General Hospital Spoilers: Jim Harvey Dead – Franco Kills Child Abuser

General Hospital Spoilers: Jim Harvey Dead - Franco Kills Child Abuser

General Hospital (GH) spoilers say that Jim Harvey’s time on the planet seems to be drawing to a close. When General Hospital’s Roger Howarth took over the role of  Franco in 2013 (then played by James Franco) he was taking on a character that is easily one of the worst monsters on daytime. GH has recently been exploring possible reasons behind Franco’s sick behavior besides blaming it all on  his brain tumor.

When Franco first hit the town of Port Charles he was obsessed with Jason Morgan (SteveBurton) and was under the belief that he was Jason’s twin – even sharing the same birthday. As the General Hospital Andrew “Drew” “Andy” Cain (Billy Miller) and Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan) plotline unfolds it answers key reasons as to why Franco was so drawn to Jason when he appeared on the GH canvas.

Not only was Franco led to believe Jason was his twin by psycho mom Heather Webber ( Robin Mattson), but in Franco’s subconscious he remembered growing up with Andy. Of course Drew had Jason’s face back then. Which brings us to the recent storyline with Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan), his mother’s ex-boyfriend, who obviously abused the boys growing up.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jim Harvey Dead - Franco Kills Child Abuser

Franco took all of the darkness and hate inside of him and became a renown abstract artist which brought him lots of prestige in some circles in the art world. But the talent came from his deep brokenness as a human being, his dark side was because of the childhood pain and abuse he and Drew endured at the hands of monster Jim Harvey.

When they removed Franco’s brain tumor he worked at becoming a better person and as he became more compassionate he also lost his ability to paint great masterpieces. His tormented soul was what inspired him to paint it was his way of communicating with the world. The dark Franco was literally all he knew until he met Elizabeth –  she made him want to be better, she had faith in him, he could not let her down and had to get down to the bottom of who he really is.

General Hospital Spoilers reveal there will be a showdown between Harvey and Franco. The thing about Franco is when he hates he REALLY hates and when he loves he REALLY loves with every last cell in him. Harvey has obviously struck the hate cord! Harvey kidnapped Franco’s adoptive mother Betsy Frank (Deborah Strang) holding her hostage for months.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jim Harvey Dead - Franco Kills Child Abuser

General Hospital spoilers reveal his lady love Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and her son Jake (Hudson West) will be Harvey’s next victims. Elizabeth and Jake are the two people Franco loves most in the world.

With all of his confrontations with Harvey and the recent bonding with Drew, Franco has had a lot of memories from his childhood become clearer. Franco’s convinced that Jim Harvey did unspeakable things including making Franco think he purposely pushed little “Andy” down the stairs. That horrible memory has haunted Franco making him think he was the worst monster on earth and deserved nothing good in his life.

General Hospital spoilers predict that Franco will be at the end of his rope when he learns that his loved ones are missing and in Jim Harvey’s hands. Harvey took Franco’s childhood and part of his adulthood, he has wreaked havoc on the people Franco loves and now Harvey will pay for it all!

General Hospital Spoilers: Jim Harvey Dead - Franco Kills Child Abuser

GH spoilers say Franco and Jason track Harvey down saving Elizabeth and Jake but not without a fight. GH buzz is that Harvey provokes Franco again but with the truth, Harvey goes crazy telling Franco how he should have killed big mouth Betsy and the little brats, Andy and Bobby. A fitting end for evil Jim would be to wind up falling down a flight of stairs during a battle to the death with Franco.

In that moment Franco finally would get the closure he has been looking for his whole life, he was not the monster he thought he was – yes he has done some unforgivable things but now it is time to rebuild. Now that the monster Harvey is dead the question is where does Franco go from here – will his past victims ever forgive him and perhaps more importantly, can he finally forgive himself?

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