Grey’s Anatomy Recap 1/25/18: Season 14 Episode 10 “Personal Jesus”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 1/25/18: Season 14 Episode 10 "Personal Jesus"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new Thursday, January 25, 2017, season 14 episode 10 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 10 called “Personal Jesus” as per the ABC synopsis, “A young boy is admitted to Grey Sloan Memorial and his case has a profound impact on the doctors. Meanwhile, April is faced with a surprising patient, and Jo continues to deal with her estranged husband.

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April had been put in charge of the Grey Sloane Innovative Award and she had at first thought it was an honor. However, Webber had played her. He gave the contest because everyone wanted to participate in the contest and he wouldn’t have been able to join if he was forced to judge the thing. So Webber handed off the project to April and it took April sometime before she realized that she had been played. She had actually been talking about it to Owen and Owen pointed out that Webber had ulterior motives. And so April felt like a fool for falling Webber’s ploy.

But April later tried to hand the project back to Webber. She went up to him and said that maybe he should be in charge of something so important though he came right out and said that he wasn’t taking it back. He realized April figured out what he did and so he refused to take back the competition because he truly didn’t want to do it. So April was stick with the award and that hadn’t even been the worst part of her day. She had also treated Jo’s ex-husband when he came in and had been basically ordered save the patient’s life when she would have done that anyways. And so she didn’t understand what was going on with Meredith.

Meredith, however, was secretly scared out of her mind. She thought Jo, Alex, or the both of them had run down Paul and so she begged them to go on the run. Meredith suggested Canada or someplace the couple couldn’t be extradited. Though Jo and Alex swore it wasn’t them. They said they had been at home and so they suspected that maybe it had been Paul’s fiancée. The other woman had looked scared when she went back to the hotel with Paul and therefore Paul could have done something to her that made her believe killing him was the only way out.

So Jo had wanted to talk to Jenny. She figured she might have given Jenny the idea that there was no escape from Paul and so she felt at fault at what Jenny allegedly did. However, Jenny later came up to her and told Jo that she didn’t tell the police about Jo’s relationship with Paul. So Jenny thought it had been Jo that had run over Paul and it turns out neither of them did it. They talked about it and Jenny said that Paul left the hotel upset at her because she had begun questioning his version of what happened in his marriage to Jo.

Paul it seems had started to abuse Jenny as well and Jenny talked about it to Jo because she still couldn’t understand how she ended up in such a relationship much less why she stayed. She said that things had started out normally and then she distance herself from coworkers and friends when Paul didn’t like them for one reason or another. Yet, Jenny’s family had become concerned and they had tried to talk to her about it. So she also pushed them away until one day she realized that she had no one. No one besides Paul, that is!

Paul convinced her that he was the only one she needed and so she thought he would get upset with her because of it her fault. But she learned differently when she talked to Jo. Jo told her that he had done the same thing to her and that she hadn’t realized until it was too late. So the two talked for a while and eventually, Jenny realized she needed to stand up to Paul. Paul had been given a room upstairs when his condition stabilized and so the ladies had visited him together because Jenny had something to say.

Jenny told him that she was going to the police to press charges against him. He had abused her for some time and had even choked her the night before meaning he could be arrested for attempted murder. However, Paul tried to tell her that Jo was putting things in her head and that she shouldn’t file charges because who would believe her. He tried to tell her that no one would want to work with her or hire once they found out what she did by going up against a prestigious doctor. So Jenny could have fallen into that trap like she must have before though this time she didn’t.

Jenny asked Jo if she would testify right in front of Paul and Jo said “yes”. Though Paul couldn’t stand that both of them weren’t afraid of him anymore and so he tried to get out of bed to hit them yet he instead tripped and hit his head again. So Paul suffered a second concussion before the first one healed and he was later declared brain dead except he was still married to Jo at the time. That meant she had power of attorney and she agreed to donate his organs to those that save lives despite Paul being a miserable human being. And so there was some good at the hospital that day.

Unfortunately, it was just in short supply. A kid came into the hospital bleeding from a gunshot wound because the cops saw a black kid entering a home through the window and they assumed he was both breaking in and armed. But that incident reminded Miranda and Ben that they needed to talk to their son about how to handle the police when he encountered them and that experience at the hospital reminded Jackson of what happened to him. He lived in an affluent neighborhood and was carrying speakers home when the police arrested him because they thought he had stolen the speakers from one of the houses. And so it was a painful memory to remember however April hadn’t ever heard it before.

April was someone that firmly believed in her faith and she normally never questioned it. However, she started to question God when the injured kid died and she questioned, even more, when Paul died because he was supposed to be stable. So April was asking herself why God was doing all of this when she ran into her ex-fiancée, Matthew. Matthew and his wife had come to the hospital to have a baby and funnily enough, April had been the one to deliver it. And so April had wanted to believe that Matthew finally had his happy ending which was what he deserved after she left him at the altar, only his wife had a symptom they all miss and sadly she died in the hospital.

And so April eventually gave up on her faith and drunkenly took a resident home with her because she needed something to make the day better.


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