General Hospital Spoilers: Sam and Jason’s Valentine’s Day Shocker – See What’s Ahead for Torn Exes

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Valentine’s Day will bring some fireworks. Before we get to the potential passion, let’s talk about the buildup. Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Drew’s (Billy Miller) relationship is about to hit a huge snag. Next week, Sam will make a difficult admission. She’ll come clean about something that leaves Drew devastated.

It sounds like Sam may admit to kissing Jason (Steve Burton) on New Year’s Eve. General Hospital spoilers say the news will come out during February sweeps, so everything’s lining up. If Drew gets suspicious and Sam’s guilt intensifies, it’ll create the perfect storm for a confession.

Sam will hate hurting Drew, but she knows they can’t keep secrets from each other. If they don’t have trust, their relationship will never survive. Unfortunately, Sam’s honesty will come far too late. Drew will be upset when he realizes Sam locked lips with Jason, but her deception will be what truly shatters his heart.

Once Drew learns the truth, he’ll have trouble moving on. No one would blame him for giving Sam the cold shoulder. Sam will undoubtedly reiterate that Drew’s the man she wants, but he could still push her away. Sometimes you just need to be alone when pain strikes. Drew will be dealing with plenty of rage and despair.

Will Drew remain furious on the most romantic evening of the year? His feelings may not even matter thanks to a GH bombshell. When night falls on Valentine’s Day, it seems Sam will find herself with Jason instead. Of course, it probably won’t be by choice. Just like on New Year’s Eve, Sam and Jason may be thrown together. The circumstances might be beyond their control.

General Hospital spoilers state that an act of God will soon rock Port Charles. There’ll be some sort of natural disaster that leaves PC residents in danger. Will Jason and Sam have to seek shelter together? Could they get trapped somewhere and be forced to address their lingering feelings? That sounds like the perfect soapy scenario.

GH fans can expect some tense moments on February 14. Sam will rip into Jason, but her anger may be misplaced. She might be taking her frustration out on her ex. Jason has been nothing but kind and patient since he returned. That kiss was entirely mutual, so Sam’s just as responsible for what happened.

After Sam unleashes her wrath, the conflict could easily lead to a very passionate encounter. We all know how easy it is for anger to spark dangerous desires. Regardless, GH viewers won’t want to miss this Valentine’s Day shocker! We’ll give you updates as other details emerge. Stick with the ABC soap and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.

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