Lucifer Recap 5/28/18: Season 3 Episode 21 and 22 “Boo Normal – Once Upon a Time”

Lucifer Recap 5/28/18: Season 3 Episode 21 and 22 "Boo Normal - Once Upon a Time"

Tonight on FOX their drama Lucifer airs with an all-new Monday, May 28, season 3 episode 21 and 22 called, “Boo Normal – Once Upon a Time,” and we have your weekly Lucifer recap below. On tonight’s Lucifer episode as per the FOX synopsis, “As Lucifer and the team investigate the murder of a child psychiatrist, Ella thinks about a big childhood secret that she’s been hiding. Then, in Part Two, which was directed by cast member Kevin Alejandro, an alternate dimension is visited where Lucifer not only has never met Chloe, but is granted the freedom of choice.”

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Ella wasn’t her usual self at work on tonight’s all new episode of “Lucifer”. She was distracted and had even snapped at Lucifer when he borrowed her camera to take pictures of his junk. Lucifer had actually been so concerned about this change in her behavior that he asked what was wrong and she admitted that there was a problem with her family. Her brother who she moved to LA to be with had suddenly decided that he wanted to go back home to Detroit. With her brother moving back home, the rest of Ella’s family wanted her to move back as well. Ella was being pressured into keeping the family together and so she didn’t think she had a choice. She thought she had to move back home and there was nothing her friends could say that would convince her differently.

Ella had just wanted to focus on the case and so she introduced the team to their victim. The victim’s name was Dr. Beth Daly. She was a child psychiatrist and was found by one of her patients. Beckett Wilson however had been so traumatized that she hadn’t talked to anyone until Dan asked her what happened when she first noticed the body. He heard from Chloe that Ella found a weird clump of hair on the victim’s body and everyone wanted to know if Beckett had gotten close enough to the doctor to possibly leave behind her DNA. Beckett claimed she didn’t get close to anything and she had seemed so upset that Dan took pity on her. He asked her if she wanted anything that could help and she said she wanted a slurpy.

Dan unfortunately thought he was being a good guy when he went to get a slurpy for Beckett and he didn’t realize it was a trick until he returned to the car to find her gone. She ran away with his phone and left Dan feeling like an idiot. He couldn’t believe the teenager was able to manipulate him like that. Dan figured if she could fool him into believing she was upset that she might be capable of other things as well and so he turned to Lucifer for help. He knew Lucifer would make fun of him and hadn’t cared about that. Dan just wanted Lucifer to help track down Beckett with no one else knowing what happened and so those two were trying to find a teenage girl while Chloe and Ella were back at the scene talking to a traumatized kid.

There had been a kid hiding in the doctor’s closet. Felix Rodriguez had left behind his violin at the doctor’s office and his father allowed him to go back for it because they lived just a few blocks down. Felix had been going to Beth’s office because he struggles with communication and had been desperately shy. It had been his doctor that got him trying out new things and now he has friends for the first time. Felix’s parents had been thrilled with his progress in therapy and they thought that would all go away now that the doctor had been murdered, so Chloe didn’t get anything from Felix. He wasn’t talking and eventually he was allowed to go back home with his parents. And therefore no one had a possible witness they could rely on.

The hair that Ella found hadn’t even been that big of a deal. The hair was synthetic and so they searched Beth’s home until they found her furry costume. The costume had had ketchup on it and it had been fresh which indicated that Beth had been wearing that outfit not long before she had been murdered. And, well, the costume along with a very violent message in her voicemail told Ella where Beth had gone. There was a furry convention going on and it turns out Beth did attend. She had gotten into a pretty nasty fight with another woman because Beth allegedly created her furry based off of someone else’s original character. This other woman had been angry and she told Beth never to wear her Wesley costume again.

She just left behind the voicemail because she hadn’t been sure Beth would take the first warning. This woman found out that Beth liked to surround herself in drama and so Chloe and Ella looked into that. Ella went back to Beth’s house and she tried to focus on the case, but couldn’t because her imaginary friend had returned. The imaginary friend was Ray-Ray and she might have been a real person at one time because Ella kept referring to her as a ghost. Ella apparently didn’t have the best childhood because she had been surrounded by death and danger. So its not much of a surprise that she allowed this “Ray-Ray” to stay with her. Ella had needed Ray-Ray once and she kind of doesn’t need her anymore.

Ella kept trying to convince Ray-Ray to go. She said she didn’t want her friends to think she was weird and that they had agreed to go their separate ways when Ella left Detroit. Detroit was funnily enough the reason Ray-Ray returned. She told Ella that she couldn’t move back home because Ella’s brothers were all leeches. They liked to use Ella and Ella deserved better even if she didn’t think she did. She thought she should go home to help take care of her family and they weren’t necessarily there for her. They took and rarely gave back meanwhile her friends offer her the support she would never find back home. Ray=Ray wanted her to stay in LA and she slowly started talking Ella around.

Ella was still at Beth’s home when someone broke it. The person got away when Ella confronted him and so she checked to see if he left behind fingerprints. He did! The man had been Felix’s music teacher and he had been trying to take Beth’s file on Felix. Felix had been advised to be home-schooled so that he could focus on music and both Chloe and Ella thought that was odd because Felix’s parents hadn’t mentioned anything. The father had been adamant that his son was being schooled on being more social and so Chloe went to his home to talk about what she learned. She found the mother and had spelled her overwhelming Freesia perfume. The perfume was a big deal because the guys did catch up with Beckett.

Beckett admitted she didn’t see anything at the crime scene and that she had seemed upset because she was allergic to the freesia perfume. Remembering that, Chloe asked the mother what she knew and it turned out not to be much. Mrs. Rodriguez only knew what her husband told her and he had lied. Chloe went looking for him and she found him trying to take a bat to Ella. Ella’s imaginary friend helped her notice the construction dumpster near the crime scene and figured the killer threw the murder weapon in there. And she had been right, she found it not long before she had been attacked so Chloe arriving when she did helped. They wrapped up the case and never found out that Beckett managed to dupe both Dan and Lucifer.

It had taken Maze to find the teenager and only when she was threatened with torture that she confessed to what she knew, but at the end of the day Ella told everyone she was staying that she even joked with Lucifer when she said “smell you later”. It had been something Lucifer heard before. He asked Ella where she got that from and so she said her old friend Ray-Ray told her. Only Ray=Ray hadn’t been imaginary. She was actually the angel of death who also happened to be Lucifer’s sister Azrael. Azrael has been in Ella’s life since she went to Ella after a car accident and it turned out to be a false alarm. After that happened, Ray-Ray stay interested and decided to take part in Ella’s life.

Ray-Ray had been so interested that she thought Ella was the one for Lucifer and later tried to convince him of hat before they parted ways, so Lucifer had surprisingly decided to hang out with Ella more because his favorite sister thought she was perfect for him.

Lucifer has had plenty of chances at happiness. Not all of them had been in the universe in which Chloe became a detective and Lucifer was bored of being a club owner. It turns out there really was something called the “Butterfly Effect” and it was explored through many universes. One of them in particular, Lucifer never met Chloe. She had pursued her acting career and never became a cop or met Dan because her father had survived the assassination attempt on his life. Her father lived on lost past the time everyone thought he would die and he made sure she never became a cop. Chloe instead was convinced to go after a much safe life and so she never got married or had her daughter.

Dan though was a weaker cop without her. He had a reputation for being corrupt and had never gotten justice for Lucifer’s friend. The same friend that when she died in the original timeline it brought Chloe and Lucifer together. With that not happening in this timeline, Chloe’s path didn’t cross with Lucifer until one day her friend died in his club. He still owned Lux and was in the middle of breaking ground for another club in Las Vegas when he noticed a dead body in his club. The body was of a stunt coordinator who was celebrating his last night doing stunts. He had gotten his dream job of becoming a NASCAR driver and Chloe had been at the club with him until she eventually left because she had an early morning.

Chloe didn’t expect to wake up and hear her friend had been murdered. She had even gone to see her dad down at the station because she wanted to know what was happening with the case and she hadn’t liked what she heard. Chloe heard that Dan was the lead on the case and that he believed Stryder died in a bar brawl. It didn’t sound like Stryder and Chloe knew he wouldn’t risk losing his dream job by risking a fight. She had tried to tell her father that and he ignored her because he said she just plays a cop in film. He was a real police officer and he warned Chloe to stay away from the case. She wasn’t even allowed to talk to Dan and so she tried to investigate Stryder’s murder on her own.

Chloe went to the nearest race track and was questioning man when annoying man called her for not being a real cop. Lucifer it seems had removed a key piece of evidence when he reported Stryder’s murder and so he eventually found out from his source that the murder weapon was a piece of equipment used at the track. He had gone there because he too was investigating the murder and he sort of needed to be quick about it because his investment into Lux Las Vegas was being held up until his brand could recover, so both Lucifer and Chloe wanted to solve this murder and as luck would have it they hadn’t wanted to work together. They each thought the other would slow them down and so they wanted to go it alone.

Chloe found out that Stryder would soon be replacing someone much older and who would most likely be pushed into retiring. Therefore, Lucifer decided to go ask the man. He had his brother Amenadiel slow down time just long enough to get to the car and so he was in the middle of questioning when Amenadiel allowed time to continue like normal. That’s when security noticed Lucifer was on the track and told him he had to leave. Lucifer pretended like he died and instead he followed Chloe while she followed their suspect. Their suspect was trapped inside of his trailer with Chloe and she was questioning him about her friend. Except this guy didn’t want to talk to a woman he believed was a fake cop and so Lucifer intervened.

Lucifer used his mind trick and they found out the old guy wasn’t angry at Stryder. Stryder had been recruited by him because he knew he was getting older and that fans were more interested in the story behind the drivers than they were in the driving, so he reached out to Stryder whose father was a racecar driver. It would bring people to the seats and allow Stryder to follow a dream. Which was good because Stryder had let on that he needed the money. Chloe thought that was because an actress on set was threatening to sue and so she had Lucifer talk to the actress. He ended up doing a lot more than talking and it happened at the worse time because Chloe’s father John had found out what she was doing.

Her father lectured her into giving up on the case and she would have if she hadn’t been partnered with Lucifer. Lucifer told her that the actress was faking an injury and that it meant Stryder wasn’t in trouble. He actually was going to get his hands on some money before he had gotten that NASCAR deal and so Lucifer looked into that with Chloe’s help. They found out that Stryder was going to steal something from the set with someone to make money quick and it turns out he was going to steal a six million dollar car with another stuntman. So the two confronted Rogers over what he did Stryder and he tried to make a run for it. Its just he hadn’t made that far what with shooting at Lucifer and that didn’t slow him down.

And so even in an alternate universe, Chloe and Lucifer still made a great team. Chloe’s father realized that for himself in the end and he told Chloe how brave she was. He said the reason he never wanted her to become a cop was because he had only wanted what was best for her and it turns out God just wanted the same for Lucifer.

That’s why God put Chloe in Lucifer’s path in the first place!


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