General Hospital Spoilers: Margaux’s Shocking Connection To Sonny – Trevor Lansing’s Daughter Out For Revenge?

General Hospital spoilers tease that new DA Margaux Dawson (Elizabeth Hendrickson) may have personal motives to take Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) down, and they go way beyond a perfectionistic dedication to her job. It’s obvious DA Lawson wants to take Sonny down, but her motivation could be to finish something left unfinished by a relative, an old enemy of Sonny’s, but not of the mobster variety.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the one former enemy of Sonny’s that might fit both the timeline and the takedown agenda was Trevor Lansing (Stephen Macht). Trevor came to Port Charles to take down Sonny with a personal agenda – he had affairs both with Sonny’s mother Adela, which produced Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst) and with Sonny’s former fiancé Kate Howard (Kelly Sullivan) and viewed Sonny as a competitor.

Trevor was an attorney, as Ric and Margaux are, but he was a really bad boy in his personal life. He managed Anthony Zacchara’s (Bruce Weitz) organization behind the scenes, and raped Claudia Zacchara (Sarah Brown). Could Margaux be Trevor’s daughter with his wife? It is doubtful Ric has a secret twin sister, although with GH writers, one never knows.

Ric was caused much pain and grief by his father and recalled every bit of it when Trevor first came to Port Charles; however, Margaux appears to be younger than Ric. It’s possible she would not know anything about Ric, her father’s affair with Kate, or any of the behind the scenes illegal activities once he came to Port Charles.

Margaux may have been a daddy’s girl and her mother may have wanted to spare her from knowing any of the bad things about her father or their marriage, or her mother may have been completely in the dark and didn’t know about any of the affairs or the birth of Ric.

General Hospital historical articles say that when Ric was born, Trevor sent Adela, Sonny and Ric to live in his vacation home 0n Martha’s Vineyard to keep his wife from knowing about Adela. It’s likely he hid the affair with Kate in the same way. So it’s more than likely that neither Margaux nor her mother knew anything about Trevor’s secret life.

When Trevor ultimately died in Port Charles in 2009 as the result of an explosion, it’s possible that Margaux’s parents were divorced since Trevor was there for several years, or he could have merely spun the story that his work took him there to take down Sonny, and that he would be on an “extended business trip”.

Margaux, not knowing or having so far not suspected any of the secret life and illegal activities Trevor engaged in, may have either been told by her mother or came to the conclusion herself that Sonny was responsible for Trevor’s death.

Margaux may put her late father on a pedestal, and came to Port Charles firstly to finish what she believed Trevor started, namely taking down Sonny but in a legal manner – her agenda may be a vendetta, blaming Sonny for her father’s death.

The longer Margaux stays in Port Charles, and the more she digs, the more likely she will learn things about dear old dad that she’d rather not know. If she successfully retrieves Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) memories from the flash drive she will be in for a shock.

Margaux will come across the truths about her father, and her half-brother, and find out she has a half-niece named Molly (Haley Pullos) currently studying law! After all, Jason’s been Sonny’s enforcer since the 1990s, so he would have memories of all of those facts.

General Hospital spoilers promise exciting times ahead as we see Margaux’s agenda and her ties to Port Charles residents revealed. Keep watching General Hospital and checking out CDL for General Hospital spoilers, news and updates!

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