Season 6 Episode 4 "Our Time Is Up"

Tonight the CBS series Elementary airs with an all-new Monday, May 20, 2018, season 6 episode 4 and we have your Elementary recap below. On tonight’s episode called, “Our Time Is Up” as per the CBS synopsis, “Our Time Is Up” – Watson considers making a major life change after reading her own therapy file while Holmes and she investigate the murder of her former psychologist.”

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Watson wakes Holmes in the sensory deprivation tank. He feels better. Watson notices photos of a woman in his room. They are photos of a friend of Michael’s who he has asked Holmes to find. She is a heroin addict that goes missing often. Watson wants to meet Michael at some point, she tells him. Holmes shares that Michael is out of town.

Holmes and Watson arrive at an office building. There has been a murder. A therapist, Dr. Candace Reed, has been murdered by an unknown person with a knife. She is Watson’s old therapist. Holmes tells Watson she doesn’t need to work the case if it bothers her. She tells him she is okay.

They meet with Reed’s partner who offers a list of her patients. Watson and Marcus head to see Reed’s husband to break the news and find out where he was during the murder. He was out of town and has proof. He mentions a patient his wife has that has an unhealthy attachment to her.

Watson heads home to find Holmes with all of Reed’s patient files he illegally downloaded off of a hard drive he took from the office. He tells Watson he did not look at her file out of privacy. They locate the name of the patient who was attached to Reed. They track him down and head to his work. He takes the news badly. Holmes and Watson give him a minute while he gets air on the balcony of his office. They talk while their backs are turned. He jumps off the balcony.

Later, Holmes visits Reed’s troubled patient in the hospital. He is injured but alive after jumping. He tells Holmes to talk to his boss who can vouch for him that they were together. His boss is on his way to the hospital now. Outside the room, Holmes talks to the man’s boss. He confirms that Alfonse was with him brokering a deal. He also reveals that he was Reed’s landlord. He owns the office building. He mentions that he received reports from other tenants that Reed argued loudly with her partner.

At home, Watson’s sister comes to visit. She tells her about Reed and how she read her file. Reed thought Watson would be a great mother. The whole thing makes Watson think. Holmes calls and asks her to meet him at Reed’s building.

They meet with Reed’s partner. He is not cooperative. He leaves. Watson and Holmes head to Reed’s office to return the hard drive. Holmes sees a listening device in the ceiling. They take it back home. Holmes examines it but says it cannot give them much. Watson gets a call. Reed’s partner has an alibi. Holmes thinks they may be able to find out through the bug who killed Reed. The bug was in the ceiling for months. What was the person trying to find out? Maybe the landlord did it.

Holmes and Watson visit Reed’s landlord. They accuse him of killing Reed. They want the tape from the bug. He threatens them back. He knows they stole the hard drive. Holmes points out that he has a lot to lose. More than they do. He tells them that he will supply them with a tape.

Watson meets with her sister again. Her sister tells her to ignore the file from Reed. She is a complete and healthy person.

The landlord’s fixer pays Holmes a visit at home that night. He provides proof that he and his boss did not kill Reed. They bugged her office to make sure Alfonse was not disclosing information about the firm. He listened to the tape. Reed’s murder was on the tape. But he did destroy it to protect himself. The only thing he heard the killer say was something in gibberish. He repeats it to Holmes who knows what it means. Holmes calls him an imbecile, tells him he thinks he knows who killed Reed and tells him to leave before he kills him. He has been recording their conversation.

The next day, Holmes and Marcus pay a visit to Alfonse. Reed’s partner is there. They make him leave the room and make it look like they are accusing Alfonse of the murder while Reed’s partner watches from the outside. They think Reed’s partner wants Alfonse to himself because he is known to disclose information on insider trading. Once Reed’s partner no longer thinks he is a suspect he will lead them to the murder weapon.

Watson is at home making an appointment as she looks into adoption. Marcus stops by to tell her that Holmes was right. Reed’s partner left the hospital and lead them to the murder weapon. She lets Marcus know she will tell Holmes.


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