Magnum P.I. Fall Finale Recap 12/10/18: Season 1 Episode 10 “Bad Day to Be a Hero”

Magnum P.I. Fall Finale Recap 12/10/18: Season 1 Episode 10 "Bad Day to Be a Hero"

Tonight on CBS their reboot of the classic series Magnum P.I. premieres with an all-new Monday, December 10, 2018, episode and we have your Magnum P.I.recap below.  On tonight’s Magnum P.I. season 1 episode 10 Fall Finale, “Bad Day to Be a Hero,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Magnum must help Rick’s crush after her illegal poker game is robbed by masked gunmen.”

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Rick got himself into some trouble. He had a crush on a friend and had learned that she was a little behind on a few medical bills. Rick would have given her the money if he had it, but he didn’t and so he came up with an idea. He suggested that they hold a poker game and had even pulled some big names for this game. Rick had really put himself out there in the hope of Toni paying some attention to him and so it sucks that the plan went awry. He and his high-rollers had shown up for the game and at first, everything had been fine. Then a group of masked gunmen barged in and stole all of the money.

The thieves ended up taking two hundred and sixty thousand from the safe. They cleaned out Toni and worsen the situation that she was originally in. She had personally covered the money that was stolen and so now she owes the mob over a hundred thousand. It had been this mob leader named Pascal that had been in the lead and he was demanding to be repaid. He was going to apply pressure on Toni until she miraculously found a way to pay him back and Rick didn’t want to do that to her. She was battling MS and was someone he truly cared about. So once again he stuck his neck out for her.

Rick contacted his good friend Magnum because he wanted Magnum to find the stolen money. Only Magnum wasn’t making any promises. The private investigator knew that it would be almost impossible to get all of the money back and so Rick tried covering his bets. He went to go visit his father in jail and he asked for help. He asked his dad to help him out with the mob and the old man wouldn’t do it. He said that Rick got into the mess and so he expected Rick to get himself right back out of it, however, Rick did have people in his life that he could, in fact, count on. His friend Magnum had checked everyone that worked the event and they had all been clean.

Whoever robbed the poker game had been new. They hit the game during the middle of it and not at the end, which was something they would have done if they thought they could get away with a bigger haul. So someone new was bound to have made a mistake. Magnum checked out the hotel and with Higgins’s help, they broke into the security feed. They found out that the robbers used the service elevator and that they had a car waiting for them down in the parking lot. Higgins had traced the car back to a guy named Terri and by the time they found this Terri he was dead. Rick and his friends had sat on reporting the body while they checked Terri’s phone.

Terri had been in constant contact with a guy named Charley Franks and he had been given in-depth details on the poker game. It was almost as if someone inside of the room had been feeding the thieves intel and so Magnum questioned Toni’s story. Toni had gotten into debt because of her brother’s medical bills and she wouldn’t have wanted to stop treatment for him. Her brother was her whole world and she might have taken risks in order to ensure that he would be taken care of. There were plenty of people that would have made the same choice and so it wasn’t just Magnum that had doubts about Toni. TC was thinking the same thing and so it was only Rick that didn’t want to go there.

Rock said Toni wasn’t anything like that. He left his friends as they went looking for Charley and he went to go see Toni though as it turns out Toni was about to run. She had packed a bag and thought the only way to get out of paying back Pascal was to go on the run. So that made Rick question her story. He asked her right out if she had anything to do with the robbery and she denied it. She thought leaving town was her only answer because she didn’t think they could recover the money and so Rick asked her to trust him. He said that his friends could get answers and they did. Magnum and TC learned that Charley had simply been the driver. He had been told that the robbery hadn’t been about money. It had been about family.

Magnum and TC even recovered the full haul that had been stolen and so it really wasn’t about the money. The thieves that they thought were green were retired military and they had great jobs. They didn’t need the money and the only thing they took had been a keychain from one of the gamblers. They took it from a man named Russell Chang and seeing as they recovered the money they got Pascal to tell them what he knows about Chang. Chang it seems was into slavery. He would bring people over to the United States and then withhold their passports because he said they had to pay off the money it took to bring them over.

The keychain that the thieves took led to a safety a deposit box where Chang kept the passports and so Magnum was able to recover them, but he knew he needed help from HPD to save those people and so he called Detective Katsumoto. Katsumoto was able to track down these farms where the people were taken to and he was told that everyone left at the same time. So Katsumoto took a crack at Chang himself. He knew the crime boss would give something away and he did. Chang ended up revealing that the people had been taken to a boat and Katsumoto was sure that none of them were making it back to Thailand alive.

HPD and Katsumoto tracked down the boat and Rick and his friends just sort of invited themselves along. Yet, they all worked together to force the captain to turn the boat around and they rescued everyone that had been enslaved by Chang. They even toasted to it afterward back at the house and so the only fly in the ointment had been the fact Toni was leaving. She realized that she needed to start over and that she couldn’t do it on a small island. Toni was going back to the mainland where she could be closer to her family and unfortunately, Rick still lost out on the woman he wanted practically more than anything else.


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