General Hospital Spoilers: Should Liz Forgive Franco and Take Him Back?

General Hospital Spoilers: Should Liz Forgive Franco and Take Him Back?

General Hospital spoilers tease that Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) still has very deep feelings for Franco (Roger Howarth). She even teamed up with frenemy Sam (Kelly Monaco) to track down Franco and Drew (Billy Miller). Sam may find it impossible to forgive or to care about Franco at the present time, and even suspected Franco of possibly kidnapping and harming Drew until Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan) became the bigger suspect. Liz was extremely worried about Franco and concerned for Drew as well.

Liz’s worry and her confiding in Dr. Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) implied she was concerned that her telling Franco not to call or come home may have driven him over the edge. She clearly feels some remorse for how she went about asking him for some space.

When she and Sam argued over Franco possibly bringing harm to Drew, Sam had no doubts he would, telling her he would “because he’s Franco!” Liz vehemently defended Franco, saying that wasn’t the Franco she knew! That shows Liz still loves Franco and wants to believe him and believe the best of him as well.

Liz was torn between her heart and her head when she broke up with Franco (as far as he could tell) and told him not to call her or to come home. Her heart wanted to believe him but her head told her not to because of the lies of omission she considered him guilty of. Liz is a person who believes honesty is ALWAYS the best policy even if the WHOLE truth hurts or causes damage.

Sometimes timing is the key… and Franco clearly believed telling her the whole truth would cause more harm than good. This motivation was out of fear, but then who makes good decisions when they are that fearful? Maybe Liz will realize that there is a right time and a wrong time for the whole truth.

Just because whole truths are not always revealed immediately doesn’t mean they never will be. Now that Liz is relieved that Franco was found and knows he’s okay, will she take him back right away, or will she keep him on probation for a while and proceed with caution? Keep watching GH and reading General Hospital spoilers!